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@cattlebattle proteus has been defeated by metal!? :/

Yes, sir.

His weakness is metal. This is how Colossus defeats him in the Proteus arc and it is also the reason why Moira carries around a gun to put him down...because of the metal in the bullet. Its kind of silly to be considered "omega level" or whatever when you your weakness is an extremely common material

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@hysteria: I see. Yeah, there is actually a ton of random appearances from individual X-Men at this time, I suppose Marvel was just trying to keep them alive at this point in hopes to probably integrate them with other teams.

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The reason Beast turns blue is actually a coloring mistake.

He was suppose to be black, I guess to be scarier?? However, when a character is colored flat black or wears a black uniform to give the figure texture and make it look more than one dimensional you have to give an outline or shading of usually dark blue...e.g: Black Panther, Batmans cape and cowl, so, you will notice the artists change over the course of these issues which lead to the confusion of whether Beast is supposed to be black or blue, they just wind up keeping him blue of course...

I am probably alone in this but I wish they would have kept him grey. There are 2 more well known blue mutants out there, one of them is also furry coincidentally, however, they are related.....Beast is just overkill, lol. Although, they did have a pretty good way of explaining it in the X-First Class film that was released in 2011.

@hysteria said:

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 6 out of 10. Not as exciting as it could have been and I really want to get past this and read the All New All Different X-Men.

Then why are you reviewing these?? Don't get me wrong, you doing this thread and sticking with it is awesome and there is not a lot of people that would of kept with it, plus, I really enjoy it :D --but a lot these issues post cancellation are kind of tangential. I mean, the issue where beast first turn furry is is sort of important, the issue of Hulk that shows what happens to Havok and Iceman was a necessity too due to it resolved that dangling plot line, and maybe the issue of Defenders to show Magnetos fate might be important due to Magnetos prominence in the Claremont era...I think there is issue of Fantastic Four where Cyclops and Jean show up and mention a "secret mission" which is presumably Krakoa and maybe Wolverines first appearance in Hulk, though that just gets quickly recapped later on anyways.....other than that, this stuff is kind of

Again, Not trying to tell you how to do your blog or anything, just an honest question.

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@jedixman said:


Skrulls are considered a Fantastic Four affiliate. I believe they own the Shi'ar for the same reason (X-Men affiliate).

That is odd considering lots of Marvel cosmic stuff originally appeared in the pages of Fantastic Four, including the Kree and current Marvel movie bad guy Ronan the accuser, who even had a grudge with Johnny Storm originally. All those rights loopholes are so freaking weird, I don't understand them at all. :(

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@jedixman said:

or the Skrulls.

Why is that??

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I have never understood or liked the decision to start identifying mutants with certain classifications like "omega level". It seems like something a teenage kid would do when writing fan fiction

I mean if a mutant is very powerful, then they are very powerful or have the potential to be more powerful. Jean, or the Phoenix construct of Jean, would get defeated rather easily by Magneto, but when she lost control, she was way too powerful. So the classification is inconsistent.

Or someone like Proteus is considered very powerful, yes, however, if he is surrounded by a bunch of metal he wouldn't be much of a threat.

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@jaken7 said:

"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it."

"Don not call me a thesaurus"

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Sebastian Shaw made this homage when he escaped Avengers custody.

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Of course there will still be debate. The movie is barley a year old, there is new people coming on to the site all the time presumably, not to mention that people that argued about last year still haven't changed their mind, so naturally when they see an opportunity to talk about again, they will

If you think this is abnormal I would hate for you to see other sites where people debate the validity of Black Sabbath being as good as they were......because that sh*t is like 5 decades old

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The reason why I think Hank turns into a furry literal beast, and this is purely that because at this time in comics, which would be the early 70s, is a point in time when horror, monster related comics were really popular, like "Tomb of Dracula" and "Man Wolf" and things of that nature. So I think they were aiming the "Amazing Adventures" title in that direction and Hank McCoy was busy being canceled so he got the gig. I guess, as mentioned, little did anyone know how intrinsic it would become to his character over the years.