Would U Buy It #22: "Batman: Year 1 to 100"

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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:Batman: Year 1 to 100.
Alternate Title:Batman: Year One to Three (collection without Batman: Year 100).
TPB Cover:original cover.
Collecting 17 Issues:Batman #404-407, 436-439; Detective Comics #575-578; Batman: Full Circle (1991); Batman: Year 100 (2006) #1-4.

Covers (click to enlarge):


This would be one of those massive TPB's, at 17 issues, and frankly, the only reason I thought of it was as a way to get Batman: Year 3 into a collection. DC will never put Year 3 into a collection by itself (especially now that they've done Robin: Year One) so I was just playing with ideas here. I probably wouldn't have thought of Year 100, were it not for the responses to my forum post, Does anyone remember "Batman: Year 3?", so thanks all, for that.

I would have made it just Batman: Year One to Three, but "1 to 100" sounded better. It could be done that way though, leaving Year 100 out of the collection. In a way, that would be better, because 1-3 were produced very close together, and 100 came years later. I just think it'd be cool to have the bigger book. The smaller book would be easier to handle though, and less likely to separate from the cover.

Hindrances to this might be that Year One, Year Two (aka Year Two: Fear the Reaper) and Year 100 have all been collected in trade already:

DC may not want to collect a new volume, especially since Year One and Year Two sell pretty well on their own. Still, a compendium type volume with all four "Year" stories might be of interest to newer readers - many of whom may have only read Batman: Year 100.

For the cover, no one single issue cover is a good representation of all of the stories contained in the TPB, so this is one of the rare cases where I'd say an original cover is needed.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

Edited by cbishop

Has there been a Batman: Year 1 to 100 collection?  Does anyone know for sure, one way or the other?  As I was putting this together, I kept thinking I had seen "1 to 100" somewhere, but I couldn't put my finger on it (and I couldn't find it on CV).  If anyone can show me proof of the collection, I'll edit this blog accordingly.  Thanks.  -cb.

Posted by johnny_spam

I have not seen anything like this published all these stories (except Year Three) have been published solo.

Edited by cbishop
@johnny spam: Yeah, I've got TPB's of Year One, Year Two, and the newer edition, Year Two: Fear the Reaper (has Full Circle in it).  I haven't read Year 100, but knew the TPB was out there.  I was thinking of this as one of those omnibus-sized collections, like the massive Superman/ Doomsday or Superman: Our Worlds at War (complete edition), both of which re-collect earlier trades into one giant collection. 
I like it when they add something to the new editions though, which is as good a reason as any to include Year 3. ;)
Posted by thechessclub

Year 100 is one of the best Batman stories I've ever read. The whole thing has a bank heist on crack intensity to it that is just made that much cooler with Popes unique style. I Strongly recommend it!

Posted by Stripes

I would if I could :)

Posted by cbishop

@thechessclub said:

"Year 100 is one of the best Batman stories I've ever read. The whole thing has a bank heist on crack intensity to it that is just made that much cooler with Popes unique style. I Strongly recommend it! "

Thanks.  I have yet to read Year 100, but it's on my list.  Unfortunately, my list includes many boxes of unread comics, due to several moves. :} 

@Stripes said:

"I would if I could :) "

I would too, but really, I just want a TPB of Year 3. ;}