Megaman (Ad Heroes #2)

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Ad Heroes are superheroes that are created specifically for a certain ad, outside of the comics medium. Some are just eye candy, some are funny, and some are just weird. As I run across them, I'll make a blog to showcase them.


Megaman was created in 2004 for Integrity Chrysler Jeep Dodge, in Henderson, Nevada. There's not much to say about any Ad Hero like this, so all I can really do is quote the ad copy:

Take it from Megaman! - Before you buy - you must shop the Megastore! ...Where you'll always get mega-savings, mega-selection...

So apparently, Megaman has his own secret headquarters in the Megastore. It must have really been a secret, because the dealership closed in 2009. Yet another victim of the failing economy.

At least we have the ad:

I cut the ad out just for the hero picture, so the ad copy got cut off. Sorry, folks!

I hope you enjoyed it. See you when I spot the next Ad Hero. As always, thanks for reading.

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