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@captainhoopla said:

My favorite this week

Seconded, SO should have been on this week. Fan of Guillem or not, this is one of the most dramatic covers on the stands. I was waiting for it to hit the stands since they said it was originally going to be on Batman Inc. #11 - Like it without the Logo and more centered...

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@SmashBrawler: Amen. They did that in the Batgirl Annual. It's just cheesy and takes the reader out of the story. And who are they announcing their names to? We obviously know who they are. Annoying.

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*Spoilers Ahead*

@chipsnopotatoes: LOL I didn't need to change my mind about Anne Hathaway. She still annoys me tremendously. But, she and Nolan did a good job with Selina Kyle. I loved her ties to the pre-New52 Selina, and LOVED Holly's part in it, albeit small. Just like Ledger, I forgot that it was Hathaway, and was just a long for the ride. I loved that she used men like kleenex, and I saw a little dominatrix in her performance with how she dominates the men around her. I also loved that they made Selina Batman's equal.

As far as Nocenti, I too wish she would do some research in to Selina's history - but she also stated that her editor will point her to some past stories for ideas. I understand why she wants to go into this series blindly, because whether we like it or not, this is a new Selina. I don't mind her not seeing the film because it's a completely different Batman story.

Now with Hathaway's first two scenes in the film... she wanted to leave the life she was leading since the beginning - that's why she was stealing Wayne's fingerprints... to get the clean slate. So, reform and redemption was her whole intention.

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@Linore: and @The Mighty Monarch: Thanks you two!! I'm glad I'm not alone in my analysis. I really want to love this Selina more and she has a lot of potential. But dare I say it, we need a better writer to handle her. Nocenti - I'm looking at you.

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@chipsnopotatoes: Nocenti has stated in interviews that she doesn't want to be effected by the film, so she didn't see it. Personally, I liked the film - but the problem with being inspired by the movie - was that the Nolan/Hathaway Selina is sooooo inspired by the pre-New52 comic Selina. With Holly, her alluded troubled past, and her slight heroism is very much not what the post-New52 Selina is all about.

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Oh, Sara. I like you so much as a writer and a personality, but everytime you talk about Selina - I cringe a little. I feel like this article should be retitled MY Problem With CATWOMAN.

Ever since the series started, you've had this same issue, her "non-development" as a character, and the idea that she doesn't learn from her mistakes... you also haven't been a fan of March on artist duties. As for the latter, I just can't relate, because I LOVE his art (and I'm going to miss him) - but that's just different strokes... But as far as her character development, I just don't see it. Since the start of this new series, I always thought that each issue played like an episode of Weeds, with Selina as Nancy Botwin. For those of you not familiar, Weeds is about a woman who loses her husband to a heart attack, and now that he was the breadwinner - she has to figure out a way to support her two sons and keep the house. She becomes a drug dealer in the fictional suburban town of Agrestic, and gets in way over her head. Like Selina in the New52, Nancy is always getting in trouble...over and over... from season to season... constantly putting her family and friends in harm's way - not because she isn't developing as a character, but because she has a serious problem. An addiction, like Selina's. And she has sex. And can be pretty violent... ringing any bells?

Nancy Botwin from Showtime's Weeds.

I just find that a good formula for a Catwoman comic. And I get it, just because Selina keeps getting in to serious trouble, doesn't mean there's no development for her character - It just means it's a part of who she is. And that's a tough thing to shake. So, thus - she's bound to make the same mistakes until she learns. Personally I don't see it as chronic as you do, I see that as long as the storyline moves forward - and there's still emotion involved, it makes sense. I don't think Selina has to figure it all out in 4 issues. Of course, this series isn't without it's problems.

Mainly, the fact that I feel like I haven't seen a full picture yet, and I doubt Winick will accomplish this with one issue left. I feel for this Selina, and I wanted to get the entire vision that Winick had in mind... it's disappointing that he only had 12 issues in mind since the beginning. I'm glad Nocenti is continuing with the same torch, but it also worries me that her first issue is #0. I hope her and Winick were in contact so she can get the whole origin right... where it seems like we've been driving to it since #1. I also hope that Nocenti creates characters that aren't so throw-away. I like Gwen, I liked Lola... but most if not all of her supporting cast is pretty weak. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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@thechessclub said:

@mikeyar19 said:

I vote March over Melo, but the art is still nice.

Ditto. This is my favorite out of all the new 52. Dial H hasn't come out yet though...


I have to say Babs... THANK YOU for finally giving this book a score it deserves.

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@BigTPotts said:

miss guilliem march

@charlieboy said:

Is Melo going to be the regular artist? Loving the art.

Melo was only supposed to fill in for this issue, but started an issue early. Personally, as much as I've enjoyed Melo's fill in work, I can't wait till March comes back on interiors...

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@n25philly: As much as tattoos are widely accepted and basically common, there is definitely still a stigma attached.

I'm an artistic and visual person, so I feel that tattoos were definitely always in my future. All my tattoos have multiple meaning and reasons on why I have them... with that said, I got my first tattoo when I was 17, and it was the cover of Catwoman: When in Rome #3. Tim Sale has to be one of my favorite comic artists, and I love the parisian fashion inspiration behind When in Rome. Looking back the tattoo represented where I was at that time in my life... And I will always love it.

Sorry about the cheesy photo-booth effect.
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Catwoman has plenty to be thankful for this year. She finally gets the appreciation from DC she deserves. In between the return of her own on-going solo series, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Year One, Batman: Noel, the upcoming possible cameo in Snyder's Batman, and even the upcoming portrayal by Anne Hathaway in Rises... we'll see about the last one - but she's definitely off to an incredible start :-D

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