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@zeon_liafador: Oops didn't catch the ending lol

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Ok, so just to clarify the Black Cardinals and Shadow Cardinals are two different things, right? What are the White Cardinals then?

Yeppers. The White Cardinals, are Zeon's Cardinals; they protect the Liafador Family Matriarch.

Each Sect of Cardinal are supposed to have a different discipline, taught by their leader.

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Never heard of these....I should maybe contact them.

If you would hang out with your Liafador Family you would have! :P The shadow Cardinal's (If I'm not mistaken) where suppose to be loyal to Quintis (Or was it Quintus? I don't remember) after he went through The Pit. But it seems Catalina has taken over the Black Cardinals

That's only partially true, the Black Cardinals are Catalina's and they are unofficial Cardinals and not recognized. The "Shadow Cardinals" are forever loyal to Quintus.

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I got one more post to make as Ruby

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Ruin, The Vessel of the Talmut Emperor

Powerful blast of cannon fire littered the space around the Ninjan world, after the fall of Magog every other system in the path of the Talmut’s fell one by one, and thanks to Catalina’s knowledge of how to defeat the Ninjans—they never stood a chance.

“I’m actually impressed how fast you guys took the Arlact System” Catalina applauded sliding her hands down to her narrow waist. “I suppose it was to be expected, I mean we did capture their queen” she continued chuckling a bit at the chess reference. “Now there are only two objectives left. Xiox and Earth” She said grasping the emerald skinned Madison by her jaw.

“The Ninjans will fight without their queen; they are warriors to the end. Madison said spitting in Catalina’s direction. Cat’s face remained unchanged; it was almost as if what Madison was saying was expected. “Of course they will, I’d expect nothing less from warriors. Make no mistake your highness; I fully expect them to meet their end.” Cat explained with a sinister smirk.

“You have family on Earth, yes? Maybe even a loved one” The baritone voice of the Talmut Emperor boomed; notifying her of his presence.

“I loved one person, but he was taken from me. The others? I only pretended to like them. I’ve killed all my other siblings save for a few. Those are the ones I want to struggle.” She replied moving toward the Eden transporter.

“I’m getting the feeling that Gaia has failed on Earth, as expected; they’ve been so caught up trying to take her down, they haven’t noticed your fleet moving closer to their system. My brother has made his way to Earth M; I intend to meet him there with the True Champion.”

Madison struggled in her chains upset at the thought of Catalina setting up Leonel…again, but she was powerless to do anything to stop them. “Calm your nerves Madison. When this is over, you’ll join him in death.” “I’ll make sure you are tossed into the Source Wall” Madison hissed, Cat said nothing, instead she gave a small chuckle before activating the teleporter.

A vibrant flash filled the entire room, and within moments Catalina was gone. The hulking frame of the Talmut emperor moved towards Madison menacing in his approach.

“You won’t win.” The emerald queen proclaimed staring the exterminator of her people in his eyes; not daring to blink.

“Such faith, on what grounds do you proclaim such things?” He asked staring the fearless Ninjan Queen in her sunburned eyes. “You have greatly underestimated the strength the Earth wields.”


“The Queen has been captured, if you don’t mobilize the fleet now, the entire Omega System will fall.” Addison screamed, trying to rally the Omega System Alliance. Despite her pleas it seemed as if the other races didn’t see the point in helping the Ninjans; especially when just a few days prior Madison Maynard pretty much cursed them all out.

“Don’t you see this isn’t a Ninjan problem…it’s everyone’s problem!” Her complaints fell on deaf ears, the alliance adjourned and returned to their respective planets. Addison planted her hands on her forehead unsure on what to do now, the Talmut Fleet was plowing through the Ninjan controlled space on its way to burn Xiox. “Ready the Ninjan Fleet, I fear soon the Talmuts will be here” She commanded, trying to rally the Ninjans without their fearless queen.

“I don’t see how Ian does it” Addison was an Exemplar, a cosmic being sworn to guard the fabrics of Reality. Addison’s domain known simply as “M” was thought to have ended thanks largely in part to the 3rd society. Now, her world was back, primitive and uninhabited—and the source of problems for Leonel no doubt.

“Do I need to remind you of the complications that will occur; if this universe’s Exemplar finds out you’ve been here all this time?” An unknown entity asked reporting from the Ascension Point.

“I know, I know; but what was I supposed to do. My universe had less than 600 intelligent life forms living. That’s dead by our standards. If we don’t stop this fleet…this universe will also be dead. I need to find out why and how Earth-M has appeared here. I’ll be in touch, just keep Dr.Pierce off my ass”

Earth- M

A thick blue portal parted the fabric of reality releasing The Dark One to the forest of Earth- M. “Such a beautiful world” Cat said surprised by the untapped natural state of the planet. As her eyes darted to the sky, she felt a familiar figure approaching the planet at an astounding speed. “Leonel…” she said, watching as his Adonic figure parted the atmosphere at will. He was coming to challenge the “True Champion of Earth-M, a perplexing thought.

Leonel lived on Earth-M as the son of Ziccarra and Alexis, after they died Leonel moved to CVNU Earth, so just who was this “True Champion?”

“This Ought to be fun…” Cat said, elegantly treading through the forest enroute to a solitary palace on the far-side of the forest.

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Everything Dies

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I'm bored. I think, I'll write something

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I can listen to J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar's album all day. They cheer me up. Good job 2015, good job

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@shanana: Tbh I always mix the two up, and knew what you meant but fcked up the names lol

stop talkin to your self btw.

LMAO! didn't even catch it lol