Grandma's Comics 4: Special Agent

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Apologies to Erik Larsen for the edit.

...I wish I could explain what my grandmother's death means to me, in such a way that you could really understand. The fact is though, unless you've lost all of your grandparents, you won't understand it completely. ...I have found as I've gotten older that there are truly some things that cannot cross the generation gap. This was my last grandparent- an entire generation of my family is now silenced...gone. It's incomprehensible. The only lessons left to be learned from them are lessons from memory and retrospect...and in the things they left behind.

I loved my grandmother. I loved all of my grandparents of course, but honestly, she was probably my favorite. She grew up on a farm, lived on another one with my grandfather, raised chickens, hogs, a couple horses. She worked at a chemical plant. She loved Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote, and Matlock... Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy... crossword puzzles, word finds, the newspaper's jumble, big dictionaries...Bicentennial quarters... Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Superman... and me.

She loved me... She fed me chicken on Sundays (yep, fresh from the ones she raised)...let me play with the cat's kittens...let me dig behind her bushes (found a Civil War bullet once)...let me help her shell peas, snap green beans and shuck corn...let me live with her when I just had to move out at seventeen (by the way- if you're younger, don't do that to yourself- it can wait another few years. Go to college). She put up with so much from me...

From the last page, last panel.

...and yet the thing I loved most about her is something I didn't really realize until after she'd died: that she shared and supported my love of comics. She didn't collect 'em like I do- she read the newspaper strips she loved, she watched the George Reeves Adventures of Superman TV show, and she had a few comics tucked away here and there, as I have come to find out- whether they were ones for her, or that she'd held onto for me, I couldn't say. Whatever the case, I find myself once again looking at a comic I didn't know she had, and wanting to share it with all of you.

As I mentioned in Grandma's Comics 3, this book too is a special treat for me- a comic that's new to me, and from my grandmother. It's like a gift from beyond the grave. Sounds like a Fifties horror movie doesn't it? The Gift From Beyond The Grave! Not completely off either, because Special Agent was published in 1959 by the Association of American Railroads; School and College Service. It's all about the Railroad Police. Please enjoy it as I have:

Cover (Page 1), Pages 2-10:

Pages 11-15, back cover (page 16):

I hope you all liked it. This will be the last comic I scan in its entirety like this. I don't have huge qualms about these two, because they are promotional comics, and the promoters who published them probably won't mind the free advertising. I do feel that I should be able to share anything I want from my personal library, in any way that I want, as it's mine and I paid for it (or inherited it, in this case). However, that's something that someone else is going to have to work out with publishers- it's not waters I want to test. Again, I hope you liked it. Thanks again, grandma. And thank you for reading.

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Thanks for sharing. Again.

Posted by cbishop

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: :} Yeahhh, well, when I posted it, CV had eaten a paragraph out of the middle, so I backspaced on the browser to get back to the page that had the full text, re-saved it, and it made a second post. Oops. I had flagged the dupe to be deleted, but someone unflagged it, instead of deleting it. So I guess I'll use it for an index page, and ask for it to be moved to a related forum. I do the Marvel Iron Age Library, and have been thinking of giving Marvel Iron Age 2.0 it's own page, since the writers consider it an alternate universe. Maybe I'll use the dupe page for that, and ask for it to get moved to the Fan-Fic forum.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Sounds like a good plan.