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WELCOME TO COMIC BOOK DISCO, where the "Disco" is short for "Discontinued!" These lists will detail every title I've ever collected. I just got started on them July 24, 2012, so they won't be completely filled out for awhile. Enjoy.




Comic Book Disco:




One Hit Wonders:




#OriginalReprintsWhat is it?
Disco:A-Z: CBD (above)A-Z: TPB-Sides (above)Discontinued titles in my collection.
Dance Party:CB's Comic Book Dance Party.After Party TPB's.Ongoing titles in my collection.
Other Dance Styles:DVD Marathon.-Movies in my collection, based on comics.
-Nerd Celebrity (Autographed Comics).-Autographed comics in my collection.
--Hardcore HardcoversHardcover trades in my collection.
-Pulp Traditionals.-Books in my collection, based on comics.


Books from my Disco., not found on CV:

(1992) SD TPB's:

Savage Dragon (original version of the TPB).

SD: Baptism of Fire TPB (reprint of the SD TPB).

(1993) SD TPB's:

SD: The Fallen (2 copies, one a 1st printing).

SD: Possessed.

SD: Revenge.

SD: Gang War.

SD: A Talk With God.

SD: Terminated.

SD: Worlds at War.

(1995) Dragon: Blood & Guts TPB.

(1998) SD Team-Ups TPB.

(2002) Superpatriot: Liberty & Justice TPB. (Reprints the 7/95 mini, listed below.)

Also couldn't find on CV, that I have:

(date) Arena #8. Cover story is about Wildstar: Sky Zero.

(date?) SD Back-Ups [one]. (Reprints back-ups from SD #1-6).

(10/02) Savage Dragonbert: Full Frontal Nerdity [one]. (Reprints back-ups from SD #57-99).

(1994) Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift #2 [mini]. [Caliber]

(12/01) Ultiman Giant Annual #1 [one]. [Image]

(1993) Shadowhawk Saga Ashcan [one]. [Hero Magazine]

(8/94) Shadowhawk 4 #14 [dis].

(12/94) Shadowhawk Special #1 [one].

(date?) Vignettes: Autobigoraphical...Valentino TPB.

(5/08) Invincible Universe Primer #1 [one].


(2006) BP: 1: Genesis TPB.

(2006) BP: 2: Mayhem TPB.

(2007) BP: 3: Pillow Talk TPB.

(2007) BP: 4: Wrath of God TPB.

(date?) Making of the Movie Spawn [one]. (Magazine).

(date?) Spawn Tribute [one]. [Wizard Magazine].

(1995) Angela TPB. (Collects '94 mini and '95 Special Ed.).

(1998) KISS [one]. [Wizard Magazine ed.].

SPAWN TPB (original series of TPB):

(date?) Vol. 1 (collects #1-5).

(date?) Vol. 2 (collects #6-9, 11).

(date?) Vol. 3 (collects #12-15).

(date?) Vol. 4 (collects #16-20).

(3/01) Vampirlla: Nowheresville Preview #1 [one].

(2006) Vampirella/ Witchblade: Trilogy TPB. (Reprints all 3 V/W one-shots).

(5/06) Conan FCBD 2006 Special [one]. [Dark Horse]

(2005) Conan: The Frost Giant's Daughter and Other Stories TPB. [Dark Horse]

(1989) Fighting American HC. [Marvel] (Reprinting earliest material.)

(7/00) Steve Ditko's Static [one].

(8/01) Mindhunter: Aliens/ Witchblade/ Darkness/ Predator TPB. (collecting the mini).

(5/01) Tomb Raider: The Series FCBD Ed. [one].


(1999) 1: Ceremony TPB. (Collects W #5-8; W/TR Special #1).

(2000) 2: Cauldron TPB. (Collects W #9-13; W/TR #1/2).

(2002) 3: Coda TPB. (Collects W #14-16; W/TR:DC #1-2).


(2001) 3: Witchblade/ Darkness: Family Ties. (Collects W #18-19; D #9-10).

(date?) Fathom [one]. [Wizard Magazine]

(2000) Rising Stars: 1: Born in Fire TPB. (Reprints RS #1-8).

(2002) Rising Stars: Visitations TPB. (Reprints: Prelude, Preview, #0 & #1/2).

(2003) Battle of the Planets: Classic Issues, Vol. 1 TPB. [SF Ent.] (Reprints the Gold Key series, but unfortunately, not in color)

(2005) City of Heroes, Vol. 1 TPB. (Collects C/H #1-6).

(2005) Marvel/ Top Cow Crossovers, Vol. 1 TPB. (Collects all 9 parts of Devil's Reign, plus the 6/04 Witchblade/ Wolverine & 6/04 Darkness/ Hulk).

(2005) Stryke Force, Vol. 1 TPB.

(7/05) Top Cow Triple Play [one].

(5/08) Hero By Night FCBD Ed. [one]. (Flipbook w/ Gunplay Preview).

(2003) Noble Causes: 1: In Sickness and in Health.

(2004) Noble Causes: 2: Family Secrets.

(2005) Noble Causes: 3: Distant Relatives.

(2006) Noble Causes: 5: Betrayals.

(2008) Dynamo 5: 2: Moments of Truth.

(2002) Jack Staff: 0: Yesterday's Heroes. (JS #1-4) [DEP].

(2004) Jack Staff: 2: Soldiers. (JS [v.2] #1-5) [Image].

(2006) Jack Staff: 3: Echoes of Tomorrow (JS [v.2] #6-12) [Image].

(2005) Ultra: 1: Seven Days.

(2005) Girls: 1: Conception.

(2006) Girls: 2: Emergence.

(2006) Girls: 3: Survival.

(2007) Girls: 4: Extinction.

(date?) Kane: 1: Greetings From New Eden.

(date?) Kane: 2: Rabbit Hunt.

(date?) Kane: 3: Histories.

(date?) Kane: 4: Thirty Ninth.

(2005) Kane: 5: Untouchable Rico Costas.

(2006) Kane: 6: Partners.

(date?) Madman: Oddity Odyssey TPB. [K. Sink]

(1996) Madman Comics Yearbook '95 TPB.

(8/01) Bone 10th Anniv. Ed.

(1993) Bone Holiday Special. [Hero Mag.].

(date?) Bone: 4: Dragonslayer TPB. [Cartoon Bks.].

(date?) Bone Reader: Making of the First Trilogy.

(date?) Bone Sourcebook. [Cartoon Bks.]

(11/95) Bone Sourcebook ('95 SD Con Sp. Ed.).

(2000) Stupid, Stupid Rat-Tails TPB. [C. Bks.].

(2/90) Moby Dick. [Classics Illus.].

(1973) Moby Dick. [Now Age Illus. Bks.].

(12/93) Trencher: X-Mas Bites Holiday Blow-Out #1 [one]. [Blackball].

(1995) Maxx ashcan [one]. [Wizard Mini-Comic #2].

(6/96) Labman Sourcebook #1 [one].

(1998) Doctor Cyborg: Clone Conspiracy TPB. [Insight Studios] (Dr. C. came to Image briefly).

(11/99) Superstar: As Seen on TV Ashcan Preview Ed. [ashcan].

(2001) Kabuki: 1: Circle of Blood TPB.

(9/01) Image Introduces... Primate #1 [one].

(12/01) Image Introduces... Believer #1 [one].

(1/03) Dominion #1 [dis].

(2002) Bulletproof Monk TPB.

(2003) Bastard Samurai: 1: Samurai Noir TPB.

(2004) Empire TPB. [DC]

(2004) Houdini: The Man From Beyond [one].

(2004) Ministry of Space TPB.

(12/04) Ant: 1: Days Like These TPB. [Arcana].

(2005) Silencers: Black Kiss TPB. [Moonstone].

(1/05) Two Bits #1 [one].

(1/05) Wildguard: 1: Casting Call TPB.

(7/05) Silencers: Powered and Dangerous #1 [dis].

(2006) Ant: 1: Reality Bites TPB. [Image].

(2006) Battle Hymn: 1: Farewell to the First Golden Age TPB.

(2006) Godland: 1: Hello, Cosmic! TPB.

(2006) Grounded: 1: Powerless TPB.

(2006) SW's Realm of the Claw TPB.

(5/06) Image Comics: Future Shock FCBD [one] (2 copies).

(10/06) Death Jr. Halloween Special ashcan.

(1979) Casper and Hot Stuff Super Sizzlers [one].

(10/05) Ultimate Casper Comics Collection TPB. [Harvey/ ibooks].

(1972) Popeye the Sailor and Health Careers #E-1 [one].

(2001) JLA: 7: Tower of Babel.

(date?) JLA (I) [one]. (Wizard).

(date?) JLA (II) [one]. (Wizard).

(1999) JLA: Year One TPB.

(1990) Titan #1 [dis]. [Music City Comics]

(5/97) Bill Willingham's Ironwood, Vol. 1 TPB. [Eros Comix]

(4/99) Bill Willingham's Ironwood, Vol. 2 TPB. [Eros Comix]

(1981) Captain Hero Comics Digest Magazine #1 [one].

(1986) L.T. Caper: Agent for HERO [one?]. [Spotlight Comics] (works with the DUNDER Agents... THUNDER Agents parody).

(1994) AC Presents: The Love Showdown Collection TPB.

(2004) A. Classics: The Adv. of Little Archie TPB.


(7/03) A. FCBD #1-2.

(2004) Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Archies [ashcan].

(6/05) Betty & Veronica FCBD #1.

(2006) A.'s 65th Anniversary Bash FCBD #1.

(2006) Tales From Riverdale feat.: Archie & His Friends [ashcan].

(2008) Jughead Comics Night at Geppi's Ent. Museum FCBD #1(2).

(6/09) Mighty A. Art Players FCBD #1.

(1993) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm [one](2). [digest sized - released with Batman: Mask of the Phantasm video].

(1994) Batman: Dark Knight Adventures TPB.

(1999) Batman Adventures: Lost Years TPB.

(6/99) Batman Beyond Special Origin Issue [one](2). (Reprints BB #1).

(2000) Batman Beyond TPB.

(2000) Batman: Gotham Adventures TPB.

(9/00) Powerpuff Girls Powerzine [one].

(5/02) Justice League Adventures FCBD #1 [one].

(6/05) Batman Beyond FCBD #1 [one].

(5/06) Justice League Unlimited FCBD #1 [one].

(2007) Teen Titans Go: Titans Together! TPB. (Collects TTG #26-32).

(6/07) Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century FCBD #1(2) [one].

(4/08) Tiny Titans FCBD #1(2) [one].

(5/96) Ghost/ Hellboy Special Aschan [one].

(date?) Ghost/ Hellboy Special TPB. (Reprints the 5/96 G/H two-issue mini).

(2002) Hellboy Sourcebook and RPG [one].


(2001) H: Bones of Giants [book].

(1997) H: Lost Army [book].

(10/08) H: All-Seeing Eye [book].


(2005) BPRD: 4: The Dead TPB.

(date?) Silver Age Classics: House of Mystery #92 [one].

(5/04) The Originals Special Ashcan Edition [ashcan] [one].

(7/07) Cairo/ Sentences Preview (flipbook) [one].

(1994) Magnus RF: 2: Invasion TPB.

(2005) Alan Moore Spells it Out... [book] by Bill Baker. [Airwave Pub.]

(2007) Albion TPB. [Wildstorm]

(9/05) The Fog [one].

(6/03) Illegal Alien [one].

(2/07) Mighty Skullboy Army [one].

(5/08) The Moth Special Ed. FCBD [one]. [Rude Dude Prod.].


(2002) Actions Speak TPB.

(1998) Louder Than Words TPB.

(5/04) Amazing Adv. of the Escapist, Vol. 1. TPB.

(2000) Bettie Page: Queen of the Nile TPB.

(3/03) Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained TPB.

(2001) Nevermen TPB.

(2001) Tenth: Blackout TPB.

(2003) Marshal Law: Blood, Sweat and Fears TPB. [Titan Books].

(1987) The Shadow: Blood & Judgment TPB. [DC] (Reprints 5/86 DC mini).

(2005) Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Special Edition #1 [one]. (Sold at Best Buy).


(1997) Batman/ Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2003) Batman/ Aliens II TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1998) Batman vs. Predator III: Blood Ties TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1996) Superman/ Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2003) Superman/ Aliens 2: God War TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2007) Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predator TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1998) Predator vs. Judge Dredd TPB. [Dark Horse]

(2002) Superman/ Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]


(1997) Crow: Dead Time TPB. [Kitchen Sink].

(1998) Crow: Flesh & Blood TPB. [Kitchen Sink].

(2004) Crow: Flesh & Blood TPB. [Dark Horse].


(2001) G: Devil's Legacy TPB.

(2004) G: Devil Inside TPB.

(2000) G: Black, White, & Red TPB. (2 copies).

(1993) Batman/ Grendel [ashcan]. (2 copies - 1 still bagged with Hero Illustrated #1).


(2001) POTA Collector's Comic [ashcan size] [one].

(2001) POTA: The Human War TPB.

(1990) New Titans Sourcebook (DC RPG) [one].

(1999) JLA/ Titans: Technis Imperative TPB. (Reprints 12/98 mini, listed below).

(2006) NTT: Terror Incognito TPB.

(2002) Spyboy/ Young Justice: Young Spies Like Us TPB.

(1989) LSH: The Great Darkness Saga TPB.

(2002) Miss: Better Living Through Crime TPB. [Humanoids].

(2007) Tangent Comics, Vol. 1 TPB.

(2008) Tangent Comics, Vol. 3 TPB.

(date?) Jim Lee's C-23 [ashcan] [one].

(1993) Petworks vs. WildK.A.T.S. #1 [one]. [Parody Press] (Released before Wetworks #1!).

(1995) Team 7 TPB.

(1997) Deathblow/ Wolverine TPB.

(1997) Wildstorm Cliffhanger! Sketchbook #0 [one]. [Wildstorm/ Wizard] (Bagged with Wizard #79).

(1999) WildCATS: Trilogy TPB.


(2005) Majestic: Strange New Visitor TPB.

(2006) Majestic: 1: While You Were Out TPB.

(2006) Majestic: 2: Meanwhile, Back on Earth... TPB.

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