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@_slim_ said:

@cattlebattle: Who is he?

The fact that you don't know, probably means you have an above average IQ. Good on you, man. ;)

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But where would he find the answers to those hard hitting questions?? Like "Which rapper is better, Wiz Khalifa or Soulja Boy?"

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Who cares??

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@hawk2916 said:

@cattlebattle: So are you questioning whether I'm a fan now? I can dislike certain elements and still be a fan. Unless all of a sudden you've become the leading official authority on who's a fan and who's not. I dislike the time-travel stuff and the constant over reliance on the Phoenix. Both of those are huge elements in Xmen yet they aren't my favorite things. I don't need anyone to recite to me all the magical and mystical connections the xmen have as I'm well aware having read them over the years. I think Magiks story is unique but really I see many similarities in her story and Wolverines its just that his was more experimentation scientific based whereas hers can in some ways just be dumbed down to demonic rape, which happens to not be my favorite. Is it really a crime to not like certain elements of certain comics? Do you love every single thing about the xmen and their history? I simply stated something that I wasn't a fan of and frankly I don't really care whether it tickles your fancy or not unless you can show why I need to be pining for your approval.

Woah, slow your role there, are really over reacting. This whole reply just made you sound kind of petulant.

I am not the authority on anything nor did I claim to be and it's not a crime to dislike anything. I merely questioned your opinion of not liking the fantasy elements of a franchise when a huge chunk of said franchise is based around fantasy concepts and characters.

If you get upset when people criticize your opinion perhaps the internet isn't the best place for you ;)

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@vivide said:

@spidey_jackson: In their own verse mutants are filthy degenerates, being one would justify discrimination and persecution on sight.

Actually in the forthcoming Avengers film, the Avengers aren't liked because some of them are superhuman/alien and our somehow inadvertently responsible for destruction in their home country . That is the reason why Quicksilver and Wanda initially side against them.

Aside from characters like X-Men and the Hulk, most heroes in the Marvel Universe are pretty well received.

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Things change.

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@pooty said:

Don't we expect white people to have ancestors that were slave owners?

Don't all people of all colors have ancestors that were slave owners??

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@edamame said:


I see what you have done there.

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No. If you consume no meat products but consume seafood products you are a Pescetarian.

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@adamtrmm: @cattlebattle: at the end of DOFP it shows wolverine with the admantium in Xaviers school just before has has a chat with charles

Understood.....though I don't remember it being shown that he has adamantium in the future.....but, that's not the point. X-Men Apocalypse will take place chronologically after the "past" time period in Days of Future Past....when Wolverine doesn't have his adamantium yet......that's why he suggested that Apocalypse will give him his adamantium in this film as Apocalypse takes place in the 1980s.

Doesn't Hugh Jackman only have a small role in this film anyways?? I thought he initially wasn't even in it.