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@_gaff_ said:

Why would you want to put something into your body that is going to take away your ability to think rationally?

Because thinking rationally all the time can be boring. Alcohol can increase creative cognition, it's fun to think outside the box once in a while.

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"they're advice"?? :0

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And, he doesn't look half bad as Aquaman either...I wonder why people arent up in arms about his race change though?? Lets keep it like that.

Likely because Jason Momoa is caucasian.

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He can pass for this....

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@cattlebattle: I'm not saying its a good thing, it just is how it is. There are plenty of things I wish weren't canon like OMD and AVX but they are and I just have to deal with it. Honestly just having a good story means way more to me than whether or not it fits in with the rest of a franchise. That's my biggest issue with this canon change, fans act like some Disney goon is gonna kick down their door and take all their EU books and comics. Most of the EU was stuff that probably never would have made it into the movies anyway so I say we should just look at it like with Marvel Comics and the MCU, different continuity in a different world.

That is whats nice about comics, you don't have to accept all the crap that happens as canon, it is such an expansive fiction. I mean, sure, it is considered by Marvel as "what happened" but, there is no law that says you have to like it, and its also fun to go on websites like this one and discuss what you think should of or should happen. That goes the same for Star Wars, the new movies will be free from being slaved to the source material.

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@cattlebattle: By your theory fans could include their fan fics as canon. The reason they get to say what is and isn't canon is because they own it, its like how a car company gets to decide what is standard on their vehicles, even if there happens to be a popular customization that doesn't mean it becomes standard unless the manufacturers decide it is.

What theory? Its just funny that some dudes that sit at a table somewhere get to decide the fate of characters that are popular because of the fans that buy the stuff. I never said I think fans should have control.....that would be insanity, lol.

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Canon as stated by those who currently own the franchise is the movies, Clone Wars Cartoon and Rebels cartoon. Fans don't get to decide canon the people who own it do.

And that, right there is BS, seeing as the franchise wouldn't even exist without the fans.

I think the most wonderful thing about comics and related fiction is that while there is an official canon, you can also have your own version in your head if you choose to ignore certain stories.

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How do these threads always devolve into debating the morality and ethics of fictional characters?

Wasn't the original post kind of a complaint on how the books rely more on shock factor and how they lack cohesive storytelling??

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@cattlebattle: yeah. Someone else said this earlier but I'm going to rephrase it. Hank pym is really just a supervillians trying to do his best to be a hero. He has very little mental stability and even when he is stable you know he will break soon, but it's easy to see he isn't a hero. He built a robot to attack the avengers so he could join again. He won't ever be written well if he's made stable as that's a key part of his character struggles.

Thats also a great point to why Ultron is such a great villain. Because he is patterned after Hank Pyms brain. So Ultron is basically Hank Pym without any moral filter, which is scary because Hank is one of the smartest men in the Marvel Universe.

I would say I hope they bring him back to importance in the comics with Ultron featuring in the upcoming Avengers movie but Marvel is known for patterning the books after what happens in the films and Hank is not involved with Ultron from what I know. Also, Scott Lang will be Ant MAn in that, I guess we will see more of Lang

It's a shame. If Hank Pym would have been able to be used in the Avengers film and and the the films that proceeded it he would have had a large role in the movie where Ultron is a prominent threat and possibly would have had his own solo. 2015 would have been Pyms year.

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