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“Hnhnn” Cat grunted turning over on her side to see that the forceful concussive blast from Zedora left them both dazed. “She’s powerful…” Cat grunted, feeling proficient psionic pull of Zedora’s powers lifting her to her feet.

“100 percent” Zedora murmured with a nefarious snare, from behind her the chamber released a thick steam bellowed into the air causing a thick fog to settle over the area.

“Damn it lady what are you doing!” Kane protested, watching as his own daughter strained under the might of the powerful Psion. “Get your hands off her” He threatened pulling towards his Katana, but was immediately halted by Leon.

“Why doncha calm down there buddy” He said, giving a slight eye indication to Sofia from behind to attack if Kane didn’t calm down.

“I apologize for the secrecy…but I need Catalina for another…client” She said, glaring at the Liafador Patriarch. Turning towards him and then back towards Cat; her eyes turned back towards Kane in a “matter of fact manner” she seize control of his body as well.

“I am glad that you choose to outburst like that I had almost forgotten I needed you too” Zedora revealed to the dismay of both Sofia and Leon. “Do not be alarmed, I don’t need you two” She said reassuringly.

Both Catalina and Kane struggled to break the power of Zedora’s graviton control, but neither of them had any specific experience with it. “And now…what we’ve all came to witness the resurrection of a true titan of industry…Thomas Animus” Seemingly on her command rose from his chamber, and “flew high” above the structure.

“Fck…” Bishop grunted rising to his feet feeling the residual effects of being knocked back by Zedora. Animus rose with his demonic wings flapping slowly in the frosty atmosphere.

Sofia slowly made her way to Leon’s side seemingly in awe at the sight of the resurrected mind. “Kane, You will go with Zedora to aid her in her endeavor; I can assure you once you awake from your “slumber” you will have what you asked for…as I am a man of my word”

His eyes shift toward the now vertical Bishop and the captured Catalina with indifference “Indoctrination or death which would you two prefer” Zedora, Leon and Sofia stood ready to handle both Bishop and Catalina .

“It’s the same thing!” Bishop screamed charging Zedora; only to have a concussive ice blast hit him square in the chest courtesy of Sofia. “Yew have made yur choice” Sofia said conjuring an icy wind to temporarily subdue Bishop.

“I have a better Idea…” Zedora revealed once again, releasing a nano-swarm toward Catalina. It took mere moments for the indoctrination process to overtake the young Liafador. “Catalina…if you would please…kill him.” Zedora instructed taking her place next to Animus; followed by both Sofia and Leon who were uncharacteristically quiet.

Cat dropped to the floor before Bishop with her shadow standing over him ready to fight. “I’m going to fck your corpse!” She said sending a powerful wave of darkness.

"If I go with you...will you let him go"

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I'm in as Faatina Knightfall, but I'd like to know a little more

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This was a filler

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It was a blood bath the cybernetic children of technology were no match for the combined forces of the “Corporate Ministry” Leon and Kane did the bulk of the work allowing both Zedora and Sofia to sit behind a wall of Ice; buying time for Thomas.

“Why the hell are we out here doing all the damn work?” Leon protested ripping the cybernetic limb from a writhing child. “Because it’s the more gentlemen thing to do” Kane replied sarcastically quick drawing his D.E and putting a round into the organic head of one of the children.

“Dey auto be ashamed of demselves! seending dee leetle chilldren to do dere dirty work” Sofia protested, only to get a sardonic look from Leon. “You’re fcking her” Kane replied again sardonically.

“ENOUGH” Zedora’s booming voice ran through their heads, she intended to end this engagement by herself. Waving her hand, a mist of what appeared to be mosquitoes shot toward the children sticking them and causing them to fall to the ground; their organic parts erupting in a violent convulsion.

“Fck Bishop!” Cat screamed, taking him within her arms the tenekenetic queen wrapped him in a cloak of darkness and completely disappeared from the vantage of the tactical nano-swarm. “Hmph…the fck didn’t you just start with that” Kane asked retrieving his daggers.

“What is she?” Cat asked, reappearing in front of the nefarious foursome “That my dear is the world’s most efficient computer.” Bishop said, standing ready for battle.

“Wow….nice” Leon said, moving toward the middle to meet both Bishop and Catalina. “That’s a fine piece of ass you got there buddy, she looks sort of familiar.” Kane moved forward rudely bumping the feral Newcastle in the back.

“Watch your mother kitty cat that’s my fcking daughter you’re insulting” Kane said peering into the eyes of Cat.

“Oh shit”


“That’s your father?”

“I’m her aunt”

The various members in attendance all spoke aside from Zedora, looking around at each other to realize they were all family. Leon looked back and forth, from Sofia, to Kane; and then finally back to Zedora.

“And I thought my thanksgivings were fcked up, what’s your roll in all this?” His question directed toward the busy Zedora who had 0 energy to give the Liafador Family. “They created me” She said, watching the gauge on Thomas’s tank gradually climb to 100.

“We’re at 30% we need more time…” She hissed turning toward Sofia “Do what it is you were brought here for” Sofia’s manifestation of her ice powers caused Cat to ready her darkness energy.

Cat was among one of the strongest members of her family; the only one who knew how to combat her was Kane.

“Talking is over…” Leon hissed lunging toward Bishop, allotting Kane with the opportunity to tackle his daughter. Leon’s claws ripped through Bishop’s sternum however the Adonis never seemed to feel the pain as he launched the feral Newcastle into a nearby wall.

Cat sent her martial arts ready shadow sprinting toward Kane; whilst she personally did battle with Sofia. Respective energy littered the room; the climatic grunts being exchange between Leon and Bishop nearly cause Cat to lose focus; as she needed to see what exactly was happening to him.

“Ahhh…a little help…” Newcastle screamed, struggling to match the strength of Bishop; Sofia was happy to oblige launching an ice projectile at the floor causing Bishop to fall; she left herself open for one of Catalina’s darkness tendrils which pierced her upper shoulder.

Zedora did nothing, in her mind the math was already calculated the strenuous activities the meddling twosome engaged in prior to arriving here would be visible on their bodies just shortly, and they were only at 45%

A loud boom hit the top of roof and at least two of the people present had an idea about what that could be. “If that bitch jumps down here in star spangled boy shorts this operation is compromised” Kane said, ducking a swift swipe from Cat’s shadow.

“It’s not Ziccarra” Zedora reassured, having positively ID the whereabout of the Malagan Marchioness beforehand.

Sofia’s wound healed a lot quicker than she thought it would, which allowed her to return to the fight. “ON ME!” Bishop screamed, calling Cat back to his location for a moments reprieve.

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@azure_son: Maddie allowed her hands to intertwine with his allowing her verdant forehead to rest on his pectoral muscle. The thought of being taken out into the solar system and treated like a free woman for one day did entice her, but she could never allow herself to be tormented that way. "I can't allow you to do that" She rejected, still with her hands intertwined peering into his eyes.

"I cant allow you to show me what I missing, for it to turn into a wonderful time; and then subject myself to torment when you leave" She admitted , pulling away from him just a bit with her hands still connected. "Look at me, I'm a green woman" she said with a forced chuckle, "I don't think I'll fit in anywhere outside this omega system, an you...your dreams and aspirations need you on earth. we're from two different world's Leonel...and I couldn't live with myself if either of us, felt like we were holding each other back."

"You understand don't you?

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@maya_liafador: you wanna tell me or you want it to be a surprise kol

Not going to lie...that took all damn day

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Lightening boomed in the middle of the busy Bogotá Street, causing the normal patrons to scatter in fear, as the figure of the ebony goddess begin to formulate from the pillar of light. Ashley’s ascension to godhood was met by wide spread criticism in the Cardinal Kingdom, because of her un-relation to the Liafadors and because she was in fact a Brave heart; not a Cardinal. Ashley herself didn’t need an explanation for why she was granted Cardinal godhood-- she already knew, Sabella Liafador wanted to punish Ziccarra, and the best way to do that was to make Ashley as powerful as Z.

Pushing through the police office with a thick gale of wind, the Revenge Cardinal exercise extreme prejudice in subduing the many police officers that tried to halt her elegant trot. Phasing through wall after wall, she found the cell of one, Sky Carmichael.

“Sky Carmichael” She called, phasing through the walls with her eyes fogged over. The sight of the teenager laying hunched over with blood dripping from her neck caused Ashley to nearly vomit. “Al ghul” she called, and on her command the Cardinal General appeared draped in gold linens.

“Someone beat us to the punch…” Al Ghul bent down to examine the severity of Sky’s wounds. “What the hell is that?” He asked, tilting the girl’s head back so they can examine the ravenous cuts on the neck of the little girl.

“Unless a bear got in here, I don’t think this was done by a mere human…” He reported, looking up to examine the current state of his queen. “I don’t believe we are either…have you found the location of the girl’s mother?” Al Ghul never spoke he simply shook his head.

“Well then let’s be on our way.”


“Yeah…I feel you” She said with a hushed tone. “You know what’s crazy, I don’t remember anything. I thought I’d hate it, but then…I’m here and out, doing things…with you; and it doesn’t really bother me anymore y’know?” She explained.

“I am aware of the effect I have on women” He said, confidently; nearly causing the Catalan Countess to spit out the last little bit of her drink. “Oh are you, then show me” She said, lustfully.

“Um…Ms.Liafador you guys really don’t have time for that…we’ll have wheels on the ground in maybe 12 minutes.”

The irritated Cat let loose a deep sigh, before angrily retorting. “Damn it, I was so trying to get slayed.” She said, pushing her hair up with the palms of her hands.

“Hey” His baritone voice immediately disarmed her, causing her to shift her attention back to him. “Silver lining right” she said, knowing that’s what his eyes meant. His massive hands removed her glasses, leaving her temporarily dumbfounded.

“Every guy you’ve met in the past would’ve jumped at the opportunity to see you naked. But I’m not in your past” he said, placing passionate kiss on the lips of the young Liafador. Her cheeks begin to permeate an ornate red blemish, as if she were embarrassed or drunk.

He could visually see her demeanor returning to a relaxed state, something she appreciated him for. “Yeah…I feel you” she said, again not allowing her lips to leave the vicinity of his.

“Prepare for landing”


“It tis about time you showed up Cardinal Goddess of Revenge” Sofia said, standing in the middle of a pasture with her hair blowing wildly in the wind.

“I don’t think there is ONE Liafador that I like…” Ashley whispered to Al Ghul with her hands on her hips.

“I was starting to think we would never meet” The Columbian rich accent of Sofia ailed her words, not that it mattered because Ashley wasn’t paying attention anyway.

“Look at her, if she knew I was coming why she come out here in those heels; trying to be cute and shit, I should kick her little narrow ass.” The narrow comment brought a strange look from Al Ghul, but Ashley repelled a “You know what I mean look”

“Listen Sofia, I’m not here to speak on anything, other than why your name is on important Animus Corp documents.”

“Now who is talking too much” Sofia replied, folding her arms across her chest. “Apparently you don’t know, someone has killed your daughter, Sky. So it seems like whoever you’re working for has turned the tide against you. You can tell me what Animus Corp is up to, or I can beat it out of you!” Ashley threatened manifesting electricity within her hands.

“Oh Ashley…you can be so cold…” Sofia replied, throwing her hands forward, she cast a powerful sheet of ice across the grass, reducing the traction that’d be gained from the ice.

“That’s the best you got!” Ashley said, preparing to hurl a lightning bolt; “My Queen no!” Al Ghul protested, alerting her to the formation of water under the ice. “You have your orders Al Ghul execute them”

She said dismissing her ally, instead of tossing the bolt of lightning she absorbed the sound, and project it at the frosty vixen. The energy hit Sofia dead in the chest, causing her to slide on the ice; but she almost instantly regained her vertical base. “This will be fun” she said, tossing her hair from her face.


“There’s no one here” Cat said, eying the apartment. “Looks like someone beat us to the punch” Bishop said, watching the news coverage on the television. “That woman with the electricity….she looks familiar.”

“Her name is Emerald Mooreland, A Cardinal. She’s the fiancé of that cyborg that helped us at the laboratory. I don’t think its coincidence that she chose to take a vacation here” He said, still looking around the office.

“She’s probably looking for Sofia too” Cat said, removing a document with a classified list of names. “Looks like a hit-list…a Cardinal Hitlist” Bishop said, examining the document.

“Wait, I thought the documents said Sky, Sofia’s daughter was a Cardinal.” Cat questioned, not understanding the full spectrum of the situation.

“I think they’ve entered some sort of civil war, apparently we just stumbled upon sect of them. Fck the Cardinals, my question is what Animus needs them for.” Bishop asked, still analyzing the hit-list.

“Maybe their building an army, Wait…is Emerald’s first name Ashley…if so than she is on this list.” Cat said, showing him the back of the dossier. “Hmmm…Maximus…Ashley…Animus.”

“Apparently someone didn’t want them getting married…” Bishop suggested still scouring for clues. “DOWN!” He screamed, pushing Cat to the floor as Al Ghul came rushing at them.

Bishop’s massive arm knocked the Cardinal General to the floor in one hit, he almost instantly jumped back up only to be shot in the back of the head.

“Yur move bastard” said, a woman at the threshold holding a pistol. “Sofia…” Cat whispered. “That is right my niece; now I’m afraid I need you two to hold still.” She said, pushing them back and encasing both in a column of ice.


“NO MORE GAMES!” Ashley screamed, sending a powerful bolt of electricity at Sofia; the ice queen construct a powerful ice shield, but Ashley’s irate energy crashed down upon her causing her body to completely…evaporate. “Fck…a clone. Oh no…Al Ghul!” She screamed, taking flight to check on her endangered partner.


“Yeah she’s fine, I had to make it look like she was killed in the most gruesome way; she’s standing here beside me right now.” Leon handed Sky the phone so that she could speak to her worrying mother; at the completion of their conversation she handed the phone back to Leon so that he may speak with his cohort.

“He’d be very proud of you Sofia. I’m sending an expert in to retrieve our pest, someone you know very well. His name is Kane.”

"Got it, and I'm on my way"

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Cat’s russet eyes scanned the room, the plethora of technology coupled with the “MIB” atmosphere didn’t really surprise her; not as much as being 20 in a blockbuster for the first time. She could totally see how this place went out of business. Before she could open her mouth to address Bishop, the indecorous host once again alluded to her “eccentric” past prompting the Catalan Countless to finally handle the situation. Pushing him back toward the wall with a forceful darkness push, both her hands transformed into gigantic dark spikes; pressing one against his stomach and another against his mouth she leaned in close to his ear so he could see the true nature of the woman he was so ignorantly insulting.

“You seem to like penetration cabron” she said pressing the spike harshly against his now ornate neck. “Come on one more crack please just one more; I’d love to see which part of your body is deeper. Your stomach or your throat!” retracting her spike she turned close enough so that her long hair smacked him across the face. Taking her position next to Bishop she moved up with her hands folded by his side, watching another agent bring up the details of Pyrex.

“Oh…I never got a chance to tell you” she started, turning her lithe frame in his direction with a sense of intimacy. “My brother Leo came to visit me, while I was home. I told him about you. I hope that’s ok” her eyes shied away from him; it was kind of awkward.

“I mean he immediately assumed we were together or what not, but I told him we’re just friends. Long story short, he told me that since you clearly make me happy; I should see this situation to the end. I might gain some sort of siverlining out of all this” She got out some of the elements, but she augmented her story just a bit; she didn’t want to forge any awkwardness between them.

“Whooo…its hot” she lied, using it as an excuse to create some space between them. “I found something” the agent called out. “What’d you find?” Bishop asked with a smirk on his face; it was unsure if he saw the true nature of Cat’s words.

“Large sums of money being moved by many of the Pyrex splinter cells into a singular account somewhere in Columbia. The account name is clearly fabricated.” The man explained, showing Bishop the money transfers and wires.

“What’s the name on the account?” Cat asked from over the guys other shoulder. “It’s M.Bargo?” Cat look confused. “That’s potentially the ugliest name I’ve ever seen. Can you check who frequents the account? I mean like who has accessed the account more than the others.” She said, looking at both men.

“Might be a good starting point” Bishop said, somewhat impressed at Cat’ wherewithal.


The Cardinals littered the room watching arduously as Maximus’ rehabilitation was coming along successfully. The ebony skinned goddess sat vigilantly at the tank trying to quell any tears, seeing her fiancé this way angered her; she’d extract revenge the long and slow way.

A few months ago, some of the more radical cardinals broke off; and created an organization called OPEM. For short time they were strictly internet terrorist, however they came to surface when they attacked Thee Champion and Maya in Malaga not long ago.The Liafadors seems to have their share of villains, but what or, who could be the link that connected Maximus.

“My Queen when we removed the cybernetic memory chip from Bishop’s body it mentioned something about Animus Corporations. I thought that company was defunct. I thought Animus was dead.”

“Apparently he’s not…or SOMEONE wanted us to believe he was” She said, with electricity crackling through her eyes. “Cross reference the last known employees of Animus Corporations, with those still working in a similar field today. Someone is running A.Corp for him.”


“I got a match…looks like this account for this Pyrex Splinter account was created by a Sofia Liafador in Columbia almost 30 years ago!” the agent exclaimed, his facial expressions flirting with trying to make sense of the seemingly impossible.

“Thomas Animus…he knew all this was going to happen.” Cat said, shifting her gaze to Bishop. “Look at the name of the account too Liafador…must be a relative.” She continued, knowing very little about her family to begin with.

“It’s not really a common name” Bishop reminded, prompting Cat to purchase plane tickets to Columbia. “Why do I have to do it?” she protested for no particular reason. “Because you’re a goddamn billionaire! Nothing less than g-5” He jested, causing a smirk to creep across her face. “You two are so doing it” the agent said with a goofy smile on his face. Cat said nothing, she looked at him disgustedly before tossing his coffee on him. “SHITTTTT!”

“You’re going to need some new pants”


“We found our link between the Liafadors and Animus, a woman named Sofia Liafador; Sofia has been off the board for months, but she has a daughter, Sky. Sky was with us up until a few months ago; now she’d being detained at a prison in Columbia. “Good work Al ghul, I will return” She said, disappearing in a bolt of lightening.

"Yur Move Bastard