"The Satisfaction of Bloody Orgasms"

Cat sat with her legs overlapped, watching intimately, as each of the captured rebels were prepped for execution. Her head scanned from left to right; her eyes met only briefly with those of the damned, but in those final moments she was able to access the passion in their hearts. The guy sitting on the end, praying zealously to the heavens for a savior; was once a carpenter. He lost his wife in the purge following the nuke, with nothing left to fight for; he joined the rebellion to give the future a chance.

“You are indeed the type of person Eden needed, but for your rebellious acts. You are hereby sentenced to death.” On her word, a Katana was jabbed into the soft tissue of the neck. Blood pushed through his wound like a geyser, his limp body hit the cold floor; sending a paralyzing feeling of fear into the eyes of the other prisoners.

Little did these lowly prisoners know, they were lucky. In the world that would soon follow; free will, free thought and even free pregnancies would be abolished. “You all will have the privilege of dying here today as citizens of Venezuela, and not Eden.”

She stopped briskly in front of the next man, his eyes were pomegranate red; probably from the countless nights he spent lying to the rebellion. He pledged allegiance to the cause, but raped and murdered the daughters and sons of the real fighters.

Cat didn’t both to say anything to him, the moment she passed him a sword removed his head. She kicked it out of the way, as she marched towards the final prisoner. A 17 year old, black hair; just like Cats’. She ran her hand across the child’s shoulder; the resemblance in them both was uncanny.

What was she guilty of? Aiding the rebellion, she got caught; but the rebellion left her to be captured. “You are but a child, a virgin child at that.” Cat whispered, her voice was low; but her breaths were heightened. She saw them again, the faces of the men that stole her virginity; the faces of those that matured her before her time.

Placing her hand over her face, she stumbled backwards towards her seat. This child was Catalina, not physically but the semblance was there. Still trying to recover from her panic attack the *Malika’s stare soon turned sinister.

“You two take her to the bedroom and take her “innocence” after you’re done, kill her.” The child instantly began screaming and kicking; while being dragged off.


“Fate saw it fit to present me with a chance to save myself.” Cat’s voice was mixed with excitement, subtle grunts and moans slipped through her mouth, her words were soon discouraged by an intense feeling of ecstasy. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist; while he continued thrusting his salty body into hers.

While he pinned her down, her eye’s intensified; and in that moment she was able to relive the whole bloody affair of her guards and the child she sentenced to death. As she reached her peak, the scene around her changed; she lay nude in the blood of the virgin.

“What’s funny?” her partner asked, snapping her from reality.

“What did you say your name was?” Cat asked, curiously. “It’s Curtis, but my friends call me SHA”

“Well SHA It’s just that fate offered me a chance to save myself today, but instead I did what someone should’ve done years ago. I killed her. Whatever remained of sweet innocent Catalina, died the day I was raped now the World will also enjoy, the satisfaction of bloody orgasms.”

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Disturbing, but intriguing. I've missed your writing.

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Foul, but a good story lol.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

Great stuff, and the title was... an attention grabber lol.

Posted by Pro_Nelson

I'm sort of lost lol, but either way nice story !

Posted by Classique

This was so disturbing, I LOVED IT!

Posted by _Stretch_

Vile, but great as usual.

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very detailed writing

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(Dat title)

Posted by Connoisseur

Dark but very well written.

Posted by Eternelle

Jesus Christ, girl.

Amazing read O_O

Posted by Squares

Your imagery is good, might want to work a little on the punctuation. While I don't get the point of this story, what it was trying to convey (other than the fact that this 'Cat' person was at some point raped and is now 'so totally over it', and that she's powerful I suppose...), or why you chose the title you did (was it something about a loss of virginity?), it's certainly interesting. If it's part of a bigger story then by all means, I'd love to read it, but otherwise it really needs context.

Posted by Shanana
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Amazing work. Dammn, this is one of those things which inspire greatness O_o

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Nice work ; )

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@pyrogram said:

Amazing work. Dammn, this is one of those things which inspire greatness O_o

I know, everytime I read other user's blog posts, I feel such a newbie! =P

Great job, Sha ^_^

Posted by Shanana

The story is to serve as a bridge from Do What Thou Wilt. I wrote it to show the present challenge of Catalina,which are the rebels. It also marked the end of her "be nice I've been raped" days. This and the ones that follow will feature more of her in a leader role. I used bloody sort of like violent, and orgasm like excitement.which is ultimately chaos.

I just wanted to write,but lost it midway lol

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@squares: I wrote it. I was thanking you for your critique.

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@shanana said:

@squares: I wrote it. I was thanking you for your critique.

Oh. I was confused because the user name is different.

No problem.

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@shanana: (Dell here, btw)

Yeah, I remember you said about writing something on Catarina. Never thought it would be so violent and somewhat disturbing. Can tell you, better than many creepypastas I've read.

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Im not going to lie I click on this because of the title...Damn that is dark very dark like blacker than the ace of spades dark.

It was beautiful :)

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This was so disturbing, I LOVED IT!

Hit the nail right on the head. It was disturbingly interesting and very well written

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I like Cat

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So... is this Cat person somebody I should be worried about?

Posted by _Stretch_

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god how ive missed you sha. Come friday ill probably be pming u some ideas for rpgs.

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Sounds incredibly dark. always a fan of dark rpg's. That title...i'm sorry but i had to read it after reading that title lol