12-Month Trades #2: "Blue Beetle, Vol. 1-2"

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Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

This time around, I'm looking at the 1986 Blue Beetle series. If you've read my blog, Tim Drake was almost Blue Beetle..., you know I'm a big fan of Ted Kord as Blue Beetle. I won't rehash that blog here, but I will say that this series is the reason I'm a fan. Also, if they were to have someone take over the Kord version of BB, it would be nice to see this series in TPB, so that today's fans could see what made this Blue Beetle cool.

For those who might be thinking that the Ted Kord Blue Beetle isn't all that cool, I always say this: When DC was getting ready to release the 1996 Nightwing series, they hyped it on these points: Dick was in his own identity, no longer tied to "Batman and," he was in his own city, and would have his own villains. Blue Beetle already had all of that. He was his own person, was never tied to "Batman and," had Chicago as his own patrol (Hub City during the Charlton years) and his own villains in the Madmen, Firefist, Catalyst, Overthrow and others. And he also had those cool gadgets like the BB Gun and The Bug. In direct comparison to Nightwing, he already had a light blue on dark blue costume. So in light of the Nightwing series, the Blue Beetle title was well ahead of its time. The only key ingredient it was missing was that... okay... he's not as popular as Nightwing.

I love the 1980's era of comics, but I realize that not everybody does, especially newer readers who aren't familiar with them. I think this title holds up very well though, to be twenty-six years old. Well worth being reprinted in trades.


Proposed Title:Blue Beetle, Vol. 1-2.
Vol. 1 Collecting 12 Issues:Blue Beetle (1986) #1-12.
Vol. 2 Collecting 12 Issues:Blue Beetle (1986) #13-24.
Covers: (click to enlarge)
Vol 1 TPB Cover: Blue Beetle (1986) #1

For the Volume 1 cover, I'd use the cover to Blue Beetle #1, although with the recent popularity of the Renee Montoya Question, the cover of issue #5, with the Vic Sage Question, might draw a few more eyes to the book. This collection gives us some great looks at villains like Firefist, the Madmen, Dr. Alchemy, The Muse (a personal fave), Chronos, and the beginning of the storyline with The Hybrid.


Vol 2 TPB Cover: Blue Beetle (1986) #14

For the Volume 2 cover, I'd use Blue Beetle #14. Issue #24 is cool, but I dismissed it because of wording drawn into the scenery. Here, we get the end of the Hybrid storyline (including that great cover of a wasted character - DC's original Prometheus), an armored Carapax, Overthrow, a puke-inducing retcon of the Dan Garret Blue Beetle, Catalyst, more Chronos and Madmen, and a few other things.

Would you buy this series, if it were reprinted in TPB? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I would buy this one for my shelf or coffee table so my visitors could read it and find out how much fun comics used to be. Not to be picky though, Ted was is the windy city of Chicago, not Hub City, that was Vic's turf.

Posted by cbishop

@Donovan Montgomery: D'oh! I believe you are correct, sir! An edit is in order!

Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@cbishop: I found where you got the city from....apperently that's his city in the animated JL.  
Oh, I totally agree with Promethius being under used.
Posted by cbishop

@Donovan Montgomery: Nah, I just effed up. I was going by memory, and thought he was operating out of Hub City...partially because the Question had appeared in the series. I'll edit it shortly.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery
Glad I could help.BTW  have I told you I love these and your WYBI blogs?
Edited by cbishop

@Donovan Montgomery: <deadpan> No. You haven't mentioned that you like these and my WUBI blogs. ;D

EDIT: And thanks for the compliment. Seriously appreciated.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

LOL well thanks for doing them :) 
and soons I get back home I'm sending them to a buddy  hopefully it helps bring him to CV.

Posted by cbishop

@Donovan Montgomery: No problem. I have many more I want to do, but I've been so mired in real world stuff lately, I haven't had the time for them. Plus, a lot of them are DC, and since the New 52 started, I've lost a lot of what I considered the selling points. So I've got to figure out some new ones. There will be more though!

I hope your friend likes them.

Posted by cbishop

@Donovan Montgomery said:

I would buy this one for my shelf or coffee table so my visitors could read it and find out how much fun comics used to be. Not to be picky though, Ted was is the windy city of Chicago, not Hub City, that was Vic's turf.

Actually, after doing some research to clear this up, I figured out my problem: Ted/BB was in Hub City - but only during the Charlton years, which is where I got that from (not the JL cartoon). In the DC series, he was indeed based in Chicago. ;)

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

@cbishop: Your new selling points could be "When they were good" ;)

Nice job on the Chicago/Hub City clarification. Those old Charltons are the books that need trades made up for.

Posted by cbishop

@Donovan Montgomery: Yeah, I want to get to those someday, but I need to do some research. The trades I really want to see are of the Dan Garret Blue Beetle. I just want to read them. :)