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#DateList TitleCategory
01410/14/10#0 Zero Issues.Stuff I Like
01510/14/10#1/2 Half Issues.Stuff I Like
19010/31/10All Hail the King!.Stuff I Like
05510/17/10Am Not Bizarro.Stuff I Like
00110/13/10Arms of Another.Stuff I Like
00610/14/10Be Afraid....Stuff I Like
18910/31/10Behind Bars.Stuff I Like
10210/23/10Behind You!.Stuff I Like
17210/31/10Big Cats.Stuff I Like
03610/16/10Black Covers.Stuff I Like
15110/27/10Brought to Their Knees.Stuff I Like
05610/17/10Bustin' Through the Cover.Stuff I Like
02310/15/10Choke Hold.Stuff I Like
01010/14/10Christmas Covers.Stuff I Like
13610/25/10Comics' Greatest World.Stuff I Like
13210/25/10Conan Family.Stuff I Like
10410/23/10Corner Doorway.Stuff I Like
08110/20/10Corner of the Rooftop.Stuff I Like
18410/31/10Crash Through the Window.Stuff I Like
01310/14/10Crossover Ho.Stuff I Like
25710/31/12Cruciform.Stuff I Like
25508/05/12CV Pages I've Edited.Stuff I Like
22207/04/12DC Implosion Timeline 1975-1978.Stuff I Like
17010/31/10Dinosaurs.Stuff I Like
04210/16/10Don't Eat Me!.Stuff I Like
10110/23/10Down in the Mouth.Stuff I Like
16510/30/10Elseworlds.Stuff I Like
02110/15/10Fights Alone.Stuff I Like
09610/22/10Flying Kick.Stuff I Like
15410/28/10For Fabletown With Love.Stuff I Like
14410/26/10Giant Hands.Stuff I Like
14810/26/10Grandmaster.Stuff I Like
01110/14/10Headshots.Stuff I Like
00810/14/10Hero's Kiss.Stuff I Like
06110/17/10I Just Like It.Stuff I Like
16810/31/10In the Balance.Stuff I Like
00310/13/10In the Crosshairs.Stuff I Like
14510/26/10I Think I've Seen This Cover Before.Stuff I Like
09710/23/10King of the Mountain.Stuff I Like
20211/02/10Last Man Standing.Stuff I Like
05810/17/10LAST Son of Krypton?.Stuff I Like
07210/18/10Liefeld Universe.Stuff I Like
09810/23/10Logo In Picture.Stuff I Like
21011/15/10Looking Down the Barrel.Stuff I Like
14910/26/10Looming.Stuff I Like
17310/31/10Mechanical Monsters.Stuff I Like
01810/14/10Motorcycle Mayhem.Stuff I Like
03010/16/10Necktied.Stuff I Like
01910/14/10Obscure Characters.Stuff I Like
16910/31/10On Your Knees!.Stuff I Like
01610/14/10Origin Issues.Stuff I Like
04610/16/10Out of Context.Stuff I Like
02210/15/10Over Their Head.Stuff I Like
05910/17/10Patriotic Covers.Stuff I Like
00710/14/10Photo Surveilance.Stuff I Like
19411/01/10Previews.Stuff I Like
02010/14/10Rap Sheet.Stuff I Like
01710/14/10Revealed At Last! The Secret Identity of....Stuff I Like
00210/13/10Right Between the Legs.Stuff I Like
12610/24/10Save the Children!.Stuff I Like
17710/31/10Shackled.Stuff I Like
25912/07/12Stained Glass Covers.Stuff I Like
05410/17/10Strangulation covers.Stuff I Like
00510/13/10Superhero Graveyard.Stuff I Like
06610/18/10Super Lois.Stuff I Like
06710/18/10Super Luthor.Stuff I Like
05710/17/10Superman & Clark Kent.Stuff I Like
02910/16/10Sword in Hand.Stuff I Like
10010/23/10The End(?).Stuff I Like
26112/12/12Time in a Bottle.Stuff I Like
08310/20/10Underfoot.Stuff I Like
09910/23/10Under the Arm.Stuff I Like
04310/16/10Up Against the Wall.Stuff I Like
00410/13/10Walking Away (buncha quitters!).Stuff I Like
08910/20/10Weddings.Stuff I Like
01210/14/10Well in Hand.Stuff I Like
25408/05/12Wiki Pages I've Created.Stuff I Like
07510/19/10Witchblade Family.Stuff I Like
22107/04/12Wordplay Names.Stuff I Like
03210/16/10Ye Olde Battleaxe.Stuff I Like
14110/26/10"Y" Flight.Stuff I Like

Deleted Lists:

#DateList TitleCategory
04110/16/10# -1 Flashback Issues (Marvel) 7/97.Stuff I Like
04010/16/10#0 Zero Issues (DC) 10/94.Stuff I Like
08610/20/10Assistant Editors' Month (Marvel) 1/84.Stuff I Like
20511/02/10Can you pick 'em out of a lineup?.Stuff I Like
05010/16/10Extreme Studios Story Arcs.Stuff I Like
16210/30/10For Lists I Plan to Make.Stuff I Like
10310/23/10Fumetti Covers.Stuff I Like
03810/16/10Headshots (DC) 12/97.Stuff I Like
03910/16/10Headshots (Marvel) 11/86.Stuff I Like
19711/01/10Logo Busting.Stuff I Like
04910/16/10Logo in the Picture (DC) 2/02.Stuff I Like
08210/20/10Logo Lifting.Stuff I Like
04510/16/10Looking at the Reader.Stuff I Like
00910/14/10'Nuff Said (Marvel) 2002 (and other silent issues).Stuff I Like
22006/15/12Reviews I Have Done on Comic Vine.Stuff I Like
17510/31/10Total Chaos.Stuff I Like


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