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I remember doing a survey for DC comics and I answered the questions all truthfully ( female, my correct age ect.) and when I got done I was told I was not qualified for the survey. So if that's the kind of surveys they are doing, how are the suppose to get an accurate count of who exactly is reading their comic books. (I don't know if this was the same survey mentioned in the OP.)
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Amazing Fantasy Books & Comics 
582 Torrence Ave. 
Calumet City, IL. 60409  
My name is Lynne Fazio and this is the best place to get your comic books. The people working here are very friendly and knowledgeable about all comic books.

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I don't think this would count as embarrasing but this past May when I went to Free Comic Book Day it was my first time ever in a comic book store. I saw a Flash comic book and having read some Flash comic books from my library I knew that Barry Allen and Wally West were both the Flash. Barry being my favoirte Flash. I didn't know if the Flash on the comic book was Barry or Wally and because of the tv show Big Bang Theory I thought that you were looked down upon if you weren't a comic book expert. I didn't want to look stupid so I didn't ask if it was Barry or Wally. I ended up not buying the Flash comic book. Later I learned it was Barry and Wally doesn't exist anymore. (I didn't know that then). I went back and bought the Flash comic book and have been buying them ever since.

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Barry Allen all the way.
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Ididn't understand what the video had to do with your question.
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Let me think, who is the most overated character in DC? I know how about... 
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In issue # 13 of Stormwatch Etrigan is trapped underground asleep. He gets gets out when a boy says the rhyme to release him. My questions are, 1. Was Jason Blood also trapped underground? 2. If not why did'nt Jason Blood say the rhyme to release Etrigan?

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I'll pick these up because they're free, but I'm not cutting out any off my pull list for them.
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Alan Scott the Green Lantern is gay.
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My birthday is 5 days after Christmas and I'm hoping to be surprised with a subscription to either Green Arrow or Flash from my sister, but I doubt it will happen.