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i dont know how to quote, anyways

Sentry didn't stalemate Galactus, and because we didnt see it means it didnt happen and therefore isnt canon.
Spider-Man said he heard Sentry did.

Thanos WOULD curbstomp Sentry.
He has either beat or stalemated Galactus (on-panel), Drax, Captain Mar-Vell, The Magus, Warlock,
Thor, Odin,
In-Betweener, Champion, Gardener, Runner, Collector, Grandmaster, his own doppleganger,
Silver Surfer, The Infinity Watch, Nebula, The Godess, Mephisto, Jack Of Hearts, Quasar, Omega,
the Legions of Death, Genis Vell, Fallen One, the Maker , the Hunder, Galactus's Punishers, Terrax,
Super Skrull, The Avengers, and Tyrant to name a few...

Sentry doesnt rate here!

Thanos for the pawn.

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Lobo is the first out, followed by Bat-Mite.
Howard and Squirrel Girl are unaffected by
Impossible Man (who is above Mzytklx)
and Mzytklx's powers, as they are immune being they
exsist outside the 4th Wall, an advantage which they exploit by
leaving the story and writing there enemies out. This brings us to
Squirrel Girl and Howard, as they begin to fight, the massive energies
released cause them to combine together and form a giant furry egg,
which then hatches revealing the Chōjin.


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Blink ftw.

i dont iknow if "who strikes first" matters when someone can teleport away from being hit or in mid-strike.

Blink teleports rock inside Storms brain, for starters, and  simply teleports here attacks to another Vs thread
where they aid in taking down a foe one of her friends is fighting.

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what about the new Godkiller from Green Of Eden? the one that is a combination of The Warriors Three?

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