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I have a Marvel app.

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I'm not a big fan of facial hair, but it's your face. Do what you want.

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I'm rereading Green Arrow and in issue # 21, Magus makes Ollie hallucinate he's back on the island. A man named Emerson is talking to another man named Richard. Ollie sees them and says, Dad. From what I get from that is that Richard is Ollie's dad. But in issue # 22, When Ollie finds Shado, and she cals him Robert, And while Ollie doesn't come out and say it, I understand that Robert is his father. Ok so if Robert is his father, than who is Richard and why did Ollie call him dad? I'm behind in reading Green Arrow so was this explained in a later issue, or am I misunderstanding the situation?

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So does this mean Batman and Evil Superman and the rest of those crap characters can leave the Earth-2 monthly and we can get back to the important JSA heroes ?

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@fil123 said:

hawkeye and fraction are effing junk... ya lets release a hawkeye issue every 3 months.. oh and lets not continue the actually hawkeye story lets have more issues about kate (who no one cares about) or some junk issues about winter friends.

most overrated comic on the shelves... ya it was good in 2012.. but now lets be serious here

Agreed 100%

I also agree.

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I'm going to see X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and Transformers.

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Can we please get rid of Batman, Evil Superman Robot Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and anyone else that doesn't belong there and keep the JSA team?

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Comic books. Never read any manga, not interested in it.

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The DC comic books I read/have read are:

Earth 2 (still read. but not thrilled with Batman and Evil Superman being there)

The Flash (still read. Love it)

Green Arrow (Wasn't happy with the way the story was going. Dropped it. I know I'm insane)

Stormwatch (dropped it after the new team came. Hated them. Soon to be cancelled)

Demon Knights (One of my favorite titles. Cancelled)

Deathstroke (Loved it. Why was it cancelled. Big mistake)

Grifter ( Only read a few issues. Cancelled)

Captain Atom (Only read of few issues. Cancelled)

Red Hood and the Outlaws (Only read a couple of issues. Dropped it)

Ravengers (Read one issue. Only because Deathstroke was in it. Cancelled)

Rogues Rebellion (Read the first issue. Never got around to getting the rest.)

No I don't want DC to put out their comic books bi-monthly.