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12-MT Index:(numerical order)(categorized)
12-Month Trades is where I'd like to see the whole run of something in trade paperbacks, a year of issues at a time. Think of these as sort of like Marvel's Classic trades: no frills with the names - just the title and a volume number, and that's it.

Every 12-MT, in order from last to first:


#DateTitleViewForumBack/ NextDUBI?
00000/00/00(Spacer)(Blog) (Forum)[forum name](Back) (Next)-
10--(Blog) (Forum)-(Back) (Next)-
09--(Blog) (Forum)-(Back) (Next)-
0807/29/14James Bond Jr(Blog) (Forum)James Bond, Jr.(1992)(Back) (Next)-
0710/18/12C.O.P.S.(Blog) (Forum)C.O.P.S.(Back) (Next)-
0604/01/12Manhunter, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Manhunter (1988)(Back) (Next)-
0503/19/12Captain Carrot &
His Amazing Zoo Crew, V.1-2
(Blog) (Forum)Captain Carrot &
His Amazing Zoo Crew
(Back) (Next)*
0403/15/12Sovereign Seven, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)Sovereign Seven(Back) (Next)-
0312/05/10Deathstroke the Terminator, Vol. 1-5(Blog) (Forum)Deathstroke(Back) (Next)-
0212/04/10Blue Beetle, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Ted Kord(Back) (Next)-
0112/02/10Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (Vol. 1-3)(Blog) (Forum)Showcase Presents: Amethyst: POG(Back) (Next)*


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