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Is this the obligatory internet "expert in criminal justice" thread?? Because I am quite interested in reading some rousing arguments.

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Blob, because why not?

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@cattlebattle: superman has killed. Only corny crybaby emo spiderman kills everybody.

Please, do tell me more of your stimulating opinion....

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Shaw lost to Mystique??? F*ck this thread.

Seriously though, Shaw is quite an under rated villain, where I feel Mystique is a bit over rated. I mean, Mystique is a sympathetic character to an extent and you genuinely feel bad for her at times. Shaw is just a detestable asshole.

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Only corny DC heroes don't kill. :D

Seriously though, I think if you look at the long history of almost every super hero you will find most of them had to snuff somebody out at some point in time. Although from the looks of that list, none as nonchalantly as Spider-Man.

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@impurestcheese: Cheer up!! Now!!!! This, I command!

After all, I would hate for you to have to listen to Garth Brooks again.

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@impurestcheese: aw, I thought you were quoting "Nhilism" by Rancid, in which if that was the case, we would have been best friends forever, but Garth Brooks?? No thanks. We can still be "ok" friends though, I just won't tell anybody else I am friends with someone who listens to Garth Brooks :P

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Broken Bones and Broken Homes

Nhilistic feelings???

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Yay! You reviewed it! This was one of my favorite things ever growing up as the Teen Titans, specifically Marv Wolfman and George Perezs run on "New Teen Titans", were always kind of referred to as "DCs X-Men". I used to read back issues of both Claremonts X-Men and this era of Teen Titans and there is great slew of similarities between the books and its characters, I would posit that Claremont maybe even included a little of Ravens back story when he crafted the Magik persona for Illyana Rasputin....Needless to say, I was amazed when I found out that this book existed.

@hysteria said:

Darkseid’s plan was quite complex and it did take me reading it twice to fully get what he was going on about. Not too sure why Dark Phoenix chose to help him, maybe he offered her something that she couldn’t refuse. I guess we won’t know and I do believe that they were going to do a second one of these issues but it was never produced.

I think he just simply manipulates the Phoenix with memories of her old life....though, it has bee a while since I have read this.

Also, there was a sequel planned, but it never saw fruition due to editorial of DC and Marvel not being to come to terms with each other, I think the sequel was supposed to be done again, by Claremont and Wolfman and this time feature art by Perez. At any rate, till this day this crossover is still said by fans to be the best crossover between Marvel and DC ever produced.