The Arabian's Night: Epilogue (Sunset Falls #9)

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01/02/14Sunset Falls #9The Arabian's Night: Epilogue(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
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T+Moderate violence and property damageSunset Falls #8



Two buzzes startled Father Thyme from his record of events. He dropped his pen on the desk and reached for the page button on his phone. “Yes?”

“Father Thyme, His Grace has returned.”

“Is he available now?” asked Father Thyme.

“Yes he is.”

“Great. I just need to make a few notes, and I’ll be in his office momentarily. Thank you, Father Canon.”

“Certainly.” The page went silent.

Father Thyme smiled. A man of few words. Looking back to the journal, he made some notes for further reference. He needed to discuss some things with Bishop Lions, but he didn’t want to forget this.

* * *

The mayor of Sunset Falls was able to point Prince Nissim to the proper channels for establishing an embassy, and despite Adelar’s prediction, they were eventually recognized as the Imagined Nation. However, they are more commonly known by the name their realm has been given by the locals. At the outskirts of Sunset Falls, just as you’re reaching the fog, there’s a sign that reads:


Just after his death, there was a banner added to the bottom that reads:


I’m not sure what that was about. It might be worth going back and checking out.

Adelar has not succeeded in taking over the world. He has found the world’s heroes standing against him, but is apparently convinced that if he can obtain more power, he will eventually succeed. To that end, one of his main foes has become the Torchbearer- a man with an incredibly powerful energy ring, which he calls The Torch. Among its abilities is the power to make energy constructs; something like three dimensional laser images, though not exactly holograms. Adelar is convinced that the ring is magical in origins, since he observed the Torchbearer making a construct that looked like a jinni. Such a simple action, but because of it, the Torchbearer has had to face Adelar on numerous occasions. Something else that might be worth checking into.

Mythopolis has opened a theological can of worms for many people, just as the portal to that realm, in Sunset Falls, has piqued the minds of scientists. I must admit: the two locales have my attention, but for me, nothing beats living in Larsen...

* * *

The phone buzzed again, and again, Father Thyme jumped. Laying his pen aside and pressing the page button, he responded, “Yes?”

“Walker?” came the voice of Bishop Lions. “Rees said you were coming to see me shortly, but I was wondering if you could come now? I need to discuss some things with you... It’s important.” He sounded troubled.

Already rising as he pushed the page button again, Father Thyme said, “Of course, Your Grace. I’ll be there immediately.” He closed the journal and put it back on the shelf. As he headed down the hallway and up the stairs, he absentmindedly peeled away a pinky nail with his teeth. The emergence of Mythopolis could change the world, and the young priest wanted to explore those possibilities. For now, however, there was church business to attend to. “Father, I did tell His Grace I’d be there immediately.” He smiled as a portal opened two steps up from him, and he stepped up and through. Sunset Falls, Mythopolis and Adelar would have to wait for another time.


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OC Names:
  • Adelar, Prince
  • Canon, Father Rees
  • Lion, Bishop (His Grace)
  • Nissim, Prince
  • Supermale
  • Thyme, Father Walker N.
  • Torchbearer, The
  • (unnamed mayor)
  • Imagined Nation, The
  • Bermuda Triangle, The (Mythopolis)
  • Larsen
  • Sunset Falls
  • Torch, The