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@pikahyper: Like I said, " outside " your view doesn't mean it isn't. It's actually outside of my personal world as well, minus the recent appearance of a bag of them to be priced. I used to think something along the lines you do myself. Someone else made the franchise definition to me though and the Peanuts comparison and it all clicked. As a franchise itself Archie has a large solid foundation and popularity. That alone is what feeds the business. Probably not the comics so much themselves, and they're main sales are more likely done in your general retail outlets like Walmarts and what not (I'm think more the digest sized books that I see every time next to the crossword books at the checkouts though). So more or less it's the other ends of that franchise, like the merchandise for example that pull its revenue.It's definitely there. And there's no shortage of persons that admit to reading Archie here likewise. Again I guess you haven't run into them and therefore don't think they exist. *shrug * In fact Calvin & Hobbes that you mentioned is a good comparison to make. That trademark draws much capitol outside just the printed comics, you know? From books about them, to products with the characters, ect. Whatever licensed product. The same goes for Archie, even when it's a themed college vest, mask, bed sheet, ect. Again another favorite Halmark commodity right there. It has it's markets, but it's largest aren't its comics. So more likely the other avenues keep the printed full sized comics alive in turn. That and Archie is fond of marketing other entities clearly. If you don't see it, you don't. I don't in the specific details, but, there it is maintained anyways. So it has to be selling to someone and enough of someone to be sustaining. The key is to separate the " comics " from it and just look at the Archie character end. Not as popular as Garfield though. You may think in terms of exact number, I'm uncertain, but I clearly meant " along the lines of ". I definitely don't see Garfield in a news headline every two or so or months, I can say that much. Or maybe your right. They don't sell and no one reads them. But what explains the news story we're both speaking in right now, and the users who are familiar with Archie that just posted in this thread? I'm not sure I believe the closeted fan notion here either sorry. People are ashamed to read like...Archie comics? Nah, lmao. But anyways, I don't know what else to say to the fact. As for your opinion of trans that's nice.

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That cover looks like a homage to another? I can't place it but I've seen it before.

It's amazing how big this series has become. Not to say it's undeserved, the quality is great. But if someone asked me back when X-Force was restarted with Wolverine if

I thought it would reach epic status and stay their I'm not sure I would have predicted it to, yet, here we are.

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@Sekele: That more or less exactly. I put it something to the effect (I can't find the thread in which I did, but there's a few here pertaining to the topic Who reads Archie/How are they in business/Archie sucks ect.) that people locked in the comic readership, generally the mainstream and what not generally don't see the Archie franchise because it's outside of the one they're accustomed to. Archie stands next to properties like Garfield, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, ect, and is equally as recognized as those and any other. It just has a different crowd appealing to it for the most part. Add to the fact that aside from being excellent at catering to it's demographic, in recent years Archie has hit on issues that tend to generate lots of attention in the media, and in particular push the hate buttons of conservatives, this issue in question actually, as well as having a homosexual character in the comics, a character with cancer, ect. As someone put it Archie is " pulling out all the stops ". Just personally I look down on them for any of this, as rather than encouraging any kind of acceptance of diversity, they seem to instead fuel the side that that more or less panders to baby kissing liberals and further the ridicule of certain persons and water down the seriousness in which they should be approached. A few of the immediate responses that reflect on the transgendered community here already solidify that for me (though, they would be there regardless. the trans end of the LGBT spectrum hasn't even begun to gain a spec of consideration from society to date, and is sadly still rendered to being the attractions in freak shows, they were literally not that long ago, so it may just be the order of things as well. Certainly I'm not surprised). But I digress Archie is immensely popular.

@pikahyper: Likewise above, you never have because the demographic for Archie mainly exists outside of the demographic you associate with: the comic book one. It's a separate entity again more next to popular long standing cartoon and Halmark franchises. But you have seen it. here namely. The largest demographic is female/youth. I can recall off hand seeing several posts about having read the book. As well we have a few fans of their other comics here too, especially Sonic. One of the first things I ever saw after joining this site, was a user, I wish I could recall who exactly, post a birthday photo of him and his friends dressed as the Archie characters. Believe it or not as well just two days ago my mother came to me with a box filled with Archie's Digest Comics inquiring about their value (I hate being the gopher on comic stuff, I'm sure I'm not alone). Just because something isn't in our view, doesn't mean it isn't there, or in small number. That much I can say I've learned of anything. I think the best way to explain it is to think more of Archie comics as coloring books. If one said that My Little Pony isn't popular as a comic (I don't know if there is one but for the sake of argument), doesn't change the fact that outside the comic enthusiast circles it's actually a very large entity.

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I actually believe hating people, and displaying that in malice, berating them, ect, because of their preference for fictional things, is actually a bad thing, in fact I have pretty much no respect for people that do it.

I know, blasphemy, and I'm stupid. Don't even need to remind me.

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And the flame war continues. Start week four.

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Demented bullet proof heckler thrives off the self loathing I feel when he points out my short comings, over and over, again. Even when I do succeed he steals my ducks to spite me! Nrrrrrrrgggg!!!!
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@BlackArmor: I've seen that before but I just noticed the claw marks in the wall, lmao XD

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Hates a strong word...actually, Squirrel Girl probably hates him. But she hates everyone, only because hate is what fuels her massive power set. Someone that powerful has to be a Sith. Otherwise I don't think any of the other mutants hate him. Not even Wolverine, they're actually just having a lovers quarrel. Once Emma dies and Scott can focus more of his attention Wolverine everything will be right in Mutantland again. I also love the taste of feta cheese, but you already knew that.