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Sovereign Seven (aka S7)

What's cool about the Sovereign Seven series is that it was a creator owned book set in the DCU. It deserves to be collected in its entirety for that distinction alone. I don't know how he did it, but Chris Claremont somehow convinced DC to let him bring his own toys to their sandbox. The Sovereign Seven were a group of interstellar princes and princesses, banded together against a common threat, who of course wound up on Earth. They rollicked around the DCU, meeting the likes of the Female Furies, Batman, Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman, Impulse, even Hitman, and late into the series, added DC character Power Girl to their team. The team was also part of The Final Night, and their annuals were included in both Year One and Legends of the Dead Earth. Claremont left himself a very simple out, and when he was done playing in the DCU, he took his S7 and went home, a good time having been had by all.


Proposed Title:Sovereign Seven, Vol. 1-2.
Vol. 1 Collecting 14 Issues:
  • Sovereign Seven #1-12
  • Sovereign Seven Annual #1
  • Showcase '95 #12
Vol. 2 Collecting 13 Issues:
  • Sovereign Seven #13 -24
  • Sovereign Seven Plus Legion of Super-Heroes #1
Vol. 3 Collecting 13 Issues:
  • Sovereign Seven Annual #2
  • Sovereign Seven #25 -36
Covers: (click to enlarge)
Vol 1 TPB Cover: Sovereign Seven #1

Volume One is really 13+ issues, not quite 14, as Showcase '95 was an anthology book, and S7 was only featured in one of the issue's stories. I'd use the cover to #1 for the cover to this volume, minus the shiny cover enhancements, because it shows the whole team.


Vol 2 TPB Cover: Sovereign Seven #15

There are three candidates for cover to the Volume Two TPB: Sovereign Seven #15 or 18, or S7 + LSH #1. Personally, I'd go with #15. I like #18 because it shows the whole team again, but I think it features Cascade too prominently over the other members. The S7/LSH cover would be just to draw the attention of Legion fans, and my only real reason for considering it is for sales reasons. I always feel like it's a little shady to use a cover like that for a collection though - in this case, because the Legion is only featured in one issue of the thirteen collected in the book. Which brings me back to #15, with headshots of the whole team.


Vol 3 TPB Cover: Sovereign Seven #36

For this collection, the cover to S7 Annual #2 is a nice shot of the team, except that it doesn't include Power Girl. Since she's a member of the team from #25 to #36, I'd go with the cover to #36 as the cover to the collection, since it shows the whole team, including her. The cover to #27 is tempting, just because it features Hitman, but again, that seems a little shady, since he's only featured in one issue of the book.


There was one Sovereign Seven TPB in 1996, which collected S7 #1-5, S7 Annual #1, and Showcase '95 #12. It is currently out of print. The rest of the series remains uncollected.

Would you buy this series, if it were reprinted in TPB? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

Posted by Adnan

You had me at Hitman having an appearance. This sounds kinda neat.

Posted by cbishop

@Adnan: I think that would be a selling point for many people. :)