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@irs Okay flash doesnt have to do anything forget flash superman can speed blitz wonder woman can also she has the same speed as supes so can super girl in round 2 and kid flash (wally west) sucks his speed isnt that good he couldnt do anything lets not forget wonder woman in invulnerable to magic she can defeat raven so can zantana and doctor fate they can go into ravens conscience and battle her soul I get that you love the teen titans but you gotta chill bro they cant win against the JLA

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Your all idiots who ever thinks the stupid teen titans would stand a chance Lmao Ou shit they took down trigon cool who cares the justice leauge took down darkseid lex luthor (braniac) Super man defeated captain atom starfire and major force by spinning around in a whirlwind why didnt starfire take him out? oh cause she cant if she could then she would be dc's mascot wouldnt she becuase we all know superman is the strongest dc character thats what dc invented him to be so the fight is dumb let alone green lantern has moved planets with his ring can create any object he wants with his ring the justice leauge has way more members and raven couldnt go up against dr fate and zantana there magic would over power her and wonder Woman lets not forget would solo and slaughter 90% of the teen tightens because most of them are street level and pathetic robin cant do anything batman taught him everything he knows plus theres the huntress and black canary green arrow the question for round 2 all better fighters then robin donna troy wouldnt stand a chance against wonder woman super boy only has half of super mans powers he would suck cyborg is part of the justice leauge but lets keep him on the titans for now he wouldnt stand a chnace after aquaman killed him in flashpoint The point is no matter which way you put it the justice leauge is dc's finest heroes theres a reason why the teen titans never made it on that team

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batman him self said that catowman is one of the best fighters he knows and harley's stats might say all of those things but in the comics shows games tv everything shes nothing special then jokers henchman I get u love her or whatever but i think catwoman would win end of story @joygirl

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@joygirl Maybe you dont know what your talking about i agree harley is a good fighter but theres a reason why catwoman is in every dc video game as a playable character and please show me where harley has skills anywhere near to selina kyle << watch that and tell me if harley could ever pull that off

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Wonderwoman and Hawkgirl are both invulnerable to magic tho.

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@isaac_clarke well dont be negative use your imagination storm can call up a cyclone and eventually who ever is caught in it will die with the lack of oxygen phoenix can control things maybe she can rip the whole dc team bodies apart with her mind raven can call her father trigon circe is the godess of magic like think outside the box.. its pretty even here all very powerful characters not one of those charterers are street level

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street level? @isaac_clarke

elektra and black widow are equal assassins that could go up against catwoman and black canary in hand to hand combat the starfire and fire star are both using the elment of fire storm controls the elments she can block out the sun which is the source of the krypotnians ard starfires strength Emma frost and killer frost both use ice raven and zantanna are magic based like the scarlet witch and the enchantress and marvel has fucken psylocke if you didnt know shes far more powerful then the pheonix when it comes to being a telepath and she has like 10 different powers so its pretty even if you ask me i think i gave marel more of a edge actually but i added some more skilled characters

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@marlboroman i have she hulk and yah theres not many powerhouses for marvel women i doubt invisible woman would make the slightest difference

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