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5101/07/15Today, I write for Charlie Hebdo(Blog) (Forum)Artist Show-Off(Back) (Next)
5005/31/14Grandma's Instinct(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
4903/03/14Grandma's Birthday(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
4802/20/14Comic History: Rocky Balboa Was a G.I. Joe?!(Blog) (Forum)-(Back) (Next)
4701/22/14The Star Doesn't Die: Red Shirts vs. Generational Continuity(Blog) (Forum)Star Trek(Back) (Next)
4601/09/14Youngblood Keepsake Collection #0952 of 5000(Blog) (Forum)Youngblood(Back) (Next)
4512/21/13"Inking" And "Coloring" A Picture of "The Thing" That Was Drawn By Mike Bowden(Blog) (Forum)Artist Show-Off(Back) (Next)
4411/28/13Grandma's Comics 4: Special Agent(Blog) (Forum)Special Agent(Back) (Next)
4311/28/13Grandma's Comics 3: The Eager Beaver Space Book(Blog) (Forum)Eager Beaver(Back) (Next)
4210/31/13Grandma's Bible(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
4110/31/13Grandma's Sword(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
4010/31/13Grieving For Grandma(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
3910/24/13Grandma's Stuff, and Grandpa Visits My Dream(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
3810/15/13Grandma's Comics 2: Superman & Batman: Generations TPB(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
3710/08/13Grandma's Books: Dictionaries and Tides of the Heart(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
3610/08/13Grandma's Heroes: Mandrake the Magician(Blog) (Forum)Mandrake(Back) (Next)
3509/24/13Grandma's Comics(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
3406/06/13How Do You Kill The Savage Dragon?(Blog) (Forum)Savage Dragon(Back) (Next)
3304/17/13How Do You Write LGBT Characters?(Blog) (Forum)LGBT(Back) (Next)
3206/17/12I've Always Known They Were Heroes(Blog) (Forum)Off-Topic(Back) (Next)
3106/14/12Was Iron Maniac a Back Door for Civil War?(Blog) (Forum)Iron Maniac(Back) (Next)
3003/09/12Why I Still Don't Love the New 52(Blog) (Forum)DC Comics(Back) (Next)
2902/22/12Hate the Rainbow(Blog) (Forum) (List)Sinestro Corps(Back) (Next)
2808/06/11Diversity Changes For Established Characters(Blog) (Forum)Retcon(Back) (Next)
2712/07/10ASO Amalgam Contest Voting Thread Index(Blog) (Forum)Artist Show-Off(Back) (Next)
2611/02/10Multi-Cover Images(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
2509/13/10A Cop's Kid's Thoughts on Cops in Comics(Blog) (Forum)Cops: The Job(Back) (Next)
2409/04/10Difference Between a "Killer" and a "Killing," The(Blog) (Forum)Punisher(Back) (Next)
2308/30/10Death Nor Consequences: Taking the "Hero" Out of "Superhero"(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
2208/20/10When Is It Time To Quit Collecting Comics?(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
2108/18/10Value of Twins in Comics, The(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
2008/15/10Yes, I Am a Fan of Rob Liefeld(Blog) (Forum)Rob Liefeld(Back) (Next)
1908/14/10Mining the Public Domain, OR Why Wonder Woman Should Be Better(Blog) (Forum)Public Domain Characters(Back) (Next)
1808/14/10Answering SumoSlamMan: Non-Capes Writers That Interest Me(Blog) (Forum) (List)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
1708/14/10Predator Crossovers I'd Like to See(Blog) (Forum) (List)Predator(Back) (Next)
1608/14/10Seven Comic Writers That Inspire Me(Blog) (Forum) (List)Erik Larsen(Back) (Next)
1508/10/10A Christian's Thoughts on "God Hates Nerds"(Blog) (Forum)San Diego Comic-Con(Back) (Next)
1408/09/10Why Aren't the Promo Ads in Trade Paperbacks?(Blog) (Forum)Trade Paperback(Back) (Next)
1308/07/10When Comics Used to Excite Me (just a fond remembrance)(Blog) (Forum)Infinite Crisis(Back) (Next)
1208/02/10Revised Call on Shadowland (possible SPOILER)(Blog) (Forum)Shadowland(Back) (Next)
1107/31/10Plastic Man as a Batman villain(Blog) (Forum)Plastic Man(Back) (Next)
1007/31/10Kyle Rayner's power ring did not need to be different(Blog) (Forum)Kyle Rayner(Back) (Next)
0907/20/10Serious Question: Is Comic Con Worth My Time?(Blog) (Forum)San Diego Comic-Con(Back) (Next)
0807/19/10Shroud and the Marvel Underworld, The (Shadowland spoiler?)(Blog) (Forum)Shadowland(Back) (Next)
0707/18/10New Batman Family, The(Blog) (Forum) (List)Batman Family(Back) (Next)
0607/17/10Why Comics Need to Change, Part 3: Death of the Local Comic Shop(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
0507/17/10Why Comics Need to Change, Part 2: Trade Paperbacks(Blog) (Forum)Trade Paperback(Back) (Next)
0407/17/10Why Comics Need to Change, Part 1: Continuity and Copyrights(Blog) (Forum)Retcon(Back) (Next)
0307/11/10Tim Drake was almost Blue Beetle. Could it still happen?(Blog) (Forum)Red Robin(Back) (Next)
0207/11/10Being "Evented Out"(Blog) (Forum)Gen. Discussion(Back) (Next)
0107/03/10Newbie Looking For the End of "The Supergirl Saga"(Blog) (Forum)Supergirl(-------) (Next)


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6 Comments Refresh
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

wow this is really organized and it seems you put a lot of work into it

Posted by Liberty

This is amazing can you be hired to do mine?  =]

Posted by cbishop

Bud, I'm unemployed - I can be hired to do anything within reason.  And a few things beyond reason, but it has to pay really well. ;D

Posted by Liberty
@cbishop:   Love it buddy.  I feel special that you linked my blog.  It is funny because it was one of my least favorites. =]
Posted by cbishop
@Liberty: The links at the bottom are things I commented on that were either of blog length themselves, or that turned into interesting discussions... or both.  Your X-Men blog was a fun discussion, but I really liked the "Do you think John Wayne was racist?" topic.  <grimaces> I think I kind of killed the thread though. :^/ 
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

great job I wish I had the patience to make this time and effort.