Character Creation Contest - Winners Thread

Character Creation Contest, Fan-Fic Edition - Winners Thread 3.0

Okay, fan-fic folk, Winners Thread reboot! Here's everything you need to know about the CCC - FF Edition.

Every CCC, listed from last to first:

CCC #ThemeSee the RulesRead the EntriesWinner
#036Strictly BusinessContestVoting?
#035ZombiesContestVotingcbishop (7th win)
#034Time TravelContestVotingbatkevin74 (10th win)
#033Villain for BatmanContestVotingbatkevin74 (9th win)
#032OC vs Payno's Blue Samurai GuyContestVotingcbishop (6th win)
#031Mariner vs. Ocean Terror OCContestVotingbatkevin74 (8th win)
#030Marvel Mayhem OCContestVotingImpurestCheese (6th win)
#029Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesContestVotingTheSpiritStalker (2nd win)
#028Villain For Captain Marvel BunnyContestVotingbatkevin74 (7th win)
#027Mayan Underworld OCContestVotingcbishop (5th win)
#026Lady in RedContestVotingImpurestCheese (5th win)
#025Villain for Raven DiabloContestVotingcbishop (4th win)
#024Gunfighter in Weird West OCContestVotingcbishop (3rd win)
#023Horror: P.I. OCContestVotingcbishop (2nd win)
#022Sci-Fi: Hope vs. FearContestVotingwildvine (3rd win)
#021A Centipede, A Car & I'CheeseContestVotingTheSpiritStalker (1st win)
#020Viking OCContestVotingImpurestCheese (4th win)
#019All OC Humans vs. AliensContestVotingbatkevin74 (6th win)
#018OC Hero in a Fantasy WorldContestVotingImpurestCheese (3rd win)
#017OC Villain Team Doing HeroicsContestVotingMaccyD
#016Medieval SpaceContestVotingImpurestCheese (2nd win)
#015G.I. Joe OCContestVotingwildvine (2nd win)
#014History vs. AliensContestVotingbatkevin74 (5th win)
#013Street Level OCContestVotingcbishop (1st win)
#012How They Pay the BillsContestVotingImpurestCheese (1st win)
#011Boba Fett vs. OCContestVotingjatoe48er
#010Armored/ hooded OCContestVotingbatkevin74 (4th win)
#009Orange-ishContestVotingPyrogram (2nd win)
#008Villain for GambitContestVotingbatkevin74 (3rd win)
#007Star Wars OCContestVotingstumpy49er
#006How Lincoln SurvivedContestVotingAllie_Ho
#005Villain for Superman/ SupergirlContestVotingbatkevin74 (2nd win)
#004ArcherContestVotingwildvine (1st win)
#003Villain for Payno's NightfireContestVotingPyrogram (1st win)
#002Warrior PrincessContestVotingbatkevin74 (1st win)
Leaderboard: (In order by wins. If tied at same number, in alphabetical order by author.)
Author:# of Wins:


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To see more than you really need to (or want to) know about each contest, here is a voting stats thread. -cbishop

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Posted by jatoe48er

Great job !!

Posted by cbishop

@jatoe48er: Thanks. I just wanted to see it caught up, and Pyro' is tired of the CCC, so I thought I'd throw this out there.

Posted by batkevin74


Posted by cbishop

@batkevin74: Ha! Really? Why? It had finally made it to the bottom of the pins. lol :}

Posted by batkevin74

@cbishop: well all the talk in CCC21 inspired me to bump the "public record"

Posted by cbishop

@batkevin74: lol, Thought that might be it. ...That reminds me, I need to put the #21 contest link up there.

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

@cbishop: First back to back victory! Well done

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Posted by batkevin74


Posted by deadcool_XD

i'm bumping this for some reason as well...............

Posted by cbishop

@deadcool_xd: Because the contest this time is create a villain for Batman!!! :D

Posted by cbishop

Now has a leaderboard at the bottom of the OP. Just a stat I thought was interesting.

Posted by Renzoa

when is the next contest

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@renzoa: #34 still has a few days left. It's "time travel," so get your entry in! :)

Posted by batkevin74

Casual bump

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