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Highly unbelievable....
change it to a black man and now were talking
(For any sensitive person that cannot take a joke...I am kidding, so relax)

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@ArtGamer: That has nothing to do with your original statement, the story in Days of the Fuure Pat" is extremely similar to Terminator as it was likely inspired by it and shouldn't be that hard to follow, whether the aspects are changed dramatically to be confusing remains to be seen.
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Dammit...I had She-Hulk, she is such a whore

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i think days of future past are a storyarc confusing for hollywood and non comic reader people, or in general i think a person who is not a casual scifi or fantasy reader can be confused easily

It basically had the same story as Terminator....people understand and love that movie
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I think Garth will played as more of a sorcerer in his Tempest role, Kaldur relied more on physical combat.... and he would likely crush Nightwing, he took down Superboy with some martial arts in the Alienated episode...he is blatantly very strong, probably with his armor enhancing his already natural great physical strength
I think Kaldur vs Aquaman would be many characters are we going to get to see throw down with their former mentors....
There is some evidence that would support Aqualad is undercover anways

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@papad1992 said:

@cattlebattle said:

Me no likey!! Seems too complex for a sequel! Maybe for the future down the line but not as the sequel!

Its only a rumor.....I think its BS personally...the "universe" the movies are based in have always been more practical and "realistic" I really can't see time travel happening.......although no one really physically time traveled in the story. Time travel is always full of plot holes and confusing as all hell, it actually one of the fiction factors I dislike the most
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I love the more realistic, plausible (and I use those terms loosely as obviously mutants with powers are high fiction) universe established by Bryan Singer, almost everything about it made complete sense......I wouldn't mind seeing a reboot, although It have to rely more heavily on the story then just straight CGI filled action, cough Avengers cough
Being Bryan Singer and Ian Mckellan are homosexuals...and the plight has some similarity to what mutants go through, I actually thought the anti mutant sentiments were very well portrayed in the films.....with Bobby Drake "coming out" to his parents...and the police not understanding Wolverines ability and brutally shooting him out of hesitation and fright...good stuff....
I have to disagree about the serious fights...I think Wolverine vs Deathstrike in X2 was one of the best fights in super hero movies, not only was it subtle on effects.....but it was very well shot and it was very physical and brutal.

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@Bestostero said:

I called all those before except for Roy and Static, but i do see what youre getting at...

I think this is the core team originally when the series was only suppose to be renew for ten episodes, but then that has since change when the number went up, because this was shown much earlier on at sdcc 2011.

I agree, when Invasion was supposed to be a mini series this could have been the team they intended to use....since they were given more options with more episodes, its likely the reason why Greg Weisman said it was non canon,  but also declared that these characters would appear......or whatever. So this doesn't neccessarily mean Roy Harper will not become Arsenal
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Definitely, Jean Grey was a central component i some of the X-Men most legendary stories, 
They have a bunch of Jean Grey knock offs hanging around anyways, the original would fit like a glove

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I think this story is too much like the goings on in the Terminator films, as it did serve as an influence for the story in the first place.......I think its BS honestly