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LMAO. It's the weekend , and since I can't be bothered to post on the weekend, I had to make sure I got everything.

@general_arch_dornan: What a marvelous post, I knew that graviton energy was a long shot, but how you describe your strength was awesome. I chuckled a few times lol.

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"Zedora, bring Thee Champion's genetic information. It is imperative to my immediate return and to the demise of the primitive apes that sought to destroy me".

Oooooooooooh it's over now lol

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@dean_ said:

@shanana: Plus side that means classes will get larger again. So, yay!

That means more work Bleh lol

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@thee_champion @lucian_lebeau @senator_steel @general_arch_dornan

Through a series of “routing” husk strategically, placed throughout the cloudy metropolis; Catalina was able to appraise several hundred caches of data related to L.A. It didn’t take too long after first contact, for the resistance to mount; and establish a dominant defense of LA. Even with the gallant marauders hack slashing through Cat’s husk, they were still inadvertently fulfilling her plan.

Los Angeles provided an opportunity to infect a large populace at one time; the infected transformed into husk, and then they were slaughtered by those hoping to liberate the city. Alexis had seen the power of Zedora’s brainwashing with Ziccarra; he knew it was entirely reversible. Instead of preserving what was left of the inhabitants he bleakly; pleaded with Catalina to return home, His abstraction assisted in the negligent murder of many.

“Oh…Em….Gee…” Cat replied, sardonically patting her parted lips in boredom. “Who’s really to blame here? All we did was impose an ideology, your friends are the ones committing the crimes. We-“ her voice trailed off, central processor begin to implant commands into her head. Her russet eyes winced in agony, her new commands were tailored to the second part of the mission; she could no longer afford to entertain the Champion, especially not after gaining his power.

“I’d love to stay-“Cat started, what drew her attention was the slight sizzle followed by the intense pain of her burning skin. Cat let loose a light shriek, just moments before shifting into a translucent spectre; as much as she wanted to retaliate, she already had orders.

“Dreadnaught, Target the Champion” The towering dreadnaught stood high above the L.A skyline targeting the Champions energy signature. A boisterous drilling sound resound through the city of angels, the main canon of Cat’s dreadnaught painted a 3 mile block with the champion as the target. “Toodles!” The Teenage Temptress descended beneath concrete leaving The Champion to deal with the dreadnaught fire.


Cat’s forearms bore the red results of Alexis’s assault, her russet eyes wince as she silently vowed revenge. She had his power, she had his strength; and at this very moment she begin to upload the data to the control satellite. The data clusters moving through the network stream, identified several variables that that were previously unaccounted for. There was a vessel approaching the city by sea, its intentions were unknown; but Cat would treat them as enemies. There was a plethora of marauders converging on Zedora’s position at the airport, Cat typically didn’t care, but her internal programming commanded she devote her attention to liberating the Matriarch.

Though her internal tracking system picked up Animus’ signature nearby, she was not able to locate his exact location. “Dad seems to be determined to find you” She stated, not bothering to look upon her younger sister.

“He is here?” Maya asked sheepishly, hoping to gaze upon her father for the first time since her unnatural birth.

“Yes, he is here; but he’s busy trying to keep the bad people from destroying the city, but he is going to need our help” Cat’s manipulative tone made it easier for the jovial teen to trust her, Having had her consciousness ripped from her embryonic state; Maya’s lust to meet her parents grew stronger by the day.

“Just hang in there Maya, soon we’ll be at peace. I am going to greet this maritime vessel, Stay here until I call for you” She spoke with a weird sense of passion, something she hadn’t had in a long time. Something she couldn’t put her had on, maybe deep down there was a small amount of sympathy she held for her younger sister; being born into a family such as this, she’d never see peace. Or maybe she had learned what Isis had for her; sibling love.

“Be careful!” Maya screamed with her mothers’ heavy Spanish inflection. “Always” Cat replied, with a force smirk. As she moved through the corridors of the run-down theater, Cat relayed important information regarding the Champions' status, and Zedora's dire situation back to Animus. His undisclosed location gave him an edge when it came to moving pieces, The Champion, The General and The Sentator were pawns that needed to be distinguished.


Zedora stood visibly impressed with the progress Catalina made in Los Angeles thus far, a substantial amount of the population had been transformed into husk already, and with phase two currently being implemented; the 3rd society would soon be using the entire city to start its empire. LA was just the beginning, she warned the world “powers” just a few months earlier at the Goblet of Fire; she told them to prepare, and they didn’t. The sleeper agents embedded into both human and mutant kind worked completely undetected to facilitate the rise, and they did just that. This attack was not without its consequences; Aphasic, one of the society’s most cherished entities had met his demise.

Aphasic untimely demise was most unfortunate, she had garnered a certain amount of…feelings for him; those emotions could not be dismissed, after all she was part human. The climatic bout between Cat and the Champion reverberate through the entire area, though Cat wore the 3rd society banner; she kind of wish Alexis killed her.

Flanked by husk on both sides Zedora marched through the airport with only one real goal in mind; simply watching the transformation of an entire city. Moving toward the flight line, her attention turned toward an unsettling ripple of energy that caused unstable vibrations under her feet.

“Hmmm” she grunted, watching from afar as her husk were torn to bits by a foreign power. Slightly wincing, her steel blue eyes made out an apparent foe she knew very little about. “Of course” She whispered, agitated that someone had made out her location upon her arrival.

Her gaze turned toward the sky, someone was making an attempt to clean up the atmosphere; isolated blotches of clean air filtered through. “It’s time…Dome the city” She commanded, sending out a quantum command.

On her command, a thin layer of super-heated plasma contained in magnetic shield generators circumvented the Los Angeles skies. Conventional entryways and exit ways into the city were now cut off. It wouldn’t take too long for the husk to overrun the city now, LA was a no man’s land.

Through the mist of her own spore cloud, Zedora’s steel blue eyes marveled at the sight of the colossal newcomer. There was someone else nearby, an ally perhaps, she didn’t need to lay eyes on him, and she knew what they knew. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be” She called out, pulling her right hand back to the left side of her face, her ornate graviton energy swirling within her hands. “You’d make a great addition to the society” she admitted, sending her graviton orbs slamming into the ground beside her new foe; hoping the force of the energy would cause his body to be helplessly pulled toward the energy.

“Tell your friend, to come out.”

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I can never bring myself to finish a post over the weekend.

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“Wow dad” she sardonically applauded, watching her celestial step-father descend from the opening in the atmosphere. “For one moment, I wish I could see how the hopeless see you.” Cat took a linear east to west strut across from Alexis; she kept a jovial smirk on her face. This was what she liked the most about what she was, and what she did; explaining how everything worked.

“In any story, the people like me; we’re the substance. You, the hero? You’re a person who follows strict laws and creeds, you can’t break your code. You purposely one-dimensional; and that’s fine. But I’m the type of person who owns up to what she is and stands by it.”

Whether or not he understood what she was talking about was irrelevant, for now. Alexis’ had unwittingly presented Catalina with the opportunity to capitalize on a monumental gain. A small gesture, just tipped this “war” in favor of the 3rd society.

Cat’s hand briefly touched grazed the palm of her step-father, a graze was all she needed. On the surface Cat was the Cardinal Goddess of Darkness, but what was lesser known; she was also biokienetic. On contact her genetic code, altered to mirror Alexis’, and in the process providing the 3rd society with information needed recreate the Champion.

Using a strategically placed portal, she shifted to a more spacious position. “Wow…is this what if feels like, the power I mean. You get to ram this unholy force into my mother every night. No wonder Maya is such a stuck up b!tch”

“No more games” as sardonic homage to her mother, her real face dissolved in an illusionary fashion; her day of the dead make-up took precedence. Her tantalizing russet eyes, quickly flashed a luminescent red; emulating one of his primer tactic; she fired an ionizing current through a mentally projected portal. The sweltering temperature from such a fierce attack left a scorched trench in its wake; depositing the energy from underneath The Champion.


The Matriarch Zedora finally made land fall in LAX, flanked by husk on one side; and Maya on the other. This operation was Catalina’s; Zedora was not expected to make an appearance. It was the Champion that drew her from the facility; now that they had what they needed for a potential replacement body for Aphasic.

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@lena_dante: Beautifully written. I'll respond soon. post might be talk heavy

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@la_espada: @finesse_:

The beaming sun beat down on the city of angels with inexorable ruthlessness, this worked in favor for the Renegade Liafador; as the spore cloud begin to expand over the city. What was the purpose? To get back at the societies enemies? Or was it to show how potent the new spore cloud technology was? The real purpose was so much simpler, it was to show organics how quick the society could overrun a large populace.

The lissome framed teen stood with her hands folded, watching as the transmutation cloud forcefully renewed the organic components with synthetic implants. This plan was not her own, she simply fell victim to the internal programming of the 3rd Society; sent to serve only as a figurehead to the operation.

“Ahh… The Champion beackons” She whispered, dissipating in a tumultuous cloud of darkness. Shifting to the street surface; she prepared the husk to do battle. Downloading the files from The Champions last battle with Ziccarra; she got a gist of what tactics she’d need to defeat him.

“I could soooo cum thinking about killing the man my mother loves” Her luxuriant gaze turned east; a succession of straggling sonic booms parted the sky. There was a flicker of eagerness burning in her pupils, what could be gained from the Champion was more research on his physiology; as well as a chance to make for a more powerful husk.

“Uplink, control point. Access surveillance protocols for a 20 mile radius” Her mind begin to replay real time video of several locations around LA.

“Tuna-Canyon Park, get out there see what the situation is. Use a Nano-Swarm; I want to see if we can get a good haul”. Her sentence was directed toward a presence that had not revealed itself, a few moments removed saw her own shadow detach from her persona.

“As you wish…my queen”.

Tuna-Canyon Park.

As if the dust cloud wasn’t bad enough, the distant buzzing didn’t provide any closure to those that happened to be immune to the spore cloud. The Nano Swarm was coming, those that hadn’t been transformed would be subjected to the powerful indoctrination process of the society. One sting was all that was needed, rising from a portal in the concrete Cat’s shadow rose watching the events unfold.

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@finesse_: @la_espada: Those were awesome post! I liked the dialogue in yours Espada, and the setting of the scene was picturesque in yours finesse.