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03901/10/14Baby AliveKenner
03312/11/13Bank Robbery In Progress!Kenner
--Batman in "S.O.S.: Save Our Snakes!"Magic Snake Puzzle
02010/04/13Behind the Candy CounterBubble Yum
03412/13/13Bill's Vacation Gift From Dad!Daisy Mfg. Co.
03211/27/13Blasto Pies/ Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death505 Games
01810/04/13Boys! Earn $1 To $6 A Week Sell Grit in Your Spare Time (Earn big prizes too)Grit
01109/26/13Bulletman, The Human Bullet Blasts Into the GI Joe Super Adventure TeamHasbro


04401/11/14Classy CrashersKenner


01910/04/13The day Bill told off his bossCIE
02811/13/13The Dingo Kids Meet O.J. SimpsonDingo
00909/25/13Duke The Super Action DogKenner


00409/23/13ElectromanCleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE)


02611/13/13"Get It All Together"CIE


02210/07/13Here Are Some Easy Steps For Proper Dental Care!Aim
05101/23/14Here It Is, Kids! Newest Kenner Fun CatalogKenner
01710/04/13How Joe solved his "security problem"!Locksmithing Institute
02711/13/13How I Got The Tip Of My LifeUniversal Schools
03011/13/13How's Trix?Trix


05508/15/14The Incredible Hulk and The Magic SnakeMagic Snake Puzzle
04601/12/14I've Got Fred And Barney Up Here With Me!Kenner


--Josie's Snake HuntMagic Snake Puzzle


04101/10/14Kiddie FondueKenner


01510/04/13Lee Rider in "A Starring Role"Lee Jeans
01410/04/13Little PeteSilly Putty


05201/24/14Margie gets FRee GIFTS for the whole familyConsumer Gazette
03801/10/14Meet Dusty: America's Most Beautiful Doll!Kenner
04901/20/14My Hair Is A Mess!Kenner


04001/10/14Nancy NonsenseKenner


01610/04/13Out Cold!International Correspondence Schools (ICS)


03501/09/14Pete Rose Batting PracticeTurco
04701/13/14The Pharoh's Secret SpirographKenner


03111/13/13Rocky and Bullwinkle - CheeriosCheerios


02110/04/13Scottie in A Cracker Jack StoryCracker Jacks
04501/12/14Smash-Up DerbyKenner
00509/25/13Snoopy Strikes Again!Monogram
00109/23/13Spalding Presents Street BallSpalding
02411/08/13Spider-Man and Captain America Ricochet To Freedom!Ricochet Racers
01310/03/13Spider-Man and the Mystery of the Museum Snakes!Magic Snake Puzzle
05001/23/14Steve Scout And His Friend Bob ScoutKenner
01210/03/13Superman in "The Case of the Snake Shapes"Magic Snake Puzzle



02310/26/13Volto From Mars (Reform Mayor)Grape Nuts Flakes


00609/25/13The Weird World of AuroraAurora
04201/11/14The Whole Family Loves SnoopyKenner



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