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X-23 is wank. Beast wins by default.

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Doug Ramseys death was pretty morbid. Especially with Rahnes naivete about the situation.

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Angel is more interesting than Colossus. Sorry Petey.

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@surfingthehighway: I was evidently a minute late, not that it would have mattered, I think Rogue had it pretty sealed.

As for this "battle"

Jean Grey is one of the most salient, unfading members of the X-Men in their 50 year history. One of their most famous story lines is centered around her....

Sunfire is Sunfire :/

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Rogue is one of those characters that struggles to stay relevant.

Banshee all the way for me. Road less traveled!! Erin go bragh!!

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I used to open for a jam band named "Big Headed Turtle". I had always thought the guys just named their band that because they were silly bitches, turns out, its a real thing....

and now I know......

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I've never heard anyone really hate on this movie, in fact, it's one of the more accepted slasher remakes. The problem with it is that its pretty generic, but, being based on a slasher film series from the 80s and 90s, what would someone really expect from it?

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I know whenever a person compares something modern to something of their own, passed generation, and claims that their generation was better, which is most commonly done with music, the person is considered bitter and old and out of touch. However, this series wasn't from my generation because I wasn't even born yet, so, f*ck everyone, and I maintain that this stuff is astronomically better than modern day X-Men comics.

This issue should be a blue print for a comic story. I mean, the story starts off with a friendly, yet competitive game between Cyclops and Storm...which means more than what is on the surface seeing as they have both been leaders of the team. Then....the book turns into a sci fi action thriller with Corsair, Cyclops and Storm being pursued by alien bounty hunters, all the while having well written character melodrama . Its also revealing as you finally get complete confirmation that Corsair is indeed Cyclops's pops. In the end it wraps up this issue's particular threat while still leaving the story open ended for the rest of the arc. Good stuff. "Don't make em' like they used to". Whatever other axiom you can think of.......and the most humorous part is that this issue isn't even that good compared to other stuff from the 70s/80s.

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Lots of shows were just as dark as Batman TAS. Batman Beyond, X-Men, Gargoyles. That show wasn't anything unique.

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@cattlebattle: Well, that's what I was talking about, iconic status, not necessarily character development. Wonder Woman is the most popular female in comics, and has been for over 70 years. no one really comes close to that.

Well, the thread is about the merit of Storms character, not who is more iconic......and frankly, Storm is just as, if not more interesting of a character, than Wondy.