Sunset Falls #7: The Arabian's Night: Part 6

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01/02/14Sunset Falls #7The Arabian's Night: Part 6(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
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T+Moderate violence and property damageSunset Falls #6


Part 6

“Perhaps if I went also, Lord Dagan?” asked another Elf. This one was male.

“Harbin is one of our best and brightest, Jael. Your son could not have better protectors,” Dagan urged.

Jael pursed his lips momentarily, and answered, “No. Not unless two of my warriors go with him also.”

Nissim stepped closer to his father, and interceded in hushed tones. “Father, please allow me this request. I have never been accepted by our people, because of my fair looks. I now have the chance to prove my worthiness as heir to the Troll throne. It would probably also make our people more comfortable to see me go, though they would never tell you this. Jelena and Harbin have volunteered to go with me, father, and though it pains you to hear it, I tell you that I would sooner trust my life to two Elves, than any Troll.”

Jael looked his son in the eye for the first time since he’d stepped forward, and considered that it was probably the first time he’d done so since he was born. “Aye, Nissim. You shall stay. Lord Dagan, my apologies, if my protests have offended you,” offered Jael.

“No offense taken, Lord Jael,” replied Dagan. Then, looking to the two Elves, he said, “Harbin, you are responsible to Jelena,” and pointing at Jelena, he stepped closer and added, “Jelena, I charge you with the protection of Prince Nissim, first Ambassador of the Imagined Nation.”

Jelena bowed and answered, “I accept it as an honor, Lord Dagan. May I serve Prince Nissim with the same glory with which I have served the Elfin Empire.” Turning to Nissim’s father, she knelt and added, “Lord Jael, you have my word that if necessary, I will give my life to protect your son.”

Harbin knelt just behind and to the right of Jelena, and said, “You have my word as well, Lord Jael. As long as I breathe, no harm shall come to Prince Nissim.”

Jael nodded, and as the two Elfin warriors stood, he said, “Thank you, Dagan. He is my only son. I hope you will forgive my protests.”

Dagan stepped forward, leaning on his staff, and placed his hand on Jael’s shoulder. “There is no need for apology, old friend. We have had our differences, but concern for family has never been one of them.” Jael placed his hand on Dagan’s shoulder, and gripped it firmly. He nodded in silent agreement, and the two kings smiled warmly at one another. A cheer went up from the Trolls and Elves, but the Imps began to murmur.

Nissim looked at Jelena. She was smiling at him, but quickly turned her attention elsewhere, when he smiled back. Stepping closer to her, Nissim whispered from the side of his mouth, “You were very good. Your skills at diplomacy may be as valuable to me as your fighting ability.”

Looking towards Dagan and Jael, Jelena whispered back, “We need this, Lord Nissim. Our peoples have seen too much war to be destroyed by the pride of our fathers.”

Nissim looked at Jelena in astonishment. “Did you say, ‘our...?’”

Jelena looked back at Nissim for the first time. “Yes, Lord Nissim. Lord Dagan is my father. Harbin is my brother.”

Nissim’s eyes snapped up to meet Harbin’s. He could not hide his further astonishment. Harbin nodded slightly, and turned his attention back to Dagan and Jael.

Part 7


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OC Names:
  • Dagan, Lord (Emperor of the Elves)
  • Harbin, Prince
  • Jael, Lord (King of the Trolls)
  • Jelena, Princess
  • Nissim, Prince
  • Elfin Empire, The/ Elves
  • Imagined Nation, The
  • Imps
  • Trolls
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@cbishop: No pick me! No pick me! It reminds me a bit of the Life of Brian :)

Posted by cbishop

@4donkeyjohnson: I've heard of Life of Brian, but I don't actually know it. There's definitely some jockeying for position going on here, and I certainly had further plans for these characters. There was to be some star-crossed romance between Nissim and Jelena, some older brother protectiveness from Harbin, and eventually a little grudging-respect "bromance" with Nissim and Harbin. I even had some stuff planned for the Imp. I've never gotten around to those stories, but posting this again has got me thinking about it. Some rewrites may be in order. :)