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Welcome to WGP 53.7, where this time we are looking at stories from two writers. First up is The Poet. For awhile there, Poet was at the helm of this cruise ship, and whenever the ocean of stories turned into dry land, The Poet was right there with filler stories to float the boat. Since one of those stories was a multi-writer effort called The Writers Guild: The Hundredth Hit, and there was a two-chapter Writers Guild story written by ernesth100 also, I'm collecting those here as well. As an added bonus, there's one additional WGP submission from ernesth100 included at the end. Enjoy.

Untitled Tale of ThePoet and teoPeht, by Teop_ehT

Originally Presented in WGP #11

The sands of time swirled, papers rustled and out of the deep and dark mists which blanketed the city of Rache walked a man. He was fairly normal against the standards of Racheites: He wore a dark blue trench coat with a light blue vest and tie underneath. Nothing fantastic there for sure. His hair was a wild, curly brown mess, which appeared not to have been combed in several days. It was not helped by the fact that, like any man his age, his hair had started to recede. He was a poet and he was about to die.

A distinction must be made of course on his identity. His name was “ThePoet.” Not “The Poet,” but rather “ThePoet.” No space. You see, the space between the letters makes all the difference. Our Poet (the Poet of this universe) actually has blond hair, blue eyes, is much younger than this similar named fellow and wears a performer’s top hat and coat [ Spoilers: this is the truth dear readers. I do have blond hair and a top hat]. He is a hero. ThePoet, however, is not. He is a neutral; a man who normally does not care about right and wrong and the fate of the world. That is until today.

The man from another universe hurried down the dark, grease-covered streets. He reached a newsstand, found that that it was deserted, and turned right. He found himself in a lonely and dreary park. He could hear the creak of the plastic slide and the groan of the old swing-set being moved, slowly and slightly, by the wind. Somewhere, a parrot squawked the word DOOM! with a cackle.

The man slowed his pace as his eyes alighted upon a worn down, free-standing bolitin board with was covered old flyers of missing dogs and long expired events. His attention was not on this board but rather the lamp post with a small silver box which bore the words EMERGANCY CALLL.

Ignoring that call for some reason had not two but three Ls, the man pressed the button. There was a click and a voice could be heard from a small speaker.

“Rache Police Department. What is your emergency?” rang the voice of a dispatcher who was hoping it was not the neighborhood kids daring each other to once again push the CALLL button.

“I need you to send a message,” ThePoet breathless said.

The dispatcher let out a soft hmm and without thinking began to chew on her pencil even though in her new years resolutions she had said she would stop.

“It’s for The Poet,” the alternate universe man explained.

The dispatcher’s attention was caught. Everyone knew The Poet. He was Poetic Patriot of Peace.

“Tell him…tell him…” the man breathed, looking behind him, before nervously whispering, “He’s coming.”

“Who’s coming?” the dispatcher asked, now at the edge of her seat. She unconsciously dropped her pencil.

At the same instant that the pencil hit the floor, a round object bounced against ThePoet’s shoes. He looked down. It was a marble.

In horror, he tried to run away, but he was too late. The colorful swirls in the little ball of glass stretched outward and twisted around him like the tenticals of a hippy octopus. The multicolored glass swirls pulled him to the ground like Gulliver being captured by the race of tiny people. There was a sound which can only be described by the word GLUMP! and ThePoet was gone. He was now in a prison (some would say prism) of glass inside the small marble.

A figure stepped from the shadows. This man was not a Poet from another universe. He was not a clone or twin brother. He was something much much worse. He was teoP ehT and he was evil.

“!emoh er'uoY...won tub ,tib elttil a koot tI !eiraed ,olleH” the man of pure evil said, picking up the marble.

“Hello, dearie! It took a little bit, but now...You're home!” squawked the green parrot who sat upon teoP’s shoulder. This bird, as you might suspect, was also of pure evil.

Putting the marble in his pocket with the rest of his collection, ThePoet’s attacker looked out into the distance toward the skyscrapers of the city of Rache.

“.nooS .llaf lliw oot uoy nooS .ti leef nac I .ytic siht nI .ereh er'uoY,” the man said with a grin and a laugh.

“You're here. In this city. I can feel it. Soon you too will fall. Soon,” the parrot squawked.

teoP glared at it.

“!pu thuS”

“Shut up!”


?dnE ehT () The End?

Deadpool's Recipe for Chimichanga!, by...?

Originally Presented in WGP #25

You might be asking yourself: after the awesome Writers Guild Presents: 2/14/2014 edition with lots of craziness and @teop_eht and such, what does the writers guild have planned for this week?




Admittedly, nothing.

So this week I am revealing a secret which I have long kept hidden.



...'s a secret...

You guessed right! today I am revealing Deadpool's recipe for chimichanga! (which looks a lot like the recipe from probably stole it!). Enjoy!


Original recipe makes 6 servings

  • 1 1/2 cups chicken broth

  • 1 cup uncooked long-grain rice

  • 1/2 cup red enchilada sauce

  • 1 1/2 onion, diced, divided

  • 6 (12 inch) flour tortillas

  • 4 cups diced cooked chicken breast, divided

  • 1 pound Monterey Jack cheese, shredded, divided

  • 1 (6 ounce) can sliced black olives

  • 4 cups refried beans, divided

  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil


  • 3 avocados, peeled and pitted

  • 1/2 cup finely chopped cilantro

  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

  • 3 green onions, diced

  • 1/4 cup finely chopped jalapeno chile peppers

  • 1 tomato, diced

  • 2 cups shredded lettuce

  • 1 cup sour cream

  • 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese


  1. In a medium saucepan combine the broth, rice, sauce, and 1 diced onion. Mix and bring to a boil; reduce heat to low and let simmer for about 20 minutes, or until rice is tender.
  2. Meanwhile, heat tortillas in a large skillet (so that they are soft enough to fold).
  3. When rice mixture is ready, spoon equal amounts of the following onto each tortilla: Chicken, shredded Jack cheese, diced onion, olives, rice mixture and beans. Roll tortillas, tucking in sides to prevent filling from spilling over.
  4. Heat oil in a large skillet and fry the filled tortillas, turning, until browned on all sides. Drain on paper towels.
  5. To Serve: In a medium bowl combine the avocados, cilantro, lemon juice, green onions, chile peppers and tomatoes. Mash together. Place shredded lettuce on a platter, topped with chimichangas, avocado mix, sour cream and shredded Cheddar cheese.

or you could use this recipe I found on

Have a nice week guys! We'll be back next week!

"the greatest and best story in the world... Tribute." by The Poet

Originally Presented in WGP #28

Now, if someone actually paid any attention to our schedule (guess what? we of the Writers Guild actually have a schedule! we don't pay attention to it but we have one!), then you would know @jonny_anonymous is scheduled for this week. However, thursday morning Jonny wrote on my wall to tell me that he had been forced to clean his laptop and it wiped the stories he had saved :(

You might not be aware (heck I don't know if even Jonny was aware) but one of the stories on that laptop was extremely important. This story wasn't just important because it was going to make up this edition of Writers Guild! it was even more important!It...was the best story in the world!

Jonny might not remember ever writing such a story as his memory was undoubtedly wiped by the same force which wiped his computer, but I remember. So without further ado, This is "the greatest and best story in the world... Tribute."

A long time ago, me and Johnny Anonymous somehow met up and went on a road trip. Unfortunately for us, we ran out of money around that turn at Albuquerque which Bugs Bunny always forgets to turn at whenever he travels. Thus, we were hitchhitching down a desolate desert highway in the middle of the night with nothing more than the stereotypical hitchhiker's backpack which consists of a stick and a sack on the end.

All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road.

And he said in a creepy voice which sounded remarkably like Jack Black, "Tell me the best song...I mean best story in the world, or I'll eat your souls!"

Well me and Jonny, we looked at each other. We ignored the fact that this situation sounded like Tenacious D's songTribute. and we each said... "Okay." Hoping we wouldn't get sued for telling this story.

And we told the first thing that came to our heads which just so happened to be...The Best Story in the World. It was so great that we have to repeat that last statement: it was The Best Story in the World.

[What? You don't believe me? You think I'm crazy to think me and Jonny told the best story in the world? Well, I can't really say look into my eyes to tell if I am lying since this statement is text based but hopefully you believe me because if you don't I don't know what I am typing!]

Needless to say, the beast was stunned. He hadn't been expecting two writers to tell just such a story with just such an awesome plot.

He asked us with a snort and his wonderful Jack Black imitation, " Be you angels?"

And we said, "Nay. We are but men."


This is not The Greatest Story in the World, no. This is just a tribute. We couldn't remember The Greatest Story in the World. Or at least I don't. No, no. So this is just a tribute.

And the peculiar thing is this my friends: the story we told on that fateful didn't actually sound anything like this story. This is just a tribute! You gotta believe me! I wish you had been there because while you might think it was a matter of opinion on that fateful night which Jonny has now forgotten...we told the best story in the world.

And this was my tribute.

The Writers Guild: The Hundredth Hit!!!, by 5 different writers

Originally Presented in WGP #24

In a world where fan fiction has become reality, two writers will become humanity's last line of defence from their own creations.

Commissioner Poet looked at the man who stood nonchalantly at his desk, "Listen here, Tommy, we all had a tough time losing Wildvine. She was a great writer and she'll never be forgotten, but I can't have one of our own running solo! Here at the Guild we do things by the book, which is why I'm assigning you a partner. He's pretty new, but the kid has some skills. Just take him under your wing for awhile and I'm sure you'll make a good team."

Tommy audibly snorted, "I'm a hitman, not a babysitter! Send the rookie to the editors if he still needs to ride with training wheels."

"I appreciate your service to the Guild," said Poet with tone "But if you don't play ball I'll have you turn in your account and keypad write now."

Tommy sighed and threw his head back in frustration. Commissioner Poet stood and pushed the intercom button. "Ernest! Get in here!"

In sauntered Ernest, known as the Hundred. He smiled like he was on a gameshow. "You must be Tommythehitman. I heard a lot of great things about you"

Tommy ignored the out stretched hand and started to walk out of the room, "Just don't slow me down newbie!"


From the shadows Batkevin watched the two writers bicker over who was going to drive the car.


He pulled a scope from his belt pouch and zoomed in on the pair.

"Confirm and identify DG"

Several lights flared on the dark writers’ wrist computer "Sir, my full title is Dngn4774."

"And who built you?"

"Well sir that is partially up for conjecture! As yo..."

Batkevin rolled his eyes under his mask, flicked a switch on his gauntlet and turned off his sentient A.I team mate "Just tell me who they are DG."

Tommy & Ernst stood at the driver’s door, each clutching at the car keys like monkeys fighting for the last banana. Batkevin shook his head at the childish scene, desperately wishing to break his seven year self imposed exile to write a fight scene that knocked both of the two children into next week.



Wildvine twitched in her hospital bed, her eyes snapped open. She had endured a medical procedure so painful she would never be able to write about it on CV because of the cursing rule. And you had to use some really colourful four letter words to properly describe what she had been through.

She quickly got dressed and slipped out of the hospital, because god knows she already had enough debt. Little did she know how much the Guild had changed in her absence. She didn't know Tommy had been reassigned, and that the Guild thought she was never coming back....


"Tommy, also known as The Hitman. Writer. Approximate level 2019. Occasional tangentalist." stated Dngn4774 into Batkevin's ear as the shadowy one watched the pair of Tommy & Ernest continue bickering over who was going to drive.


"I was just getting to that sir. Sometimes you are qu..."

"Get on with it!"

The sentient A.I paused, almost as if to bite its electronic tongue before continuing. "Ernest, also known as The Hundred. Writer. Approximate level 73. Enthusiastic rookie"

"Why team up such mismatched levels?"

"They are the last two left sir"

"It's like the Jedi or Kryptonians DG!"

"I understand the references sir but do not understand the point you are trying to make?"

Batkevin smiled "These two are the only two left. But there's the Commissioner who is a writer, semi retired and behind his desk but still a writer. There's me..."

"Who hides in the shadows on your self imposed exile for asinine reasons," said the computer "Sir"

"There's Wildvine, who though in a coma is still a writer. Last two writers, rubbish! There's five without me even trying. Something’s up."

"You're forgetting the Commissioner’s evil twin sir"

Batkevin shuddered "God! DG can you scan..."

"Negative sir. The walls are transmethium alloy coated in dura-crete."

Batkevin dropped silently to the floor "Looks like I'm paying the Commissioner a visit in person...once these two idiots finally leave"


Tommy gripped the steering wheel and glared at Ernest as he sat in the passenger seat. "Could you STOP with the shouting?!? I'm just here!"

"Sorry, I get excited." replied Ernest.

"Sheesh!" Tommy pulled the car onto Tyrannosaurus Drive and headed towards the other side of town. He looked at his "partner" and wondered what stories he had up his sleeve and whether the two of them could work together. Sure Commissioner Poet put them together but that didn't mean a perfect co-write.

"So when you have to write," said Ernest shifting in his seat "Is it from the hip?"

Tommy rolled his eyes, "Kid, what I do is what I do okay! Man this is rapidly becoming a bad idea"


Batkevin fired a grapnel towline and it shot him up to the twentieth floor. Any cameras would've seen merely a slight blur or bat shaped object.

"Is this wise?" asked Dngn4774 into his ear. "The last time you and..."

"Do you ever do anything except complain?"

"I do quite a lot for you sir; you just seem to fixate on what you perceive as annoying. Before you cut me off, I was saying that the last time you and Commissioner Poet spoke he threw you off the roof!"

Batkevin paused as he slid the window open. "What other choice do I have DG?"

"I can give you several sir."


Commissioner Poet leaned back in his chair and was rewarded with an annoying squeaking.

"Need to have someone oil this thing one of these days," he muttered to himself though he had been saying that for a long time. He glanced past the latest The Writers Guild Presents: 2/7/2014 on his desk to the window overlooking the city.

Poet wondered if he had made the right decision about the new partnership. He chuckled at how Tommy had agreed to having a new partner without really realizing what he was agreeing to. Poet grinned.

"Definitely one of my more entertaining ideas," the commissioner commented to himself.

Poet hesitated and then reached down and unlocked his bottom desk drawer. Inside, he retrieved an old pen and writing pad which were collecting dust and looked at them.

"Maybe, just maybe..." He murmured to himself, "We can do it again.”


Batkevin stood at the door looking in on Commissioner Poet.

“Is that?”

“Yes sir, he appears to be about to write something.” said Dngn4774.

Batkevin raised his foot and kicked in the lock, the door flying off its hinges “Not on my watch!”

Commissioner Poet jumped up from his desk, chair sprawling behind him as the black cloaked intruder swept into his office like a billowing fog.


The dark one grabbed him by the collar and hauled him over the desk, bringing them nose to nose “Once a writer, always a writer!” And threw him across the room into the trophy case with a loud smash.

“Sir, I am detecting an anomaly!”

“Not now DG!” scowled Batkevin as he flicked out two batons.

“You’ve made a terrible error in coming here.” The Commissioner as he got to his feet.

The two former allies eyed each other, each watching for the move that would start the brawl of brawls. Seconds seemingly stretched into days as they unblinkingly watched each other.

“Sir, I must…”


Poet watched as Batkevin’s eyes glanced down at his wrist. With deadly accurate throw he clocked Batkevin in the head with the inaugural Character Creation Contest Trophy and bullrushed him, slamming them both into his grey marble desk with oak finish. It had been years since Poet had resorted to actual fisticuff but it was like riding a bike, once you got your balance you were away. Batkevin raised his guard but more blows by Poet were getting through, mainly due to the anger that seeing Batkevin again after so long brought up so much.


"Look kid! I keep telling you! Write from the hip!" Tommy yelled as he pulled up in the fast food restaurant's car park. Ernest glanced up at him in surprise.

"Look! I'm sorry sir but... I'm new at this!" Ernest said as Tommy stepped out of the car. Tommy sighed and rolled his eyes; for what seemed like the fifth time in one day.

"Whatever." He groaned. "Can I get you something?" He asked as he gestured towards the fast food joint's door. Ernest sat back quietly.

"I dunno..." Ernest muttered quietly. "What are you having?"

"Mini Pancakes and Ice Cream."

"I'll have some chips."

"Do you mean Chips as in British Chips or Chips as in American Chips?"


Tommy nodded as he closed the car door and turned towards the restaurant door. He grumbled to himself along the way. Ernest sighed and lay his head back in the car.

"Hello Ernest." A voice said next to Ernest's ear making him jump. "Don't scream or your partner gets it."

"Who... who are you?" Ernest asked as his hand slowly moved towards gun.

"Someone like you." The voice said. "Someone who slipped through the cracks of society."

Ernest thought that sentence through his head. "...Batman Begins?" He asked.

"Correct. Now listen to me carefully. You're new here. You could be on the up and up. One of the genuinely good ficr's who obeys the rules. OR you could be one of those maniacs who breaks the rules. Cusses constantly and gives everyone a bad time!"

Ernest shivered. "I... I'm not!"

"Good." A ripple in the back of the car as a shadow vanished. Ernest turned around to see the man had disappeared.

"What the hell?" He muttered to himself.


50 meters away.

"I freaking love pancakes!" Tommy muttered to himself as he placed several of them in his mouth. "it's been awhile Johnny!" he said as a mysterious figure dressed in black sat down across from him.

"That will be $50 Tommy." The figure said. "And that's JOHN. John Anonymous."

"Whatever." Tommy muttered as he passed his money over. "So did you scare him a bit?"

Johnny Anonymous placed the money in his pocket. "I assume so from the smell that reeked from his trousers."

Johnny chuckled but Tommy looked dead serious. "Are you joking about that part because I have to drive in the same car as that guy..."


Batkevin groaned, his temple throbbing from where Poet had clocked him, "You know, I won the Character Contest six times, but that is the first time I have been hit with one."

He tried to sit up and realized he was restrained. Poet stood in front of his office's window.

"Oh good! You are awake," the commissioner said without turning around. "I had hoped we would be able to chat before I called my officers to take you away. Not that you are much of a threat now."

"DG?" Batkevin called out with no reply.

"Who?" Poet turned and peered down at the shadowy figure on his officer floor. "Oh, yes! Your robot...I deactivated him. He was quite annoying really. I don't know how you could stand him."

Batkevin didn't respond.

"You know, I have to thank you. You were the last loose end and you walked right into my office. Made my life so much easier," Poet grinned and chuckled.

Batkevin frowned, and realized, "You're not Poet..."

The man before Batkevin laughed, "I knew you of all people would figure it out eventually, though you are a little too late, dear old partner."

"Who are you?" Batkevin demanded.

The mysterious man laughed, and walked around his desk to his chair, "While people like Johnny Anonymous play around and waste their abilities on scarying people, I have been using my powers. With Tommy distracted, Wildvine in the hospital and you in jail they will be no one to stand in my way. No writers to stop me. Ladies and gentlemen...I am host now! I am in control of this city!"

He paused and pushed a button on the commissioner's phone, "Yes, security? A man just came in and attacked me. Please come to my office immediately!"

Pushing the button again, the man laughed deviously, "Now, where were we? oh yes! your question! Who am I? Well...My name is teoP."


To be continued(?)

The Writers Guild: Part 1 - Return of Impurest, by ernesth100

Originally Presented in WGP #11

The Writers Guild , composed of some of the best heroes in the world (who also once a year publish a book based on the adventures they've had). Poet, Josh Might, DNGN, E100, Cbishop, AweSam, 48er, Joygirl, Worm, and Fumonjo. These heroes have been going up against some of the most dangerous villains Wildvine, Black Dog, Pyrogram, Tommy the Hitman, Knight of the Chronicle, Xenon, Prime Power, Spidey Ivy, Bat Kevin, and the sinister wizard Impurest. All watched by Iykopis the all seeing. But Impurest was planning something to evil for Iykopis to just stand by and so he warns the heroes that Impurest is planning something and leaves them. Not wanting to interfere to much with mortal life. The next day The Guild had a meeting about Impurest's intentions.

"Remember when we went against Impurest? I mean the first I mean the first time and almost died." Poet said.

"One Impurest and 10 of us and we still got our *** kicked" E100 stated.

"So what do you think it is this time" DNGN said.

"Yea, we can find that out later after we stop the fire across the street" 48er said.

"Alright then todays team is me, 48er, and Fumonjo"Peot instructed.

"Why is it always you when you pick a team" E100 asked.

"Shut up, you're in charge" Poet said.

The team saw the 11 foot fire wall in front of them and noticed something wasn't moving. 48er broke the side of a water fountain unleashing a burst of water but wasn't shocked when a hole opened in the flame and the water went right through.

"Okay now I know its-" 48er was cut off by a deep voice that said "Impurest!"

As the fire turned into a sort of holographic version of Impurest.

"Well lets get this over with. What's your plan this time?" Poet asked.

"Now now, lets not be in such a rush. How's life going? How about those books? Maybe you can right one from the grave of how I killed The Writers Guild!"Impurest laughed.

"How It sounds like something Dr. Seuss would write." Fumonjo said.

Impurest frowned and pointed at a car behind him. He fired a blast which blew it to pieces. "I'm not even really here! How will you possibly defeat me in person!?" Impurest said as he vanished.

This made the trio think "how would they defeat Impurest?".

The next day The Writers Guild had another meeting.

"So how did we defeat Impurest last time?" Fumonjo asked.

"We didn't we were down nearly dead and he just decided we weren't worth the effort" Poet recalled.

"So why is he back now?"DNGN asked.

"We've been defeating some of the best villains in the world. We're probably worth the effort now." 48er chuckled.

“Yea, except this time he’s gonna finish the jo--"

48er was cut off by E100. “Guys we got a grassy situation outside” E100 said.

Outside vines were growing over everything, cars, buildings, and people. This could only be the work of one villain…Wildvine.

“Alright this time E100 and Worm come with me” Poet said.

The vines stopped in front of the building just a foot away from the trio. Wildvine popped out the middle.

“Hey guys guess what? This time I’m not holding back, this time its for Impurest!” Wildvine said shooting a thorn at Worm who just barely dodged it.

The vines tied up Poet whom struyggle to get free, but to no avail. E100 came up and punched Wildvine with the force of a 100 tons, sending her flying back. She got up and healed, but before she could finish Poet got loose thanks to Worm. Poet took off his gloves and dodging several thorns managed to touch Wildvine causing it to stun the villain. While Wildvine was stunned E100 hit her with 99 tons knocking her out.

“A shame, had 98 tons left.” E100 said cracking his knuckles. They were surprised when the vines shriveled up and Wildvine vanished into smoke.

“Well, that was dramatic” Worm said.

Meanwhile in Impurests lair the wizard was in rage. “You insignificant little weakling! I should finish you here!” Impurest yelled.

“Sorry, I’m just not built to kill though! It’s a work in progress!” Wildvine replied.

“Well I am and if you evoke my wrath again I will!” Impuresrt stated. “Now go make me a grilled cheese. All of this evil stuff is evoking my hunger.” Impurest ordered.

“Yes master!” Wildvine said walking away quickly.

“Note this, The Writers Guild will fall” Impurest said smiling.

The Writers Guild Chapter 2, by ernesth100

Originally Presented in WGP #29

Two weeks after the encounter with Wildvine and Impurest, the Writers Guild are all working on a strategy to defeat the evil wizard, Impurest. One of the heroes in the Writers Guild was Josh Might, a man in a red and orange costume with red shades. He has a limitless source of natural energy and becomes more powerful with every passing minute. Due to this ability, Poet keeps an eye on him in case he gets out of control. However, to Poet’s satisfaction, Josh remains under control.

Outside, a man in a trench coat and a hoodie exits a yellow cab. The driver realizes he didn't pay his fare and requests that he does so. The man walks around to the driver’s side and punches through the window, grabbing the cab driver and pulling him out with one hand. He then proceeds to drain the cab driver’s energy. The cab driver falls to the ground. The man in the trench coat takes the coat off and reveals himself to be one of the Writers Guild’s most dangerous enemies, Prime Power, a being capable a taking ones power with a touch. He is naturally inhumanly strong, but gets even stronger with the amount of power he absorbs. He picks up the car and hurls it down the road. Several cars crash over each other, flipping into the air. One car flips over another and just when it seems it was about to crush a small child, it stops in mid-air. It’s Joygirl! She saves the child and sets the car down. The terrified child begins to cry, but Joygirl simply rubs his hair and smiles as her eyes glow, drying the child’s tears and returning his smile. She then sets the child down and prepares to say something, but instantly, while her back is turned, Prime Power hits her with a mailbox.

"Run! Now!" Joygirl says to the child.

The child obeys and dashes off the scene. Just then, Prime Power grabs Joygirl by the hair and lifts here off of her feet. She grunts a little in pain.

"Joygirl, still as beautiful as ever. How I wish you'd join me," Prime Power says.

He begins draining her energy as she continues to grunt in agony. Joygirl looks down at the sinister Prime Power.

"That's just about the best horrible idea I've ever heard," she says.

She spreads her arms unleashing a psychic wave of wind that sends Prime Power flying. She then uses her powers to repeatedly slam him into the ground. Finally she launches him into the air, bringing him down with all the force she has, slamming him into the ground and making a huge crater.

"Well, that was easier than I thou…” she stops. “Oh, my god!" Joygirl says as Prime Power rises to his feet.

"Oh, that’s so cute. You thought you gave me a booboo. Allow me to demonstrate real pain using you as an example," Prime Power says.

He begins walking towards Joygirl. She places a psychic wall between them. Prime Power punches the wall, but to no avail. So he steps back and cracks his knuckles and begins punching the wall so hard that Joygirl actually feels it. Again and again he punches the wall with all his might. Joygirl drops to her knees. Right before the final punch, he says, "Joygirl… I'm coming for you."

He punches with a final blow that knocks Joygirl back and shatters the psychic wall. He then walks up to Joygirl, this time picking her up by the neck. He chokes her as he absorbs her energy.

"Let’s see what'll kill you first." he says, smiling.

But just as Joygirl begins to lose consciousness from lack of air and loss of energy, 48er jumps out of nowhere and cracks Prime Power in the head with a bat. In this act, Prime Power dropps Joygirl.

"Yea, I guess I gotta’ foul on that one. But who cares?" 48er says raising his bat.

Just as he lowers it to deliver another blow, Prime Power catches the bat and throws it far, far and out of sight. 48er squints as the bat disappears, then notices the very angry Prime Power staring at him.

"Um, home run?" 48er says as he backs up slowly.

Prime Power grabs the hero and lifts him into the air.

"I could absorb your energy but you seem like a waste of time." Prime Power says.

He then throws 48er into a glass bus stop which shatters all over the place.

He then turns around to see E100 coming up behind him. E100 punches Prime Power with the force of 100 gorilla's, sending Prime Power flying into a building. E100 turns to Joygirl who is just regaining consciousness.

"What happened to Prime Power?" Joygirl asks.

"Oh… him. I sent him on a vacation to Fist City." E100 says.

"You say that like it's a real thing," Joygirl smiles.

"It is! It’s located between Knuckle Town and Punch Avenue," E100 replies.

Joygirl looks to the side. She sees a figure jump out of a hole in the building. It’s Prime Power, and boy, is he pissed.

"He's not down yet," Joygirl says as she tries to stand, but was still very weak and immediately falls back to the ground.

E100 picks her up. “Listen, I need you to get back to the base and quick. You can do this take 48er with you go now!" E100 says.

Just then, Prime Power tackles E100 down into the ground and into the sewer. They fight in the sewer, exchanging powerful blows, but E100 is still outmatched because with every hit Prime Power makes contact, E100 slowly weakens. Above ground the street is cracking open as E100 is punched back up through the ground onto the surface. He no longer can spot Joygirl, nor 48er, so he assumes they've left.

Just then Prime Power bursts through the ground, landing on E100's chest.

"Mraaagh!!! Shit, that hurt! Ah!! It feels like someone shoved a stick into my chest. God, Ethiopians are starving and I'm feeling more pain than all of their stomachs combined! Crap! Dear god, it hurts so much! Why, why! Ahhh!" E100 screams in agony.

"Why was I programmed with pain?!", he yells as he is kicked with such force that his artificial rib cage cracks.

"Aha! Damn this hurts so much! Bloody hell, it feels like--" E100 is cut off when Prime Power lifts him up by the leg.

"Do you ever shut up!", Prime Power yells.

"No, but I do shut down. Get it? Cause I'm an android… Ahh!", E100 screams as he is punched square in the face, but almost as immediately caught by something. No… it was someone.

"He's kinda got a point you do never shut up. But you also have a point cause Imma shut him down." the voice said.

It is the only man who rivals Prime Power in raw strength. The only man who ever beat Prime Power. This man is the only reason Prime Power came here. It’s Josh Might of the Writers Guild! Josh Might is the only man capable of resisting Prime Power’s absorbing abilities. He sets E100 down carefully and walks straight up to Prime Power. Face to face, they begin to talk.

"What are you doing here?" Josh asks.

"I've come to take your energy," Prime Power said straight up.

"Didn't work out so well last time," Josh replies.

"That’s because you keep resisting. If you give in now all of this can stop," Prime Power says.

"Yeah… no way," Josh says as he punches Prime Power in the face, immediately drawing first blood.

"You've gotten a lot stronger since our last battle, but so have I. Your friends were merely snacks. You see… after being broken out of my prison cell by some mysterious force I continued to absorb the energy of every living thing in the building as well as every other living thing that moved. I singlehandedly drained hundreds of people on my way here. Now, as you may already know. Once I gain power, I keep it. It doesn't wear off," Prime Power says, smiling.

"Well, yeah. Neither does mine," Josh says while throwing another punch.

Prime Power catches it. Josh tries punching with the other hand, but Prime catches that one too. Josh smiles, surprising Prime Power. With all of his might, Josh pushes down, burying Prime Power in the ground up to his shoulders. Josh smiles and rears his leg back, kicking Prime Power in the face several times. Prime’s head leans forward as Josh walks away thinking the foe is knocked out, but then immediately turns around when he hears laughing.

"Are we warming up or was that the best you've got?" Prime Power asks.

He bursts out of the ground and immediately tackles Josh far down the road. The two beings of immense power tangle. Delivering devastating blow after blow. Blows so powerful that they creat shockwaves that shatter glass for miles. The force of the winds flip cars and deroot fire hydrants. Josh stops when he feels the water over head. He looks around, seeing the destruction he has caused in the midst of his feud. He stops and looks at Prime Power who is standing there looking at him smiling. He realizes how similar his powers are to Prime’s. Their faces were also similar. Then it hits him that Prime Power is a reflection of what Josh could've become.

"Oh, look at you. You see… I told you giving up right away would be for the best. Now look what you've done. Destroyed your precious city. We're too evenly matched Josh. If you just let me have your power I can end it all," Prime Power says with a smile.

Josh drops to his knees and bows his head. It is pointless. The only way to stop this is for one of them to end it, but Josh doesn’t want any more destruction to be done.

"Take it...take it all!!!" Josh yells as Prime Power grabs him.

No longer resisting, Prime Power is able to freely absorb Josh's power.

"MY GOD! I JUST STARTED AND I FEEL SO POWERFUL ALREADY! I'VE DONE IT! I'VE GOTTEN ALL THE POWER IN THE WOLD!!!" Prime yells as he absorbs Josh's energy. But then, all of a sudden, Josh's energy begins flowing back into him rapidly. Both super beings are shocked.

"NO! WHAT’S HAPPENING! WHY IS IT REVERSING?" Prime yells in rage and shock.

Josh backs away. A sphere of energy forms in his hand which almost as if impulsively he shoots at Prime Power. The blast creates a large explosion and completely demolishes Prime Power.

All Josh can say about his sudden new ability is, "Woah."

Back at the Writer’s Guild HQ after resting up. The Guild crowds around Josh asking him about his seemingly new ability.

"No, I've never done it before," Josh says.

But as if expertly, he makes his energy appear in a sphere in his hand and easily makes it disappear.

"How did you do that?" Poet asks.

"Guys… I had a scary thought. I think his body may have directed the energy back into mine because our DNA is similar. So, it thought it was absorbing itself. But for our DNA to be the same, wouldn't we have to be related in some way?" Josh asks.

A shocking realization occurs that surprises the entire Guild. But none more than Josh Might.

To be continued...

Untitled story of "Card Warfare" in the year 2019, by ernesth100

Originally Presented in WGP #20

Chapter 1-Combat Warfare Revamped

In the year 2013, the technology for war is so advanced, well in my time it's the year 2019. 6 years later and warfare tech has barely taken another step forward. That is, until now. A single soldier was selected to test a new experiment called “Card Warfare”. Here's how it works. A series of weapons are transmitted onto cards to be more efficient, smaller, lighter and easier to carry, therefore, allowing you to carry more. The cards take matter from the air around them and use it to replicate the effects of weapons and vehicles. It's very complicated. Anyway… during the procedure, an armed test subject named "Neshal" attacked. The guards fought him off, but he wasn’t alone. He attempted to go destroy the computer and the data along with it. But the test soldier stopped him using a frag grenade card. Neshal escaped and the soldier followed. Outside it was a full on ambush. Neshal basically brought an army. The guards took the soldier to an emergency safe house and it was then revealed his name was Sid Rower. They filled him in on the details. Neshal is a solider for Gunther Strafe, leader of the Uninfinate Army, otherwise known as the “Uni-ARMY”. His nickname is Unister because he is referred to as the “Uninfinate Monster”. He's been working on experiments with himself and alien DNA. Sid is the only one with the tech and skill to hunt him down. His first mission is to break into Unisters headquarters and stopped him from fusing with the alien DNA. Sid got there, but he’s too late. Unister is already mutating.

Chapter 2-The Escape

Unister is half way mutated. A scar runs down his right eye and his left arm is entirely black. Sid begins to run and is able to use a semtex card to stop Unister, or at least slow him down. When he gets back outside he is greeted by an army of Unisters men, but he uses his BEAR card to summon the vehicle and run them over. On the way out, Sid has found out that there's data on Unister in an army base in Egypt. Once he gets there he encounters a glitching AGR. It was meant to protect the base, but it starts attacking Sid. However, Sid is able to stop it and counter the AGR with an assault drone, blowing it up.

Chapter 3-Reinforcements

After defeating the AGR, Sid is attacked by soldiers whom all bare the eye scar like Unister. They are extremely hard to kill. Apparently they've become some sort of zombie soldiers. He escapes and finds the base. They tell Sid Unister at his chemical lab working on a bomb that will detonate making everywhere uninhabitable. But everyone who serves him will be let into his bio-dome. Sid heads off with some reinforcements from the African Militia.

Chapter 4-All Out War

Sid, along with reinforcements from the African Militia attack Unister’s chemical lab. They have extreme difficulty getting past the zombie soldiers as they are much faster and smarter than you would've guessed. When Sid gets to Unister his mutation has gone further. Both arms and his right leg are entirely black. Sid tells his crew to go and try to keep the remaining zombie soldiers out. Unister begins to try and squash Sid, now having an extreme advantage in size. Sid takes out an RPG card to blow up Unister, who then catches and kicks it back at Sid. Sid manages to get out an assault shield, but his leg is damaged by the shrapnel. Sid drops a smoke grenade card and he and his team unable to go outside, through the doors, or through windows, go to the roof. Once on the roof, Sid’s team prepares to use their gliders to get down, but Sid won't leave. He states he's been through too much to retreat now. He calls in his emergency back-up and states "now this is an all-out war". He and his team follow Unister who is discovered to be infiltrating the underwater army base. His partner Neshal is stealing data from the computer. Sid attempts to stop him, but he has an advanced juggernaut suit on. Sid is left with no choice but to blow the underwater base. Afterwards, he finds out Neshal escaped and that Unister was never in the base.

Chapter 5-In The End, It's Not Over

Sid follows Neshal and takes down his defense with an EMP card. Once all his forces are down he sneaks into Neshal’s HQ to destroy the lab, only to find out it was a distraction. Unister has launched his bomb. Sid destroys it with a SAM (surface to air missile) turret, but Neshal is radiated from the falling debris and tries to kill Sid. Sid is unable to get close enough and uses a guardian to stop and kill Neshal who explodes from the unstable radiation. Sid escapes the explosion just in time to confront Unister. The mutation is complete. Every part of his body is a metallic-leathery black, except his head which still has the eye scar. He's releasing dangerous toxins from his body and his eyes are pitch black. He truly is the Uni-monster now. Sids weapons have no effect and actually melt before they can touch Unister due to the heat he's generating. Sid decides the only way to stop him is to sacrifice himself and in an act of a pyrrhic victory nuke the field, but before he can draw the card a man on a rope drops down and pulls him into the helicopter and the instead bomb Unister whom eventually can't take anymore and dies. They bomb the space a few more time to make sure he's dead, until all that's left is a crater. Unister is dead, but Sid sees something coming to sure in the helicopter.

Chapter 6-Epic Ops

Sid uses binoculars and sees the vessel is a heavily armed, massive ship with what appears to be a huge VTOL attached to it. A horrible realization hits Sid. Neshal was taking data to see how to get past the Navy guards at sea! The VTOL begins to fire missiles in every direction setting them ablaze. After realizing that no weapons or normal bombs have any effect, Sid and the other soldier's agree on something. Before the ship can get closer to shore Sid happily drops his nuke card utterly obliterating the vessel. Sid then falls back thanking God it's over. The next week Sid and his new team are dubbed a new division of the U.S. Army. They are now known as Epic Ops, an entire team of specialists in Card Warfare. They are led by Captain Sid Rower.


When The Poet was around, he was a solid presence on the Fan-Fic forum, doing a lot to keep the board going. So I was surprised to find that he didn't actually write that many stories. Which is a shame, because what he did write was worth the read. So check out his Batman's Butler series:

  1. .DC Legacy: Batman’s Butler #1.
  2. .DC Legacy: Batman’s Butler #2.
  3. .DC Legacy: Batman’s Butler #3.
  4. .DC Legacy: Batman’s Butler #4.
  5. .DC Legacy: Batman’s Butler #5.

Ernesth100 was finding his way on his writing, and I honestly found it refreshing to watch. He reminded me why I like writing so much. His chapters are very short, but check out True Gamer, or his two-part Mario & Sonic: Marvel Universe story:

  1. .Mario & Sonic: Marvel Universe #1.
  2. .Mario & Sonic: Marvel Universe #2.

After all that fun stuff, you can enjoy the final installment of The Super Summer Blowout Reading Extravaganza with WGP #53.8, or you can return to the main WGP #53 page and skip around. Thanks for reading! -cb

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