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@Watch Dog:  I know it's been a year since the post were made but i feel the need to point out that if read thoroughly i did not say he could do any sort of rebound teleporting. I simply stated that if he were to open his portal into say a wall he would have to instantly open another away from it to survive. He can't do this and that's why he needs to see his destination. As far as the entire displacing matter theory technically yes it is correct but that's just real world physics. And through these physics it can be determined that when he opens his portals the smoke appears as it is displaced from the brimstone dimension. to compensate for his mass as matter cannot be created or destroyed.  Also if you need cites on the brimstone deminsion existing or that Kurt teleports by opening a portal and traveling through the brimstone dimension and near instantly traveling through it i can provide them.
In short please read people's entire post and make sure you understand them before trying to say someone is completely wrong.
I appreciate it.
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Recently while speaking to my brother about Hope Summers we stumbled into the topic of her using the Phoenix Force. We both found it odd that even though the Phoenix force is an entity that takes possession of a host it somehow manifest itself in almost all of Jean Grey's children. It seems more like it's some kind of mutation now rather then what it began as. Just wondering if i can get some feedback on why this seems to be the case.

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Here's the thing Black Bolt's power's can indeed be shut down by shutting down his speech center the problem is he has undergone extreme training to defend against psychic linkage and attacks. It would take extremely immense power to achieve this attack. I'm talking a hundred cuckoo's all using cerebros and being possessed by the phoenix force. Charles Xavier stated in one of their first encounters that his mind was heavily sewn with defenses against the psychic world. The attack would also have to take place within a split second because he could easily use an electric field to block out psychic energy. Remember his main power isn't his voice it's actually his electron manipulation.

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Reed or Lex... you cant really compare the two though because they are from different publishers.
Reed has possessed cosmic awareness. Lex has possessed the anti life equation. both are the most powerful human minds from their creators.

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It is not true immunity. He can be read. His energy that he himself always exerts... hints his glowing eyes and the aura that is sometimes seen.  It creates a minor electrostatic field This field is a simple barrier that any telepath that tries can bypass. Xavier, Rogue, Jean, X-man, Sinister, The Cuckoos, Emma Frost, Mastermind, and Mesmero have all overcome this barrier to read him at different points. It can also be a weakness. When exposed to extremely powerful electric feilds his mind can become jumbled in a way it shortens his temper and loosens his control on his powers. 

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Nightcrawler's  priest aspirations were something added to humanize him. His demon like appearance was making him a very  unpopular. They searched for about a year or so on what his cultural background could easily provide. Priesthood was the answer they found. This was done with all of the the second generation x men. Storm for example over the course of this time switched from the street punk to the model mutant citizen and they made a back story explaining that the punk thing was in the past.

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It has nothing to do with his density. He doesn't actually dematerialize and re materialize but rather he opens a portal to another dimension and travel's through it at hypersonic speeds. The smoke is from that alternate dimension. Thus if he were to accidentally open that portal into a wall he would have to instantly portal away as well. This solid object flaw was part of his fascination with Kitty Pryde. With Kitty's help Kurt is a master teleporter. Limited only by the range of his abilities instead of the need to see where he is going. Since he travel's through another dimension it is believed his powers may operater on an even grander scale then Lock Jaw and Death Urges.

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Well This news leaves me skeptically intrigued. Ratner has proved himself by far and he would be an excellent choice. Youngblood is a successful Image name to work with. now what leaves me skeptical is The Spawn movie. It was a questionable movie production in parts was gritty but that might have been it's best selling point for me. However Spawn was a single 2 character plaot for the most part: Spawn and Violator the classic spawn story. Youngblood would have to capture several different characters. I just dont think that it would turn out right. Image should do a few more movies with thier solo characters then, do maybe Gen 13. I mean start soft and move up that how gritty things work, and Image if not original is defintely ahead of the game when it comes to gritty, sexy, bad ass wise cracking, big gun haven, Awesome comics.