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12-Month Trades is where I'd like to see the whole run of something in trade paperbacks, a year of issues at a time. Think of these as sort of like Marvel's Classic trades: no frills with the names - just the title and a volume number, and that's it.

Every 12-MT, in order from last to first:


#DateTitleViewForumBack/ NextDUBI?
00000/00/00(Spacer)(Blog) (Forum)[forum name](Back) (Next)-
10--(Blog) (Forum)-(Back) (Next)-
09--(Blog) (Forum)-(Back) (Next)-
0807/29/14James Bond Jr(Blog) (Forum)James Bond, Jr.(1992)(Back) (Next)-
0710/18/12C.O.P.S.(Blog) (Forum)C.O.P.S.(Back) (Next)-
0604/01/12Manhunter, Vol. 1-2(List)Manhunter (1988)(Back) (Next)-
0503/19/12Captain Carrot &
His Amazing Zoo Crew, V.1-2
(Blog) (Forum)Captain Carrot &
His Amazing Zoo Crew
(Back) (Next)*
0403/15/12Sovereign Seven, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)Sovereign Seven(Back) (Next)-
0312/05/10Deathstroke the Terminator, Vol. 1-5(Blog) (Forum)Deathstroke(Back) (Next)-
0212/04/10Blue Beetle, Vol. 1-2(List)Ted Kord(Back) (Next)-
0112/02/10Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (Vol. 1-3)(Blog) (Forum)Showcase Presents: Amethyst: POG(Back) (Next)*


Broken Blogs

Something during the site redesign caused these two blogs to get locked in such a way that even the CV engineers have not been able to get into them. Many of the other locked blogs, including many of my Would U Buy It blogs, were eventually unlocked, and they have been fixed. I'm hopeful that one day these will unlock. In the meantime, they are going to be replaced by moving the blog material (with the images fixed) to lists, which can be deleted if these were to become fixable. I don't want to delete these blogs, because I want the original dates posted left intact. In the links above, the "View" will be changed to "List," and the "Back/Next" links will be changed to redirect to that list until these blogs can be fixed. There will be a note in the lists, and a link to the original blog, just for the sake of my own reference.

Fixed?#DateTitleViewForumBack/ NextDUBI?
>:(0604/01/12Manhunter, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Manhunter (1988)(Back) (Next)-
>:(0212/04/10Blue Beetle, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Ted Kord(Back) (Next)-


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