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00000/00/00(Spacer)(Blog) (Forum)[forum name](Back) (Next).
095--(Blog) (Forum)-(Back) (Next).
09407/15/14Batman Family: Secret Origins(Blog) (Forum)Secret Origins (1986)(Back) (Next).
09306/18/14Wolfpack(Blog) (Forum)Wolfpack (1988)(Back) (Next).
09211/29/13Richard Dragon(Blog) (Forum)Richard Dragon (2004)(Back) (Next).
09109/06/13U.S. 1(Blog) (Forum)U.S. 1(Back) (Next).
09009/04/13Black Lightning, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Black Lightning (1977)(Back) (Next).
08903/17/13Saga of the Warrior King(Blog) (Forum)Savage Dragon(Back) (Next).
08801/15/13Superman: The Secret Years(Blog) (Forum)Superman: The Secret Years(Back) (Next).
08712/04/12Robin: Cry of the Huntress(Blog) (Forum)Robin III: Cry of the Huntress(Back) (Next).
08612/04/12Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Eclipso: The Darkness Within(Back) (Next).
08511/14/12Spider-Man & Wolverine(Blog) (Forum)Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (1987)(Back) (Next).
08411/09/12What If? Venom(Blog) (Forum)Venom(Back) (Next).
08311/05/12Human Torch Team-Up, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Human Torch(Back) (Next).
08210/31/12Masters of the Universe(Blog) (Forum)MOTU (1982)(Back) (Next).
08110/31/12Green Lantern: A Guy & His Gnort(Blog) (Forum)G'Nort(Back) (Next).
08010/26/12DCCCL: Sword of Sorcery(Blog) (Forum)Sword of Sorcery (1973)(Back) (Next).
07910/18/12Cops: The Job(Blog) (Forum)Cops: The Job (1992)(Back) (Next).
07807/06/12Beowulf: Dragon Slayer(List)Beowulf (1975)(Back) (Next).
07703/21/12Adv Coms Pres: Dial 'H' For Hero, Vol. 2(Blog) (Forum)Dial H For Hero(Back) (Next).
07603/20/12Adv Coms Pres: Dial 'H' For Hero, Vol. 1(Blog) (Forum)Dial H For Hero(Back) (Next).
07512/02/10Batman: The Mud Pack(Blog) (Forum)The Mud Pack [story arc](Back) (Next).
07412/02/10Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld(Blog) (Forum)Showcase Presents: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld(Back) (Next)*
07312/02/10Jemm, Son of Saturn(Blog) (Forum)Jemm(Back) (Next).
07212/01/10Hardcore Station(Blog) (Forum)Hardcore Station(Back) (Next).
07112/01/10Spanner's Galaxy(Blog) (Forum)Spanner's Galaxy(Back) (Next).
07011/30/10Team America(Blog) (Forum)Team America(Back) (Next).
06911/30/10Mighty Mouse(Blog) (Forum)Mighty Mouse (1990)(Back) (Next).
06811/29/10Starman: Star Shadows(Blog) (Forum)Starman (1988)(Back) (Next).
06711/28/10Doctor Strange: The Vampire Verses(Blog) (Forum)Doctor Strange(Back) (Next).
06611/28/10Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot(Blog) (Forum)Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot(Back) (Next)*
06511/28/10Ultraverse: Break-Thru(Blog) (Forum)Break-Thru(Back) (Next).
06411/27/10Ultraverse: Black September(Blog) (Forum)Black September(Back) (Next).
06311/26/10Malibu: Genesis(Blog) (Forum)Malibu(Back) (Next).
06211/24/10Guy Gardner: The Way of the Warrior(Blog) (Forum)Way of the Warrior(Back) (Next).
06111/24/10Green Lantern: Mosaic, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Green Lantern: Mosaic(Back) (Next).
06011/24/10Thing, The: Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger(Blog) (Forum)Thing(Back) (Next)*
05911/23/10Guy Gardner: Emerald Fallout(Blog) (Forum)Emerald Fallout(Back) (Next).
05811/23/10"Trial of the Flash, The" & "The Murder of..."(Blog) (Forum)Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash(Back) (Next)*
05711/22/10Deathstroke: The Hunted(Blog) (Forum)Deathstroke the Terminator (1991)(Back) (Next).
05611/21/10Deathstroke: World Tour '93(Blog) (Forum)Deathstroke the Terminator (1991)(Back) (Next).
05511/21/10B&B: Batman & Huntress: Days of Rage(Blog) (Forum)The Huntress (1989)(Back) (Next).
05411/20/10Manhunter: Saints and Sinners(Blog) (Forum)Manhunter (1988)(Back) (Next).
05311/18/10Superman/ Shazam: Lightning Strikes Twice(Blog) (Forum)Billy Batson(Back) (Next).
05211/16/10Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis(Blog) (Forum)Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis(Back) (Next)*
05111/16/10Superman: The One-Man JLA!(Blog) (Forum)Superman(Back) (Next).
05011/16/10DC Comics Presents: Superman and Shazam!(Blog) (Forum)Superman Vs. Shazam!(Back) (Next)*
04911/15/10Checkmate: The Janus Directive(Blog) (Forum)The Janus Directive(Back) (Next).
04811/14/10Team Titans: Total Chaos(Blog) (Forum)Total Chaos(Back) (Next).
04711/08/10Superman/ Batman: Null & Void(Blog) (Forum)Superman/ Batman [team](Back) (Next).
04611/08/10Worlds Collide(Blog) (Forum)Worlds Collide [story arc](Back) (Next).
04511/07/10Titans/ Legion of Super-Heroes (Elseworlds)(Blog) (Forum)Elseworlds [concept](Back) (Next).
04411/07/10Legionnaires: End of an Era(Blog) (Forum)End of an Era(Back) (Next).
04311/07/10Superman Family (Elseworlds)(Blog) (Forum)Superman Family(Back) (Next).
04211/03/10COIE: Infinity, Inc.(Blog) (Forum)Infinity, Inc.(Back) (Next).
04111/03/10COIE: All-Star Squadron(Blog) (Forum)All-Star Squadron(Back) (Next).
04011/03/10JSA: All-Star Origins(Blog) (Forum)Origin Story(Back) (Next).
03910/12/10DC Legends, Vol. 1-4(Blog) (Forum)Legends(Back) (Next).
03810/12/10Bloodlines, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)Bloodlines(Back) (Next).
03710/11/10Superman Family: Year One(Blog) (Forum)Superman Family(Back) (Next).
03610/11/10Pulp Heroes TPB's(Blog) (Forum)Pulp Heroes(Back) (Next).
03510/11/10Batman Family: Legends of the Dead Earth(Blog) (Forum)Batman Family(Back) (Next).
03410/11/10Megaton(Blog) (Forum)Megaton(Back) (Next).
03310/11/10What If? Spider-Man, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)Spider-Man(Back) (Next).
03210/09/10What If? Doctor Doom(List)Doctor Doom(Back) (Next).
03110/09/10What If? Possibilities(Blog) (Forum)Watcher(Back) (Next).
03010/09/10What If? Iron Man(Blog) (Forum)Iron Man(Back) (Next).
02910/09/10What If? Agents of SHIELD(Blog) (Forum)SHIELD(Back) (Next).
02810/09/10What If? Conan(Blog) (Forum)Conan(Back) (Next).
02710/09/10What If? Doctor Strange(Blog) (Forum)Doctor Strange(Back) (Next).
02610/09/10What If? Ghost Rider(Blog) (Forum)Ghost Rider(Back) (Next).
02510/09/10What If? Namor, The Sub-Mariner(Blog) (Forum)Namor(Back) (Next).
02410/09/10What If? Timequake(Blog) (Forum)Timequake(Back) (Next).
02310/08/10JLA: Ghosts(Blog) (Forum)Ghosts(Back) (Next).
02210/08/10Batman: Year 1 to 100(Blog) (Forum)Batman(Back) (Next).
02110/08/10Zorro's Lady Rawhide(Blog) (Forum)Lady Rawhide(Back) (Next).
02010/08/10Zorro's Renegades(Blog) (Forum)Zorro(Back) (Next).
01910/08/10JLApe(Blog) (Forum)JLApe(Back) (Next).
01810/08/10Batman Family (Elseworlds)(Blog) (Forum)Batman Family(Back) (Next).
01710/07/10Batman Family: Year One(Blog) (Forum)Batman Family(Back) (Next).
01610/05/10Black Event, The(Blog) (Forum)The War(Back) (Next).
01510/05/10Thor 2099: The Fall of the Hammer(Blog) (Forum)Thor (McAdam)(Back) (Next).
01410/05/10What If? Silver Surfer(Blog) (Forum)Silver Surfer(Back) (Next).
01310/05/10What If? Phoenix(Blog) (Forum)Phoenix Force(Back) (Next).
01210/05/10What If? X-Men, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)X-Men(Back) (Next).
01110/05/10What If? Punisher(Blog) (Forum)Punisher(Back) (Next).
01010/05/10What If? Wolverine, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Wolverine(Back) (Next).
00910/05/10What If? Thor(Blog) (Forum)Thor(Back) (Next).
00810/05/10What If? Daredevil(Blog) (Forum)Daredevil(Back) (Next).
00710/05/10What If? Captain America(Blog) (Forum)Captain America(Back) (Next).
00610/05/10What If? Avengers, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Avengers(Back) (Next).
00510/05/10What If? Hulk(Blog) (Forum)Hulk(Back) (Next).
00410/05/10What If? Fantastic Four, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Fantastic Four(Back) (Next).
00310/05/10Brave & the Bold: Brotherhood of the Fist(Blog) (Forum)Brotherhood of the Fist(Back) (Next).
00210/05/10Brave & the Bold, The: City of Assassins(Blog) (Forum)Deathstroke the Terminator (1991)(Back) (Next).
00110/05/10X-Men: Uncanny Origins(Blog) (Forum)Uncanny Origins(Back) (Next).


Broken BlogsSomething during the site redesign caused these two blogs to get locked in such a way that even the CV engineers have not been able to get into them. Many of the other locked WUBI's were eventually unlocked, and they have been fixed. I'm hopeful that one day these will unlock. In the meantime, they are going to be replaced by moving the blog material (with the images fixed) to lists, which can be deleted if these were to become fixable. I don't want to delete these blogs, because I want the original dates posted left intact. In the links above, the "View" will be changed to "List," and the "Back/Next" links will be changed to redirect to that list until these blogs can be fixed. There will be a note in the lists, and a link to the original blog, just for the sake of my own reference.
Fixed?#DateTitleViewForumBack/ NextDUBI?
>:(07807/06/12Beowulf: Dragon Slayer(Blog) (Forum)Beowulf (1975)(Back) (Next).
>:(03210/09/10What If? Doctor Doom(Blog) (Forum)Doctor Doom(Back) (Next).


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