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For those who voted Ultimate, may I ask why?

Aside from the reasons people mentioned, like all the teenage drama and angst...which I personally didn't mind, the book was overall boring. I guess there was an overall mandate in the Ultimate Universe for everything to be more "realistic" and "grounded" due to the success of the X-Men films, which severely limited the storytelling.

There was also just killing and violence for what seemed like shock factor as opposed to anything else. There is other reasons I could think of.

To be honest, I actually enjoyed the Ultimate X-Men when I first read it, I remember reading it when they were coming out and it was a great companion to the X-Men film and X-Men Evolution, all three of which dealt with more of a pragmatic take on the X-Men. Just now, when I look back at it, it is something that was only good for its time, which was the year 2000, and just doesn't feel like it aged well.

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People outside of comic book fans have never even heard of Jason Todd. He was killed off in a poll by fans that hated him.

Ehh. I would argue the Cartoon Movie under the red hood did lots for his popularity. He is just as big a name as Jean Grey imho.

One animated movie that I am pretty sure mostly comic fans saw cannot equate to the exposure that Jean Grey has had. Which is including but not limited to the X-Men films and pretty much all the X-Men cartoons.

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@jaken7 said:

Jason because he stayed dead for awhile. Jean kept dying and coming back like 80 times over. It was nuts.

Not really. Jean Grey has only actually died once or twice.

Jean Greys death and the whole Dark Phoenix saga remains one of the X-Men franchises most recognizable, retold, and just overall indelible stories.

People outside of comic book fans have never even heard of Jason Todd. He was killed off in a poll by fans that hated him.

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I don't disagree with your main point, by I do think some of Thomas's stories were just better stories than the earlier versions. The return of the Sentinels is just way better than the original Sentinels story, for example. And while he does use a bunch of previously established story tropes, like you mentioned, at this point, pretty much every marvel book was still being written in the style of Stan Lee, so it's kind of not really fair to single out Thomas specifically for doing that.

Personally, while a character like Sauron may fit easily into that house style, I still think he's introducing a new element that a one-note character like Mesmero never did. Even with his power of hypnosis, he's more basically like a mutant* vampire than anything, so he's kind of more of a predecessor to characters like Selene or Emplate than he is the simple combination of Mesmero and the Lizard that he appears to be.

*(I mean that he feeds off of mutants, that is)

I am just basing my point about Suaron really on his powers. Of course there is more to him than just the hypnosis. Just like there is more to Havok and Polaris than just having a similar introductory story. I am saying that the stuff around this time is a bit redundant. I also acknowledged, that it is probably just a convention of the time as comic book writing didn't demand as much from the fanbase back in this day.

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Claremont's X-Men has to be one. Mofo wrote that book for 15 years and pretty much every element of every character and every concept you see in every cartoon and movie still to this day came from his run. Dude built a franchise.

Similar can be said for Stan Lee on Spider-man and Fan Four.

Also Wolfmans run on the Teen Titans is in that category

Grant Morrsions Doom Patrol is great.

Bill Finger basically invented the Batman Mythos

Of course there is a veritable essays worth of great runs in comic books, but as far as Marvel and DC go, those are some of my faves.

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That doesn't look anything like James Spader.

Give the rights back to Marvel.

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I don't want to insult anyone....I guess its going to come off like that anyways, lol, but a lot of these just sound like dreadful ideas. Everybody basically wants to see exactly what happened in the comics...which kind of negates the whole "comic film adaption" thing.

Also, Its kind of boring if you already know whats going to happen?? Isn't it??

The only reason everyone is putting the O5 is because people know it from the comic. Thats it.....and thats dumb. A movie series should build characters and relationships throughout the films. Like Star Wars or Toy Story or something like that. How absolutely dumb would it be to introduce the O5 in the first film and then totally replace half the cast in the second film?? It would be pointless. Oh but happened in the comics so whatever I guess.

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Before I complain I would just like to say that I agree with the consensus that the current stuff being read is a lot better than what has come before. It's also not hard to see why the sales were apparently up at this stage with Neal Adams artwork, of course, unfortunately back then they did not get sales results until several months later by which time, they had already cancelled the title....


I guess its because comics books didn't have a huge fan base or were not held in the esteem they are now, or maybe it was a mandate by editor and chief, Stan Lee, but Roy Thomas just seems to do the same old sh%t over and over again.

I mean he introduced Sauron, whose primary power aside from being a Pterodactyl man of course has hypnosis, the same ability Mesmero had about 9 issues earlier. Also, Havok and Polaris were both latent mutants who had their powers activated after being kidnapped by some random thugs then activated by their leader and Magneto will show up soon with another group of lackeys complete with a frog man character that is really no different from Toad, not to mention the amount of villains that came from some underground civilization and wreaked havoc.

Roy Thomas also wrote the Avengers in the 60s and, while he wrote a little more exciting stories, kind of did the same thing... where he would just kind of be redundant with ideas.