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The weird thing about Marvel at this point is that its time scales are all over the place. If you are reading X-Men you would believe Cyclops is in his very late twenties, or even thirties based on inner monologues or just the way time has been noted as passing from issue to issue. Yet Iceman, who is only suppose to be a year or two younger than Cyclops, is portrayed as being's not directly mentioned but it is noticeable.

I guess ultimately the X-Men issues were meant to follow a similar time scale to real time, as they all seem to age while character outside the book like Spider-Man and Human Torch age slowly.

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It's just a nit pick but it looks like they made Thing up to look he is literally made of rocks, which isn't the case. His skin just resembles a rock-like substance, it's smooth actually. He resembles Rockslide from X-men lore more in that picture.

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That episode of know, with the dog.

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The problem I have with the Kitty Pryde/Wolverine mini is the mind control, brain washing part of it. It's a great story that really broadens the relationship between Logan and Kitty, brings Kitty to a new level of maturity and also brings back fan favorites like Yukio and gets to see Wolverine back in his "Ronin" mindset. Though, again, I just think the whole person being mind controlled or mentally or programmed or whatever is something Claremont does too often. I mean, he already at this point retconned Wolverine into a character with Bushido training and knowledge in multiple forms of martial arts, then, later on, Psylocke has something similar happen to her where the Hand "reprogram" her to be a ninja. The whole thing just seemed a bit rushed as Claremont likely wanted a new avenue for Kitty who was growing stale at this time.

I honestly would of just preferred that Kitty enlists Logan to help her in Japan \and she has to use the ninja training that Logan has provided her over the years she has lied at the the mini kind of focuses on Wolverine having her complete her training in an ultimately deadly situation. It's still a cool mini series though.

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@hysteria said:
It wasn’t the fault of Roman Nekobah of course but rather Eric Beale. The villain of this issue I believe only appeared in this issue and was never heard from again.

Eric Beale returns and tries to murder Dazzler after the X-Men go through Siege Perilous and the X-Men title is more like an anthology series for a time during 89/90. The issue is basically a quasi sequel to this book. It is actually one of the best Dazzler stories to exist, honestly.

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Ugh, who writes this screed??

The fact that he is the teams teleporter currently makes him comparable to being the teams slave??

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I think Claremont had intended to one day reveal Storm as being a descendant of the Faltine, similar to Clea from Dr Strange lore, who also had white hair. This is why instead of just having features conducive to a black woman, Storm has features derived from every ethnicity. Storms latent magical talents date all the way back to her third or so appearance actually, where she is the lynchpin for sealing Karrok back in his pillar.

I think it was also a planned plot line to reveal that Shadow Kings obsession with Storm had something to do with her mystical heritage and fundamental connection to Africa and the original vibranium mounds.

So yeah, some interesting potential for Storm was in place. It's a shame we never get any of that and Storm just turns out to be just another X-Man.

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I'll probably never understand the love for Spectacular Spider-Man. The simplistic-to-the-point-of-silliness character designs, the high school teenager drama, the corny dialogue, the weird changes to some great characters (e.g. Animal man Kraven), the over the top voice acting. Not saying it didn't have a lot of good things about it......but I think it would be secondary to the 90s Spider-Man series.

The 90s Spider-Man series had everything......Daredevil, Punisher, Madam Webb, Doctor Strange...even the Whizzer was on that show. It also featured huge story lines like the Secret Wars and the Clone Saga. It was f*cking amazing. The 90s Spider-Man show even modified the Venom/ black suits origin story that everyone is familiar with these days, even the Spectacular Spider-Man kind of cribbed it with having it originally stuck to a space shuttle manned by John Jameson.

90s Spider-Man show>>>>>everything else.