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List Date#Hostess Ad TitleCover Date
02/15/14115Iron Man in the Hungry Battleaxe!(3/80)
02/15/14114Spider-Man "Puts Himself in the Picture!"(4/79)
02/15/14113Iron Man in Brains Over Brawn!(5/79)
01/26/14112Batman and Professor Plutonium(3/80)
01/26/14111The Incredible Hulk vs. The Roller Disco Devils!(8/80)
01/26/14110The Incredible Hulk in "Hulk Gets Even!"(6/80)
0/1/26/14109Superman Meets The Orbitrons!(7/79)
01/26/14108The Hulk in "Leave Me Alone"(5/78), (6/78)
01/26/14107 The Incredible Hulk in Up a Tree!(10/77)
01/26/14106Green Lantern and the Fruit Pie Scene(11/76)
01/26/14105Spider-Man in "Hotshot on the Block."(6/79)
01/26/14104The Road Runner A Real Blast!(6/75)
12/12/13103Wonder Woman in "The Borrower"(4/80)
12/12/13102Spider-Man in "The Trap" (2)(6/80)
12/11/13101Richie Rich in "Soft Gold"(1/77)
11/17/13100Captain Marvel vs. Professor Sneer.(10/79)
11/17/13099Spider-Man in The Trap (1)(6/75)
11/17/13098Batgirl in A Matter of Good Taste(9/80), (10/80)
11/17/13097Hawkman in "She's No Angel"(10/80)
11/17/13096Batman vs. The League of Assassins(11/80)
11/17/13095Batman in Hearts of Darkness(5/81)
11/17/13094Green Lantern in "The Bobsled Run"(8/80)
11/17/13093Superman in "An Unbeatable Power!"(1/79), (2/79)
11/17/13092The Incredible Hulk and "Friends!"(7/76)
11/17/13091Spider-Man and the "Twinkie Takers"(6/76)
11/17/13090Captain America vs. The Aliens(5/78)
11/07/13089The Human Torch in The Icemaster Cometh(1/80)
11/07/13088The Incredible Hulk in Forget-Me-Net(6/77)
11/07/13087The Flash Meets The Bureauc-Rat(2/81)
11/06/13086Wonder Woman in "Old Gold"(4/81)
11/06/13085Superman in "Gold Mine Rescue"(6/81)
11/06/13084Wonder Woman and "The Baron!"(3/81)
11/06/13083Batgirl in "Fruit Pies For Magpies"(9/81)
10/02/13082The Thing in "Earthly Delights"(5/81)
10/02/13081Captain America in "The Deciding Factor!"(3/82)
10/02/13080Captain Marvel in "Flea Bargaining"(1/82)
10/02/13079The Human Torch in "Hot-Tempered Triumph!"(9/81)
10/02/13078The Thing in "A Lesson To Be Learned!"(11/81)
10/02/13077Spider-Man and the Cupcake Caper(4/76)
09/26/13076The Incredible Hulk and the Twins of Evil!(12/75)
09/26/13075The Incredible Hulk Changes His Mind!(3/79)
09/26/13074Captain Marvel Meets the Dreadnought!(1/79)
09/26/13073Thor-- in Good Overcomes eviL!(11/78)
09/26/13072Spider-Man in "Legal Eagle"(11/77)
09/26/13071Captain America in "Fury Unleashed!"(4/82)
09/26/13070Josie and the Cup Cakes(5/76)
09/23/13069The Human Torch in "Blown About"(3/81), (4/81)
09/23/13068Batman and the Corsair of Crime(10/78), (11/78)
09/22/13067Spider-Man and the Demolition Derby(1/80)
09/22/13066Green Arrow in "An Arrow in Time"(5/81)
09/22/13065The Joker in "Clowning Around"(2/78)
09/22/13064Batman "Someone is Kidnapping the Great Chefs of Gotham City"(7/79)
09/19/13063Batman "The Whole World's Upside Down"(5/77)
09/19/13062The Penguin in "The Cuckoo Cuckoos"(1/78)
09/19/13061Batman and Sable Lady(3/78)
09/19/13060Iron Man in An Irresistible Force!(2/79)
09/19/13059Spider-Man! in The Spider-Man and The Fly!(11/76)
09/19/13058The Incredible Hulk vs. "The Green Frog"(9/76), (10/76)
09/19/13057Beep Beep The Road Runner "Helter Skelter"(11/75), (4/76)
09/19/13056Casper and the Boo Keepers(9/79)
09/19/13055Iron Man in A Dull Pain!(7/77)
09/19/13054Captain Marvel in Killer Bee and Son!(5/77)
09/19/13053Captain Marvel Returns to Earth!(12/78)
09/19/13052Wonder Woman in "Cooky La Moo On Broadway"(11/77), (12/77), (1/78)
09/19/13051The Flash A Flash in the Dam(6/80)
09/17/50050The Penguin in "Penguins on Parade"(12/81)
09/16/13049Red Tornado in "Clean Sweep"(11/81)
09/16/13048Batman in "Lights... Camera... Crime!"(10/81)
09/16/13047Wonder Woman vs. "The Cheetah"(3/79)
09/16/13046Aquaman and the "Imperiled Sub"(6/78), (7/78)
09/16/13045Superman in The Big Fall(4/78), (5/78)
09/16/13044Superman Saves the Earth(8/76)
09/16/13043Batman and Twinkieless Gotham City(6/76)
09/16/13042Shazam! "The Cup Cake Caper"(3/76), (4/76)
09/16/13041Shazam! The Word's Mightiest Mortal Fights the...Minerva Menace!(9/75), (10/75), (12/75)
09/16/13040Superman "The Spy"(7/75), (8/75)
09/16/13039Batman and The Mummy(5/75), (6/75)
09/16/13038Spider-Man and the Kidnap Caper(2/76)
09/16/13037Captain America and The Red Skull(7/76), (8/76)
09/16/13036Thor in "The Ding-A-Ling Family"(1/78), (2/78)
09/16/13035Daredevil in "McBrain's Brain Drain."(3/78), (12/78)
09/16/13034The Thing and the Ultimate Weapon!(7/79)
09/16/13033The Human Torch in "A Hot Time in the Old Town"(4/80)
09/16/13032Daredevil vs. Johnny Punk!(2/81), (3/81)
09/15/13031Spider-Man vs. The Human Computer!(7/81)
09/15/13030The Fantastic Four in "Wonders of Nature"(8/81)
09/15/13029The Hulk vs. The Phoomie Goonies(10/81), (12/81)
09/14/13028"Daredevil's Longest Fight!"(2/82)
09/13/13027"Thor Meets The Ricochet Monster!"(5/80), (6/80)
09/13/13026Spider-Man "Spoils a Snatch"(4/78)
09/13/13025Spider-Man in "The Rescue!"(4/81), (5/81)
09/13/13024"Thor Meets a Glutton For Gold"(5/78), (6/78)
09/13/13023Spider-Man and Madam Web!(8/77)
09/13/13022Plastic Man in Gold For Dessert(7/81)
09/13/13021Hawkman Makes a Safe Landing(2/80)
09/13/13020Green Lantern vs. Triclops Three-Eyed Keeper of the Cave(10/79)
09/13/13019Captain America and the Time Warp!(7/78), (8/78)
09/13/13018Batman in "The K-9 Caper!"(3/82)
09/12/13017The Incredible Hulk and the Green Thumb(1/77), (2/77)
09/12/13016Captain America and the Sore Sir's Apprentices(5/77)
09/12/13015Spider-Man! The Champ(3/77), (4/77)
09/12/13014Spider-Man Meets The Home Wrecker(7/78), (8/78)
09/12/13013The Thing in "Sunday Punch!"(7/80)
09/12/13012The Flash in "Marathon Madman"(2/82)
09/12/13011Batman "The Muse"(1/77)
09/12/13010Aquaman "Twinkies and Kelp"(11/76)
09/12/13009Batman & Robin Birds of a Feather(6/77), (7/77)
09/12/13008Wonder Woman and Cup Cakes "The Maltese Cup Cake"(3/77), (7/77)
09/12/13007Wendy and the Ugly Monster(7/76)
09/12/13006Mr. Fantastic in "The Power of Gold!"(11/80)
09/12/13005Mr. Fantastic in "A Passion For Gold"(2/80), (3/80)
09/12/13004Batman and the Captive Commissioner(12/75), (1-2/76), (2/76)
09/12/13003Spider-Man Meets June Jitsui!(12/79)
09/12/13002Iron Man in "The Charge of the Rhinos!"(6/81)
09/12/13001The Incredible Hulk and the Ultimate Weapon!(10/79)


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