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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:Superman/ Batman: Null & Void.
Collecting 5 Issues:World's Finest Comics #293, 304-307.
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: World's Finest Comics #293

I bought these issues off the shelves (we won't talk about how old that makes me), and all I really remember about it is that I thought it was cool. Null & Void and Swordfish & Barracuda had magical tattoos on their hands that gave them powers (a full three years ahead of New Universe's Star Brand). Being...much younger, I was a sucker for a new character, and this story gives us five, if you count the Master Pirate. Every time I see these issues, a smile comes to my face, and I can remember reading them in my room, as well as the fact that I read them several times. (I also wished I could get a tattoo like theirs on my palm, so it would give me powers, but we won't talk about how naive that made me either). Five issues of four-color fun. I think it would be awesome.

I'd go with the Superman/ Batman title, rather than World's Finest, because DC has already set the precedent with the Superman/ Batman: Saga of the Super Sons TPB. For the cover, although #305 or 307 more prominently feature Superman & Batman, and #306 is my favorite cover, I'd go with #293. The subtitle of this TPB is Null & Void, and while #304 is a better shot of the villains, #293 is the only cover that has Superman, Batman, Null and Void, all four, on the cover. They might have to do something with the background coloring (maybe an overall black background, instead of white).

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.

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