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Reading this in BLOG VIEW will get rid of that annoying double-spoiler thing. -cb
I've been a regular customer of the Fan-Fic Comic Shop, and the fics have really started to pile up. So I had to get some long boxes to store them in. Grouped by author or fan-fic group, displayed in links, and stored in protective spoiler block sleeves, my digital-only collection is looking great. Feel free to flip through my back issues and see what I've been reading. -cb
If there's a number or listing, but no link, it means I haven't read it yet (or haven't found it again yet), but I plan to.
I have a separate Fan-Fic Long Box - Groups, for some of the great stories that are part of shared continuity.


Fan-Fics Are Filed Alphabetically By Author:
Decoy EliteMaccyDThe Poet
Guardiandevil83Rabbitearsblog...Commented on 1...


Bar Tender (very short story).1.
Stranger In a Fan Land.1.
Fan-Fic Poetry Contest!, The.1.
Find more AweSam in:
White Rabbit.1..2..3..4..5..6.
DC/Marvel Mash Up Part Two.2.
Merged togeher, DC/Marvel.1.
I picked up this listing of titles available from Batkevin74:Batkevin74's Personal Library of Indulgence
Alternate History: WWII.0..1..2.---
Batkevin74's Quid Pro Quo Review-.1..2.---
Batman Vs Darth Vader-.1.----
Elseworlds: A Fallen Knight-.1.----
Elseworlds: Court of Owls, The-.1.----
Elseworlds: How It Could've Happened...-.1.----
Fan-Fic Write Out Contest Thing-.1.----
MacCurlverse: Shadows & Stings-.1..2..3.--
Mutual Reading Policy-.1.----
New Image: Brigade-.1.----
Rangers of Freedom, The: Origins & Introductions-.1.----
Red Shadows, The-.1..2..3.--
Rogue Tales: Attack on Fawcett City-.1..2.---
Start Of The Universe Anew?, The-.1.----
Superman-Star Wars: A New Hope-.1..2..3..4.-
Superman: Untouchable-.1.----
Takedown, The-.1.----
Tales of the Galactic Pope-.1..2..3..4.-
Tales of the Galactic Pope: Cardinal Covo-.1.----
Tarantinoville: Swords & Swastikas-.1.----
Underworld Unleashed: Patterns of Fear-.1.----
Untitled (Emma Deaconry)-.1.----
Untitled ("Something short and fun")-.1.----
Untitled (Thomas Dunbold)-.1.----
Untitled (What If with Hawkeye)-.1.----
Virtutem Dei-.1..2..3..4..5.
What If: "For Score And..."-.1.----
What If? Snippets-.1.----
Winding Down-.1.----
Batkevin74 presents...Mashed Up Origins: The Collected Library
Title - Mashed Up Origins:#
Book 1.1.
Defenders, The.1.
Doctor Octopus.1.
Elektra Natchios Sorceress Supreme.1.
Fantastic Four.1.
Ghost Rider.1.
Iron Fist.1.
Lizard, The.1.
Lord Doom.1.
Ms. Marvel.1.
Power Man.1.
Punisher, The.1.
The Vulture.1.
Winter Soldier.1.
Find more batkevin74 in:
"Blood" - A Short Story.1.
Find more BumpyBoo in:
Cappie's "Gah!" Collection (Including specials and guest hosts).1.--
Gah!: A christmas party special.1..2.-
Gah!-R (Where R is for reboot).1.--
Guest Gah!.1..2..3.
Stroke's wonderful world of (non)matches.1.--
Who died and made you mod?.1.--
Find more CapFanboy in:
I picked up this listing of titles available from dagmar_merrill:The stuff I have written.
Batman and Robin.1.
DC: Off the beaten path..1.
My pitch for a Wildcat miniseries..1.
30 minute free write - Deadshot..1.
30 minute free write - Parasite..1.
Stained Steel-An Space Opera.1.-
Adventures of Doc Strong, The.1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10.
Decoy Elite
Afro Man!.1.
Afro Man vs Lime Green!.1.
Fan fic contests?.1.
Jack vs The Universe.1.
Spaceman: One small step for man, one giant leap for superheroes.1.
Which one of these stories sounds best?.1.
Honor's Last Call.1.
Find more Delphic in:
Gotham's shadow: Nightwing.1..2..3..4.
Liberator's Universe: Featherman-.1.-----
Lucifer Grimm.Library..1..2..3..4..5..6.
New World Old West.Preview.------
Find more dngn4774 in:
Think You Can Beat My Characters?.1.
Untitled (Card Warfare in 2019).1.
Find more ernesth100 in:
Batman vs. Deadpool?.1.---
Batman vs. Deadpool.1..2..3..4.
New Marvel Villain: King.1.---
I found this listing of titles available from GR2Blackout:GR2Blackouts Finest - A fan-fic library
Captain Kick-Butt's Awesome Club.1.
Grass-Man (A Story By My Cousin).1.
I.O. Files, The - Butterfingers.1.
Midnighter Vs Taskmaster.1.
Prelude to I.O..1.
Tarantula-Man (An idea of mine).1.
Whatever Happened To the Justa' Lotta Animals?.1.
Find more GR2Blackout in:
Bloodwulf: Totally Ripped off (One Shot).1.-------
Catman: South Paw.1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.
Kill Bill After It's All Over (One-Shot).1.-------
Moses Grecko: New series idea for new Original Character.1.-------
Sensational Blue Spider, The (O.C. Idea).1.-------
Sensational Blue Spider, The.1.-------

Sensation Blue Spider VS Vicious Circle, The

Supreme: Titan on God's Green Earth.1.-------
Wolverine: I Fought A Werewolf In A Bar One Time.1.-------
I found this listing of titles available from gumflabica:Gumflabica's Library of.... stuff.....
The Beginning of the end.... Of Cheese! (Pt. 1), (Pt. 1), (Pt. 1), (Pt. 1), (ff error).1..2..3.
Horror/Hero: Slenderman.1.--
Well, I'm comin' back..1.--
Find more gumflabica in:
The Brutal Foes of Batman-.1..2..3..4.
I.C. Reviews...Gotham City 21 by SIDF26-.1.---
I.C. Reveiws…Hungry by Joshmightbe-.1.---
The Liberators-.1.---
Survival of the Fittest-.1.---
Patron Saint of Crime.Prologue.*.1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..8.5..9.
The Black Case Book-.1..2.--------
Onca: Warrior of Xibalba.0..1..2..3..4..5..6.----
Southern Cross.0.----------

*Prologue is actually titled Patron Saint of Criminals.

Because I really like Impurest's Guide to Animals, I'm adding it here, even though it's not fan-fic. Deal with it.

Check out her library:Impurest's Bestiary (organized by genus)
Impurest's Guide to Animals
  1. Common Genet
  2. Milk Snake
  3. Salmon Shark
  4. Northern Lapwing
  5. Venezuelan Pebble Toad
  6. Blanket Octopus
  7. Ring Tailed Coati
  8. Northern Hawk Owl
  9. Bobbit Worm
  10. African Bat Bug
  11. Sea Lamprey
  12. Iberian Newt
  13. Satanic Nightjar
  14. Isabella Tiger Moth
  15. Snow Leopard
  16. Honduran White Bat
  17. Adelie Penguin
  18. Goonch Catfish
  19. Sheltopusik
  20. Stygiomedusa
  21. Golden Orb Weaver
  22. Saola
  23. Lord Howe Island Stick Insect
  24. Paradox Frog
  25. Robber Crab
  26. Daggernose Shark
  27. Red Legged Seriema
  28. Patas Monkey
  29. Yellow Tailed Scorpion
  30. Peacock Mantis Shrimp
  31. Neon Cuckoo Bee
  32. Sea Swallow
  33. Olm
  34. Nosy Be Leaf Chameleon
  35. Zebra Jumping Spider
  36. Vaquita
  37. Parborlasia corrugatis
  38. Corpse Assassin Bug
  39. Humboldt Squid
  40. Big Headed Turtle
  41. Lammergeyer
  42. Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede
  43. Tiger Quoll
  44. Emei Moustache Toad

Added to my FF Long Box - Authors, even though it's non-fiction, because I can. :)

Find more ImpurestCheese in:
How To Attract Readers.1.
How To Bring in The New Guys.1.
Vote On What I Write Next (Please with a cherry on top).1.
Find more Irishlad in:
Percy Jackson: the God of Thunder-.1..2..3..4.
Wolverine Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Preview).Preview.----

*Part 1 was titled "First Try at a Fan-Fic."

DC Civil WarLibrary.1..2..3..4..5..6..7.
The Fire Within.1..2.
Find more johnjo719 in:
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu.1.-
Metal Gear: Winter.1..2.
Nuclear Winter: A Soldier's Tale.1..2.
Find more Jonny_Anonymous in:
Cutlery: Blade wielder index.1.-----------
Cutlery Book 1: The Sword Collector.1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12.
Cutlery Book 2: The Pirate Hunters.1..2..3.---------
A challenge-.1.---
Anyone want to help me bring back Ultraverse in fanfic form?-.1.---
a what if idea-.1.---
Border Worlds: Ankar-.1.---
Border Worlds Introduction-.1.---
my elseworld idea-.1.---
The Sol Empire-.1.---
Three Robins-.1..2..3..4.
The Tick vs. The Reboot-.1..2..3.-
Why is there no love for original characters here?-.1.---
Find more joshmightbe in:
Coming Soon: Gotham Hearts Ultimate Edition..1.-
Me Am Not Bizarro.1.-
Theik2 Library of Ultimate Excellence.1.-
Theik2's Batgirl and Batwoman (Remastered).1..2.
Find more Joygirl in:
Chronicles of Argus, The.1..2..3..4..5.
Let It Rain.1..2..3..4..5.
Green Arrow: Arrowhead.1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10.
Find more knightofthechronicle in:
I'm a teenager that has created a super hero universe.1.
-------Character #....40.
What is the main thing that attracts your interest in a random Fanfic?.1.
Find more MaccyD in:
The Immortal.1..2..3.
Katsuo (mini story).1.--
My list of characters..1.--
I picked up this listing of titles available from mrdecepticonleader:My Library
A New Threat:A Superman One Shot.1.
Deadman's Hand: A DCU fan fic.1.
Poem for Aesop Rock.1.
The Breach.1.
Revenge of the Magna-King.1.
Find more Omniscience in:
Batman: Circus Freaks.1..2.
Editing fan fics.1.-
Red Fox, The.1.-
Batman: Punishing Gotham.1..2..3..4..5.
Come Clarity.1.----
Next How-to/Writing advice thingy....1.----
Worm's Wonderful Writing Wisdom!!.1.----
Find more Project_Worm in:
A Strange Relationship.1.
The Mutant Maestro.....The Emerald Archer.1.
Find more Pyrogram in:
I picked up this listing of titles available from Rabbitearsblog:Rabbitearsblog's Fan Fiction Collection
...and this one too:My Fan Fiction Updates!!!
Tips in fairly critiquing fan fictions..1.
What are your pet peeves in fan-fiction?.1.
Find more Rabbitearsblog in:
A small task for the fan fic section.1.-
Choosing names for fiction.1..2.
G.I. Joe Recruitment Case File - Renata.1.-
Heroine With a Thousand Faces?, The.1.-
Lucas Method, The.1.-
Montage vs. Character Development, The.1.-
Writers and Introversion/Extroversion.1.-
Writing with the Training Wheels On.1.-
Find more RazzaTazz in:
Don't understand this board, need help :(.1.
Find more RulerOfThisUniverse in:
Doomhound: Fear Incarnate.1..2..3..4..5..6.-
Give A Song To the Created Fan-Fic Character Above.1.------
Gotham City 21.1..2..3..4..5..6..7.
Gotham City 21 Library.1.------
Don't miss the Gotham City 21 review! See: ImpurestCheese.
Find more SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 in:
Indigo Surfer.1.
Find more SteveMcQueen36 in:
My Super Heros.1..2..3..4.
Find more TDK_1997 in:
The Rebirth of Doctor Sun- Prelude.1..2.
Batgirl and Batwoman.1.
Black Canary Saves Oracle From Drowning.1.
"show must go on, The" -- Zatanna.1.
Supergirl and Kryptonite Gas.1.
For more theik2, see Joygirl- he inspired something.
The Poet
DC Legacy: Batman's Butler.1..2..3..4..5.
Deadpool's Recipe for Chimichanga!.1.----
"the greatest and best story in the world...Tribute".1.----
Notice Regarding Personal Fan-Fic Librarires.1.----
untitled (ThePoet & teoPehT).1.----
Find more of The Poet in:
Earth Awesome.Prelude..1..2..0-2..2.5..3..4.
Malcolm Stone-.1.-----
Find more of thespideyguy in:
Pennyworth's Journal.11/01/11..01/30/12..02/22/12..10/30/13.
I picked up this listing of titles available from TtH:TommytheHitman's library of death and destruction.
And this:Sharpshot's Library of Pain, Mayhem and Bullets!.
Batman Unbound.1..2.--------
The Mists of Carligh.1.---------
Sharpshot/ Doomhound: Bloody War.1..2..3.-------
Sharpshot: Forever Evil.1.---------
Sharpshot/ Killer Rabbit.1.-.3.-------
Sharpshot: 'Merica.1..2..3..4..5.-----
Sharpshot Presents: Kid Thunder.1..2.--------
Sharpshot/ Scalphunter.1.---------
Sharpshot Vs. Predator.1.---------
Sharpshot Vs. Predator, The Setup To-.2.--------
Sharpshot: What Happens in Gotham....1..2..3.-------
War of the Worlds.1.---------
For Sharpshot/ Killer Rabbit #2:
  • see: wildvine
Find more TommytheHitman in:
I picked up this listing of titles available from waezi2:My fanfic library.
Find more waezi2 in:
I picked up this listing of titles available from wildvine:Wildvine's carnival of Fan-Fics
A character I made-.1.-
DC 1602: The Dark Knight-.1.-
Enigma Corp, the Fox Hunt incident-.1.-
Fan Fic Review: Horror Inc: My Name is Frankenstein-.1.-
Fan Fic Review: Sharpshot-.1.-
Knight and Dae-.1..2.
Madame Techia.0.--
Poetry stuff-.1.-
Robin Hood: Vampire Hunter-.1.-
Sharpshot/ Killer Rabbit--.2.
Superhero Karaoke: Joker & Harley-.1.-
Untitled (set in Frozen)-.1.-
Wildvines up and coming attractions.-.1.-
Fan Fic News/ Fan Fic's of the week.9/31-10/05..10/06-10/14.-
For Sharpshot/ Killer Rabbit #1:
  • see: TommytheHitman
Find more wildvine in:
I've Only Read/ Commented On One Thing By Them... (or I haven't found the other stuff yet) [alphabetized by author]
Origin of the VampireAlexander_Sparrow.1.
I need help with this story.AmalgamDCMarvel8.1.
Short Stories, Character Exerpts, and Poetry With AmegashitaAmegashita.1.
My Universeanurag_50.1.
Nightcrawler and Wolverine Single Page - Art attachedbenjum.1.
Is my character good? I named him Super-Novablazersports.1.
Need opinions on my ficBsaa.1.
Earth 2020: Kal-El the ConquerorCalvalier.1.
Public Domain Rebootcliffrice.1.
Re-Imagined Character Contest #1 - Supermancosmo111687.1.
black lagoon, thedcdyno.0.1.
Gray Shadowdeadpoolrules.1.
Dead Boydeathbymanga.1.
Dial H for Hero: Fan-Interactive Fan-Fictiondirtychewbacca.1.
Kidpool kills the Marvel Universe!evilvegeta74.1.
Ghost Rider vs Hellboy (story)GhostPool.1.
Bunch of Capes: Concept Artinferiorego.1.
Fan fiction character creationithinkitwasyou.1.
Punisher: The Glass House (One-Shot)JasonNoir.1.
My Character: Upgradejoewell.1.
Nightwing and Oriolekamrenamir.Preview.
Please Help me develop my OC Khromekhrome.1.
What's in a Name? (rumplestiltskin re told)lady_redhead.1.
Fan-Fic Tourneymenaceforever.1.
From the writer's mind (Interview thread)Nighthunter.1.
Nurse Jenny Stories (Nurse Jenny from Richie Rich)noahide.1.
The Origin of the Silver SkullNorth Roberts.1.
Superhero Funeral HomeOracleX.1.
DC RevelationsPfcoolio14.Preview.
An Idea For A Batman Semi-VillainPrinceMarvel.1.
Character concept: ManslayerRacob7.1.
RichGenX's advice on writing fan-fiction.RichGenX.1.
I have story to brewingruler.1.
S Inc comics: Rusty IronsRusty_Irons.1.
CapFanboy & BumpyBoo's WeddingSamimista.1.
Last Sons: Lobo (One-Shot)SamuraiBuddha.1.
The Safest Place in the UniverseScholes60.1.
Sha's Fan Fic Challenge!Shanana.1.
Q: SuperhumanSuperhumanZax.1.
New Amalgam ComicsTelevisor.1.
How to smash a Writer's BlockTheImpersonator.1.
Batman: MockingbirdTheJester.1.
Q: Sivanch's First FightThenotoriousHeisenblokz.1.
Martian Manhunter: Alien.The WeatherMan.1.
Tank JohnsonThunderstone.1.
Human TorchTurbinail.1.
Jacob M. Jones (Mature)VyseCarma.3.
Supergirl - OriginWalkingstone.1.
That story ruining moment in fanfictionXImpossibruX.1.


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originally posted September 09, 2013 at 11:21PM- had to post as a new blog to change the title.

Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

For future browsing (haven't read it yet, so it's not in the Long Box):

Adventures of Robin Hood and Xena, The #.Prologue.,.1.

Black Widow and Hawkeye: Budapest #.1., .2.

Dark Speedster Chronicles, The.

DC 1602 Chronicles.

Doomhound #.1.

Gifted Youngsters #.1., .2.

Going Mental #1.

Guardian, The.

Hood, The: Quick and the Dead.

Huntress: Trauma Part 1.

Last Line of Defence.

Lois Lane - Foreign Correspondent.

LLFC - Heart of Acid.

Now a Message from Our Sponsor: Turner D. Century Cigarettes.

Psycho/Doomhound: Revolution Library.

Super Hero Smack Up.

Superman: Ruins of the World.

TheCannon's fan fiction library.


White Spider #.1., .2., .3., .4., .5.

Wildvine Vs knightofthechronicle.


I picked up this listing of titles available from ?:?
Find more ? in:
  • ?


Posted by batkevin74

You are really quite awesone!

Posted by wildvine


This. Is. Brilliant!! I am so stealing this idea. I sense a trend coming on....

Posted by cbishop
Posted by Rabbitearsblog

Wow!!! This is awesome!!! I have a feeling people will be taking this idea too (although that's a good thing!) :D

Posted by cbishop

@rabbitearsblog: This one I'm okay with people taking. It's really just an index anyway. ;)

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

@cbishop said:

@rabbitearsblog: This one I'm okay with people taking. It's really just an index anyway. ;)

That's good to know! :D

Posted by batkevin74


Posted by jatoe48er

@cbishop: good work, this is impressive

Posted by cbishop

@jatoe48er: Thanks. Now if I can just bring my writing up to par with my indexing. :}

Posted by dngn4774

@cbishop: One day I shall make it on this list.

The quest has begun!!!

Edited by cbishop

@dngn4774: The Writers Guild stuff is on there. That has your name on it. :)

Posted by BumpyBoo

Really is so nice of you to do this, I know it is partly for your own convenience but still, it is a good shout-out for all involved. Honoured to be featured here ^___^

Posted by cbishop

@bumpyboo: <beaming> Glad you like it! I want to get around to reading more of yours and wildvine's stuff, but...too much to read! Agggghhhh! Actually, I read a bunch of the comics you drew and posted before I started this. I haven't gone back to find them yet.

Posted by BumpyBoo

@cbishop: Hey no worries, no one is keeping score :) I appreciate the support you have given me with regards to my writing and my comics too so far, and I know how hard it can be to keep up with so many creative people posting so many different things. No problem at all ^___^

Posted by TommytheHitman

Oh cool! You have my Wildcat stories on here! I take it that means you enjoyed it?

Posted by BumpyBoo

@cbishop: I think CV may have eaten your comments O_O

Edited by cbishop

@bumpyboo: GRRRRR! Yes. it. did. And it's getting very aggravating! >:{

Posted by BumpyBoo

@cbishop: I know, right? :O So random and weird :/

Edited by cbishop

@tommythehitman: It means I read it, just like putting all your comics in a box, good or bad. I've enjoyed most of what I've read so far. If I thought it needed improvement, I've said so. ;)

@bumpyboo: :D

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

this is an excellent idea

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

@cbishop: Awesome idea, and so cool that you have DCRI: The Question in there :) It's sorta weird that my "I don't understand this board" thread is in there...but still really cool!

Edited by cbishop

@rulerofthisuniverse: lol, if I've read it, it's in there- that's the only reason the "I don't understand..." thread is there. It's also kind of a reminder to me. Say I don't read anything from you for a bit, then I see your name again. I'm going, "R.O.T.U. ...R.O.T.U. ...where have I seen that?" So I look in my handy dandy Long Box, and see that "Ohhhhhh, I read that 'I don't understand this board' thread! Okay. I remember the name now." ...Yeah, it sucks getting older. lol

Posted by cbishop
Posted by BumpInTheNight

@dngn4774 said:

@cbishop: One day I shall make it on this list.

The quest has begun!!!

Quest completed! :D (this is cb's alt for when I've posted too many messages in a row on my own topic) ;)

Posted by dngn4774
Posted by cbishop

@dngn4774: Thanks, I don't use it that often, just for my own stuff, and sometimes in the editing forum, when they don't answer my queries. :}

Edited by batkevin74

Bumped :)

Posted by cbishop
Posted by batkevin74

Bumped the box

Posted by mikesterman

Yay I'm in the long boxxx

Posted by cbishop

@mikesterman said:

Yay I'm in the long boxxx

NO! That's horrible! :}

Edited by cbishop

editing bump.

Posted by gumflabica

@cbishop: Holy bejesus, I made it onto a list with my fan-fic! Welcome to the club. Would you like the meet the other 4 people who read my ancient text XD

But seriously, this is cool. The only thing i see in my box is Medusa, so I assume that's something you would like me to pick back up on?

And if you like it, my library has gone through some updates if you want new material.

so, uh, check it out. at your own leisure, of course.

Edited by cbishop

@gumflabica: Without going back and looking at it again, I seem to recall that Medusa was kinda cool. Give me some callouts ...scratch that- I've got your library link. I'll get to it eventually. ;)

Edited by gumflabica

@cbishop: alright. Sounds good. And medusa is a fan-fic come to life as an RP alt, yes

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson


Edited by Turbinail
Posted by cbishop

@turbinail: It's in the section "I've Only Read/ Commented On One Thing By Them... (or I haven't found the other stuff yet)." Write some more- when I've read more than one thing by you, you get your own space... simple as that. ;)

Posted by KingMagnus

@cbishop: It is now my quest to get into this long box!

Posted by cbishop

@kingmagnus: Cool. All it means though is that I read something of yours in the Fan-Fic forum. This is just my collection of links so I know what I've read. Otherwise I don't remember lol.

Posted by cbishop
Posted by KingMagnus

Then I will just make this a side quest!

Posted by cbishop
Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

@cbishop: For the technically have the sign-up thread for DCRC in the FF Groups Long Box, so shouldn't it also say DCRC in my "Find more ROTU in" section? Sorry, I'm nitpicking. I love this idea, though! :D

Posted by cbishop

@rulerofthisuniverse: Yes it should! Thanks, I'll fix that. I've probably forgotten to do that for a few folks, since I split the Box into Authors and Groups. :/

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse
Posted by Turbinail

@cbishop: there's been 5 you have some catching up

Posted by cbishop

@turbinail: I don't read everything, but I'll try to find something else of yours soon. ;)

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