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For a prolonged period of time Catalina lived vicariously; through a series of dark portals. Her curiosity in the world happenings had waned since her disastrous attempt to usurp time and space. Her time on the sparsely populated island was usually spent indulging in nymphomania, but just recently; the enthralling allure of the Phoenix Force warranted her attention.

The Sentient control of the dark force compelled her; to seek out and destroy the force. The synchronicity of both forces occupying the same area would prove to be disastrous. The Belizean Cardinal sat perched atop a marble Corinthian pillar throne; with poessed attendants taking her right and left flanks.

“It seems my mother has gone and found a new escort” Her eye’s squint a bit, noticing the commanding exertion of power. Rising from her cathedra, she moved toward the edge of her alter peering into the eyes of Valerie through her portal. The same energy it took to exert disdain for Valerie; also allowed for bit of respect, The Dark Cardinal could see the determination seeping through the patrician blooded blonde.

“Gather my things” She whispered, watching as the Phoenix fatale begin to launch an incipient on her hallow bastion. The castle convulsed violently; on its foundation largely due to the cataclysmic projection of energy. “Sh-she will never get in her my queen” Cat’s eye’s continued through the portal, her hands remained fixed admiral style behind the small of her back.

“That is not her intent” She whispered, keeping her head steadfast through the portal Catalina; unleashed the dark force from the roots of the sub-terrain fortress. On the exterior Catalina’s darkness could be seen sprouting through the lifeless dirt; indicating her pending arrival.

The oblivion sovereign narrated her arrival long before; she appeared. “Well I guess this unexpected visit warrants my attention” She said, casting herself in front of the destructive Phoenix driven Valerie. Making a fist, a darkness barrier manifest outward pushing the limits of her bastion. The momentary display of power allowed her to see the extent of her mother’s illusion.

“When I’m done with you, I’m going to kill her” using her cognitive link to access her powers, Cat sent a rippling tidal wave of darkness tendrils toward the white phoenix queen; crippling the Earth in the process.

Descending into a portal Cat reemerged on the far side of the white queen; just as eager to finish her off. An orb of darkness formed, pressing both together, Cat fired both toward Val in a widespread manner hoping to negate chances of a miss.

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I posted, but....image

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The Matriarch, Homicidal Android Clone of Ziccarra Liafador, and Catalina Liafador; Cardinal Goddess of Darkness, and Homicidal daughter of Ziccarra Liafador.

“Our world has become the target of Gods Mr. President, Egyptian, Asgardian, Greek; Hindu…Cardinal” She took a moment to flip through the channels, news networks all over the world display coverage of the celestial war. “Every country excluding the United States, has used military aggression to stop these so-called gods, to no avail”

She press her back squarely in her seat, while crossing her legs. It was apparent to her that the President was well-aware of the situation; perhaps he hadn’t thought of an appropriate solution for the situation. Fortunately for him, the processing protocols that ran Zedora processed the best possible solution for handling the gods.

“Have you ever heard of Tardis? Catalina asked, her voice inhabited the room long before she did. She appeared with a virtuoso entrance from a portal. The adolescent nympholept appeared in Egyptian provocateur, leaving little to the imagination.

“IS that a boner Mr.President?” Cat asked, standing with her hands perched on her bantam hips. She was a natural tease, Zedora’s intrusive clearing of the throat prompted her to get on with her business.

“Tardis is an interdimensional temporal gateway, it can solve all of your problems” Cat said, taking a seat on the edge of his desk.

“The properties of this portal are unique, reality warping has no effect on it; it’s believe that in every parallel universe, that Tardis is in the same exact location; and will deposit life forms to the same exact location; but nothing has ever come from it. The Matriarch explained, showing him an aboriginal diagram of the proposed properties of Tardis.

“You’re probably wondering, why we can’t do this ourselves, well because Mr. Stark; Catalina is a goddess; and I am an Android, we would be eaten alive by the vortex, but you…you are human…and would stand unaffected.”

“You’re probably asking yourself… what do we stand to gain from all this? I’ll inherit Grand Cardinal Isle from my mother” Cat said, finally making her purpose known. “And I will gain control of the attack satellite Valkyrie, with both Ziccarra and Thee Champion gone; you can use their clones as your assault force…what do your think Mr.President?”

"Of course, said Clones would be totally obediant

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@surkit: @ian_idyll: @yashima:

“Damn” She hissed, realizing she was outwitted as the unknown enemy strategically teleported to the rear. The Liafador Inbreed found herself on the opposite end of a death choke. The time that elapse between his supplementary teleport and his releasing of the Liafador, was filled with Cat’s body decoding and reengineering his DNA for personal use.

She free fell from the sky; however the abrupt drop did nothing but “excite” her more. Dissipating in the air she teleported back on the ground with her hands coupled around her neck. She genetically downloaded his skills when he grip her neck.

Turning back towards the unknown combatant, she let loose a boisterous cackle. “The moment your hands made contact with my body, I was able to learn everything you know” Her organic body lethargically began to fade from physical exist manifesting the Dark Queen as a mere shadow.

While momentarily untouchable her body foretold the coming of yet another deity, the exact origins were unknown, but this was the one they had been waiting on.

Thrusting her hands forward, her combustive dark powers ignite anything in its path people, vehicles etc. She turned her attention to both the element manipulator, and the teleporter.

“Your efforts in this will fail… The War of the Gods is upon us” she said; revealing her own knowledge on the subject.

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Posted, got one as Z coming too

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The Enigmatic Queen of darkness appeared in Union plaza; summoned by the enthralling call of the Stone. The unbridled calamity unfolding on the surface facilitate navigating the streets. The concern her mother had for the stone’s presence, wore thin on her. She wanted nothing more than to see the stone in the hands of the rightful proprietor; then masturbate on an adderall in the devastation that would ensue.

Dressed in skimpy Asian provocateur, the adolescent Liafador appeared via an opaque portal not too far from the ironclad juggernaut. Propping herself on a nearby Volkswagen beetle watching dutifully entertained; the climatic collisions exchanged between The Juggernaut and, The Virtuous Champion, slowly began to saturate the inner most portion of her thighs.

Her body quickly began to hiss in yearning for excitement; for right now she needed to make sure the juggernaut had free range to the stone.

She remained vigilante of the people around her, this Champion wasn’t alone; she saw a maniacal clown being chased earlier, and was almost sure she could feel Ziccarra’s presence.

“So mother this is your latest exploit” She presumed, already mechanically thinking of a way to get involved.

Extending her hands outward with a nefarious grin across her face; Cat sent a wave of darkness tendrils at the teleporting man whom had took position from not too far off. “Sorry, baby; but I’m not going to allow you to fck up my orgasm”

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Truth is, I've learned what to expect from certain people; after rpging with them for seemingly forever.

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@surkit said:

@catalina_liafador: Nah not at all, one of those guys who'll make moves in the long term. Give him like a decade and he'll have done some influential sh!t, trust.

Oh I can believe that. I'm not sure about Schoolboy Q though; I'm still trying to decide if I like him or not.