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There is a God.

Catwoman can finally be amazing again, this is what should have been in the works since the New 52 started - but it's taken 3 years. This is definitely a Selina I can stand behind, a Selina I care about. It has been a pretty tumultuous time for Selina in the New 52, and most of it having to do with who the hell she is - we kept getting hints, twists, and diversions... do we still know what the hell Steve Trevor was talking about another "Selina Kyle" in Justice League of America? And are we just ignoring that god awful zero issue with the Russian circus and that awful tarp costume origin? I'm just happy we finally have somewhat of a concrete origin, even if it doesn't involve her being the daughter of Carmine Falcone.

Sorry, I digress. This issue read beautifully, albeit heavy-handed at times - but g*ddamn - it wasn't the wacky dialogue we were getting from Miss Nocenti (by the way, Klarion is the perfect fit for her - stay over there). The tone was cohesive and this Selina is smart, chic, and reminiscent of a Selina I remember when Brubaker took the helm back in the early 2000s. I do love that Black Mask, the Falcones, and of course Batman are still in Selina's story post-Flashpoint.

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Can. Not. Wait. For. Catwoman. Number. Thirty. Five.

Thank god that Nocenti is off the title. But even to further that point, that they are putting Selina in to a new direction (with help of Snyder and Eternal-team). Can't wait to have Selina feel more cohesive in the DC New-52 Universe.

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@darkbeam: totally agree, I love that Fish Mooney feels almost like a modern-day Eartha Kitt. I'm hoping that at some point she takes young Selina Kyle under her wing and helps form her in to who she becomes as Catwoman. Especially in the direction Selina is going in comics currently as the new Kingpin of Gotham.

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Agree completely, Tony.

This series is hitting a little close to home, because as Snyder explains in the Afterword of the first issue - I had a similar experience as a kid at my family's cabin in Northern Michigan.

Love his play with the "Wytch" creatures - as actual demons that "witches" would worship.

Can't wait to see more.

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Absolutely loved this issue.

When Aguirre-Sacasa referenced in an interview that he hopes this series will last till Sabrina becomes a Supreme Fiona Goode-type character from AHS: Coven, I squealed.

I hope the same thing.

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I loved this issue and fully appreciate what Stewart/Tarr are doing with the Batgirl direction. Sure, it won't be everyone's cup of tea and I get that - but you can't deny that this version of Batgirl has it's own fresh voice in the sometimes monotonous world of comics today.

I really respect Simone and what she has done with Batgirl, because she earned the 34 (33?) issues she worked on this series - because, let's face it, she made Barbara Gordon who she is in the pages of Birds of Prey pre-new 52. But, it wasn't my bag. I bought the first few issues because I loved the Adam Hughes covers (and miss him doing Catwoman), and then dropped it.

When the first photos came out for the new direction - I got excited. The new Batgirl costume was cute, practical, current - and even more-so felt... different. But, when Stewart referenced the 2001 Brubaker/Cooke Catwoman as one of his inspirations for the look and feel for the new Batgirl, I was on-board.

Yes, it might not hit every demographic, and as somebody who isn't really on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), the #hashtag references can wear even wear on me, a 26 year old - but overall this book was a fun ride, with some cool mature under-tones.

Give it a chance.

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@captainhoopla said:

My favorite this week

Seconded, SO should have been on this week. Fan of Guillem or not, this is one of the most dramatic covers on the stands. I was waiting for it to hit the stands since they said it was originally going to be on Batman Inc. #11 - Like it without the Logo and more centered...

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@SmashBrawler: Amen. They did that in the Batgirl Annual. It's just cheesy and takes the reader out of the story. And who are they announcing their names to? We obviously know who they are. Annoying.

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*Spoilers Ahead*

@chipsnopotatoes: LOL I didn't need to change my mind about Anne Hathaway. She still annoys me tremendously. But, she and Nolan did a good job with Selina Kyle. I loved her ties to the pre-New52 Selina, and LOVED Holly's part in it, albeit small. Just like Ledger, I forgot that it was Hathaway, and was just a long for the ride. I loved that she used men like kleenex, and I saw a little dominatrix in her performance with how she dominates the men around her. I also loved that they made Selina Batman's equal.

As far as Nocenti, I too wish she would do some research in to Selina's history - but she also stated that her editor will point her to some past stories for ideas. I understand why she wants to go into this series blindly, because whether we like it or not, this is a new Selina. I don't mind her not seeing the film because it's a completely different Batman story.

Now with Hathaway's first two scenes in the film... she wanted to leave the life she was leading since the beginning - that's why she was stealing Wayne's fingerprints... to get the clean slate. So, reform and redemption was her whole intention.

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@Linore: and @The Mighty Monarch: Thanks you two!! I'm glad I'm not alone in my analysis. I really want to love this Selina more and she has a lot of potential. But dare I say it, we need a better writer to handle her. Nocenti - I'm looking at you.

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