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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:Suspense Detective: Pulp Heroes.
Alternate Title:Suspense Detective.
Collecting 5 Issues:
  • Batman Annual #21
  • Azrael Annual #3
  • Man of Steel Annual #6
  • JLA Annual #1
  • Aquaman Annual #3
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Aquaman Annual #3

Stories in Suspense Detective: Pulp Heroes:

Batman in "The Screams of the Green Dragon"

Azrael in "The Vampire Bat

Superman in "Pierced"

JLA in "Hardboiled Hangover"

JLA in "Lockdown!"

Aquaman in "From Tusk 'Til Dawn"

Aquaman in "The Lady in Cement"

Aquaman in "Wet City"


Proposed Title:Young Romance: Pulp Heroes.
Alternate Title:Young Romance.
Collecting 5 Issues:
  • Shadow of the Bat Annual #5
  • Nightwing Annual #1
  • Supergirl Annual #2
  • Starman Annual#2
  • Flash Annual #10
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Supergirl Annual #2

Stories in Young Romance: Pulp Heroes:

Batman in "I Was the Love-Slave of a Plant-Based Killer!"

Nightwing in "Forever Hold Your Peace"

Supergirl in "I Lived For Love!"

Supergirl in "Object of Desire"

Starman in "Stars in My Eyes!"

Scalphunter in "First Months and a Lawman's Choice"

Starman in "Summer and a Father's Choice"

Starman in "Winter and a Brother's Choice"


Proposed Title:Weird Western Tales: Pulp Heroes.
Alternate Title:Weird Western Tales.
Collecting 4 Issues:
  • Hitman Annual (1997) #1
  • Robin Annual #6
  • Adventures of Superman Annual #9
  • Impulse Annual#2
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Robin Annual #6

Stories in Weird Western Tales: Pulp Heroes:

Hitman in "A Coffin Full of Dollars"

Robin in "The Law West of Gotham"

Superman in "Terror of the Sierra Madre"

Superman in "The Return of Saganowahna"

Superman in "The Journey of the Horseman"

Impulse in "Showdown"

Windrunner in "Thunder in Mesa City"


Proposed Title:My Greatest Adventure: Pulp Heroes.
Alternate Title:My Greatest Adventure.
Collecting 5 Issues:
  • Detective Annual #10
  • Batman: LDK Annual #7
  • Superboy Annual #4
  • Superman Annual #9
  • Green Lantern Annual #6
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Superboy Annual #4

Stories in My Greatest Adventure: Pulp Heroes:

Batman in "Warrior Breed!"

Batman in "I Am a Gun"

Superboy in "Land of the Lost"

Superman in "Black Crucible"

Green Lantern in "Worlds Within Worlds"


Proposed Title:Tales of the Unexpected: Pulp Heroes.
Alternate Title:Tales of the Unexpected.
Collecting 4 Issues:
  • Action Comics Annual #9
  • Wonder Woman Annual #6
  • Teen Titans Annual (1997) #1
  • Catwoman Annual #4
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Action Comics Annual #9

Stories in Tales of the Unexpected: Pulp Heroes:

Superman in "The Magnetic Medium"

Wonder Woman in "Necropolis"

Artemis in "From Hell She Came"

Teen Titans in "The Lost Junction Massacre"

Catwoman in "I Married a Mummy"


The Five TPB Collections As A Whole

Pulp Heroes was the theme of the 1997 DC annuals. The reason I've made "Pulp Heroes" the secondary title to each of these collections is because the primary titles are all old DC titles whose copyrights need to be kept up. So these collections would keep Suspense Detective, Young Romance, Weird Western Tales, My Greatest Adventure and Tales of the Unexpected current for DC.

Alternate title suggestions are the same titles, without "Pulp Heroes" as the subtitle. The only reason for this would be to cement the title renewals for DC, but personally, I like 'em better with the subtitle.

Another way to go is to combine these issues into two TPB's (either 11 & 12 issues, for as close to an even split as possible, or 10 & 13 issues, to keep the groupings together), simply titled Pulp Heroes, Volume 1, and Pulp Heroes, Volume 2. I think that's a more meh idea, and it doesn't do anything for keeping title copyrights current, but it's been long enough since these annuals came out, that it might be the more practical idea, as far as publishing.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

Posted by thechessclub

I would get all these even though I've read none of them. They just intrigue the heck out of me=)

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I would at least buy the My Greatest Adventures: Pulp Heroes TPB, the covers look awesome.

Edited by cbishop

I have a few favorites here: JLA Annual, just because the Martian Manhunter looks cool there (to me), and it reminds me of his John Jones: Detective persona, that I wish DC would use more (Detective Jones would work great in Gotham, I've always thought). The Nightwing and Hitman stories were awesome - Hitman is still a favorite for the best ending to a problem. Supergirl Annual #2 is a favorite cover for me, just because it harkens back to the days of the original LSH, when Brainy loved Kara, and Superman Annual #9's cover evokes Doc Savage - probably intentionally, which is kind of cool, since Supes borrowed concepts from the Doc (particularly the Fortress of Solitude, and Man of Steel, rather than Man of Bronze).

Posted by RScottH08

I have one of these, the Green Lantern Annual there, but i would prob buy this cause they all look awsome.

Posted by cbishop

Pulp Heroes was a nice surprise for me, because I didn't expect them to be in continuity. I thought they were the current characters shoehorned into the pulp novel era. Instead, it turned out to be current continuity stories showing that the pulp novel story still works today. Very, very cool reads, IMHO.

Edited by cbishop

The site redesign had messed this blog up for a bit, and I couldn't get into it to edit it. So for a brief time, I had redone this blog as a list, and these are the comments from that list (the list is now deleted):

Who:Date/ Time:Comment:
LyraFay6/8/14 @2:09amThese covers are amazing!
cbishop6/8/14 @2:27am@lyrafay: No doubt, the Pulp Heroes covers were absolutely beautiful. Great homages to the pulp magazine era. I still don't know which one is my favorite. :)
LyraFay6/8/14 @6:20pm@cbishop: I really like the Aquaman one!
cbishop6/8/14 @8:17pm@lyrafay: Yeah, I really like that one too. I'm a fan of the Superboy one too.
LyraFay6/8/14 @8:35pm@cbishop: Oh yeah nobody can beat a Dinosaur!
cbishop6/8/14 @9:04pm@lyrafay: Yeah, and since it says "Land of the Lost" on it, it took me right back to some of the old dinosaur movies of the black-and-white era. Love it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog comments. -cb