Would U Buy It #32: "What If? Doctor Doom"

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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:What If? Doctor Doom.
Alternate Title:1) Doctor Doom: What If?; 2) Doom: What If?.
TPB Cover:WI ('89) #52.
Collecting 7 Issues:What If (1977) #22; What If (1989) #18, 52, 97; What If Doctor Doom Had Become the Thing? (2005); What If? Secret Wars (2009); What If? Iron Man: Demon In An Armor (2011).

Covers (click to enlarge):


Doctor Doom is just an absolutely classic villain, and should have a collection all his own. What If? (1977) #22 is one of my all time favorite issues, focusing on Doom's mystical side, as he battles Mephisto for his mother's soul. What If? Secret Wars is asking "What if Dr. Doom kept the Beyonder's power?" What If #97 ('89 series) is a Black Knight story, but features Dr. Doom, so I put it in this collection. For the cover, I'd personally like to use WI #22, but I think that #52 would be the better choice, as it shows Doom as Sorcerer Supreme, instead of Doctor Strange.

Update 11/8/12: I added in the 2011 one-shot: What If? Iron Man: Demon In An Armor. It's a tale of Tony Stark as a Doctor Doom version of Iron Man. Kind of harkens back to Iron Maniac, doesn't it?



Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

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Posted by Doctor von Doom

That is an excellent idea for a collection.  I actually went to the trouble of getting each of those issues individually, due to my obsession with Doom.  You should absolutely tell Marvel (although I don't know that works).

Posted by cbishop
@Doctor von Doom: Well, I'd love to.  I think my Would U Buy It blogs are just going to have to be dreams though.  Especially on the What If's, because Marvel has the first series out in What If? Classic TPB's.  I doubt they'll collect the issues again... although they've collected the same issue in different trades before, so hm...
Posted by FunnyStuff707

Yeah, I definitely would. Let's do this!

Posted by cbishop
@FunnyStuff707: I think this would be cool.  #22 - "What If Doctor Doom Had Become a Hero?" is one of my all-time favorite What If's.  All of these stories look cool, but I'm not sure what that "Doom as Thing" story is about.  I'd definitely like to read the Black Knight story.
Edited by RadioFreeLatveria

Would buy without hesitation. You should also have include the fantastic 'What If...The Fantastic Five Fought Dr Doom and Annihilus?' issue as well.

Posted by cbishop

I think I have that issue in my What If FF suggestion, but there's no reason it can't go here too - I've done that with some of the other WUBI's. I'll have to add it when I get my own comp up and running.

Posted by batkevin74

Great idea!

Posted by cbishop

Thanks, batkevin! I haven't read all of these Doom stories, but I think it would be a fun collection.