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Cattlebattle (that's me) approves.....

Although I think it was cool that Avengers kind of showed Hollywood that comic fans want to see more fantastical stuff than "grounded and practical" concepts in movies based on the comics, I still don't think that Avengers isn't that great of movie on its own merit. It relies too much on having you see the preexisting films and it can be kind of boring, contrived and predictable in many places. Definitely not the best comic book, super hero movie for me.

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Cannonball. He is the greatest X-Man of all time after all.

defeating a Superman analogue??.....Sam is your man

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@hysteria said:

One thing that did catch my eye while I read this issue was the outfit that Storm wore and it reminded me a little of when Princess Leia wore a slave outfit in Star War Episode VI but this issue came out almost a year before the release of the film. I have to admit that Storm did wear it better.

I think the whole slave Leia outfit and just garbing women in skimpy tribal like outfits when captured is influenced by series like "Warlord of Mars", where females dressed like Dejah Thoris were held captive in almost every novel. In fact, this whole story in Savage Land and having technology based citadels and devices in prehistoric or barbarian like settings is reminiscent of the old Edgar Rice Burroughs stories.

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@69ball-z-deep: Unlikely. Marvel can't even do Thor correctly, I really wouldn't have much faith with them doing an X-Men film.

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Wow, well there is a lot of history to retcon.

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How does a films success hinge on how popular a franchise is??? Why do people think this narrowly? The Avengers out grossed every Batman and Superman movie ever but at the end of the day, Batman and Superman are still Batman and Superman......and the Avengers are still not as popular. The Inhumans will never "crush" the X-Men.

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Who the f*ck is Skye??

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@koays said:

Lol, I've found then when you spell out a comic character's history it usually ends with wondering why they still do what they do.....but that is kind of over the top. I mean you didn't even cover the part where he quits again, then comes back because his secret brother from space has gone BACK to space after torturing his mentor in order to kill a space empire. I feel like if their was a large faction of Havok fans, this crap wouldn't be able fly....BUT since no one cares i'm waiting for the book when we find out his true passion is cars and he teams up with the autobots and a japanese girl with a monkey to when the big race! (yes, Cyclops guest stars in issue 3 as Racer X)

Why is it over the top?? Its part of a characters development. Treating him like an actual person who reacts to his fictional world he is living in....showing growth and giving him a conscious. Not every mutant the X-Men encounter or are affiliated with needs to be a perpetual X-man.....well, the only reason they do is so Marvel can have like 5 spinoffs going on. It's not even like this is some crazy idea I just ramble on about in the forums.....the comics written under Claremont and Lobdell and Morrison to an extant dealt with the same idea. There were just mutants who did logical things, like a person would do in real not join the X-Men or decide a life of super heroing wasn't for them after a while. In the real world, some people join the military and fight in wars and love it, they spend their life dedicated to it.....others have traumatic experiences and quit with a bad taste in their mouths.......god forbid an super hero comic reflect real know?? :). It isn't that far fetched of an idea and makes more sense when analyzing the character.

I glossed over the part where Havok leads the Starjammers and deals with Vulcan, yes, because it was just one story line dedicated to giving relevance to his character. I am all about the creation of new villains but again, Vulcan is another retcon with mary sue powers and they could have easily pushed any number of lesser known, under appreciated characters by having them face and defeat Vulcan.

@koays said:

On Polaris-

I admit, i'm actually in that fanbase that likes to see what's going on with her and Magneto. If only because the one time they actually did something with it, other then flip flop back and forth on the matter, she turns into this mini Magneto spouting his rhetoric. Really I'm all for more of Polaris regardless, but the fact that they don't really do much with her makes me fondly remember the times they teased as though they would. And really of all the X-Men parental relationships idk if we have someone who actually seeks the approval of their parental figure the way Polaris seemed to whenever she and Mags we're together. I don't even think the X-Men have that kind of relationship with Xavier (which would be pretty cool to see).

I am not against their relationship, I just find the grounds of it to be unnecessary. There is a lot that could be done with Magnetos preexisting kids, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch....those characters have a tangential connection to the X-Men world if anything and I just at times feel like Polaris is a stand in because maybe Marvel's editorial insists they stay closer to the Avengers lore.

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US airports would be less of a hassle...

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@awesomeperson said:

Exactly how many telepaths are on the Avengers team??? And out of those, how many of those reach the level of Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey and Monet???

Moondragon. She was more powerful than Xavier. Though, her tenure on the Avengers wasn't very lengthy she was a more powerful telepath.