"The Satisfaction of Bloody Orgasms"

Cat sat with her legs overlapped, watching intimately, as each of the captured rebels were prepped for execution. Her head scanned from left to right; her eyes met only briefly with those of the damned, but in those final moments she was able to access the passion in their hearts. The guy sitting on the end, praying zealously to the heavens for a savior; was once a carpenter. He lost his wife in the purge following the nuke, with nothing left to fight for; he joined the rebellion to give the future a chance.

“You are indeed the type of person Eden needed, but for your rebellious acts. You are hereby sentenced to death.” On her word, a Katana was jabbed into the soft tissue of the neck. Blood pushed through his wound like a geyser, his limp body hit the cold floor; sending a paralyzing feeling of fear into the eyes of the other prisoners.

Little did these lowly prisoners know, they were lucky. In the world that would soon follow; free will, free thought and even free pregnancies would be abolished. “You all will have the privilege of dying here today as citizens of Venezuela, and not Eden.”

She stopped briskly in front of the next man, his eyes were pomegranate red; probably from the countless nights he spent lying to the rebellion. He pledged allegiance to the cause, but raped and murdered the daughters and sons of the real fighters.

Cat didn’t both to say anything to him, the moment she passed him a sword removed his head. She kicked it out of the way, as she marched towards the final prisoner. A 17 year old, black hair; just like Cats’. She ran her hand across the child’s shoulder; the resemblance in them both was uncanny.

What was she guilty of? Aiding the rebellion, she got caught; but the rebellion left her to be captured. “You are but a child, a virgin child at that.” Cat whispered, her voice was low; but her breaths were heightened. She saw them again, the faces of the men that stole her virginity; the faces of those that matured her before her time.

Placing her hand over her face, she stumbled backwards towards her seat. This child was Catalina, not physically but the semblance was there. Still trying to recover from her panic attack the *Malika’s stare soon turned sinister.

“You two take her to the bedroom and take her “innocence” after you’re done, kill her.” The child instantly began screaming and kicking; while being dragged off.


“Fate saw it fit to present me with a chance to save myself.” Cat’s voice was mixed with excitement, subtle grunts and moans slipped through her mouth, her words were soon discouraged by an intense feeling of ecstasy. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist; while he continued thrusting his salty body into hers.

While he pinned her down, her eye’s intensified; and in that moment she was able to relive the whole bloody affair of her guards and the child she sentenced to death. As she reached her peak, the scene around her changed; she lay nude in the blood of the virgin.

“What’s funny?” her partner asked, snapping her from reality.

“What did you say your name was?” Cat asked, curiously. “It’s Curtis, but my friends call me SHA”

“Well SHA It’s just that fate offered me a chance to save myself today, but instead I did what someone should’ve done years ago. I killed her. Whatever remained of sweet innocent Catalina, died the day I was raped now the World will also enjoy, the satisfaction of bloody orgasms.”


Y's warning

If you look up my name throughout history, nothing ever shows up; but if you know ME, then you will know my name appears more times than a little hehehe. I miss the days where I would pledge my alliance to someone only to turn on them a few months later; or the days I spent honing my craft to skin my sifu*

I miss those days where, you set a plan into motion; only to have a super hero dressed in Blue Spandex with a shield and visor and four or five of his closest friends ready to stop you.

Those days are behind us, do you know why those days are behind us? Of course you don’t, and I will tell you why.

“I know where exactly where to find Quintus Knightfall, I know exactly where to find Feral Nova, I know exactly where to find Impero; I know exactly where to find Edward Winsor, I know exactly where to find Ziccarra. The challenge of being a public menace really means you must think of creative ways…”

“How can I creatively punish my enemies? The system has changed, but like the concept of evolution I shall change with it.”

“In a world where everyone is a martial arts master, a god, or a religion; how can you creatively punish your enemies…stay tuned…I will show you hehehee”


Liafador Family

The Liafador Family emerged in the 1900’s, as a family built on business. The small family winery boomed in the Spanish town o,f Malaga; and soon the Liafador Wine called “Besos” flourished throughout the country of Spain.

After the resurgence of the Red Cardinals in the early 20 century; the Liafador Family became heavily involved with terrorist organization. Ramon Liafador, and his wife Frida Liafador; were the first members of the family initiated into the esteemed order.

Ramon hatched a devious conspiracy, known as the Liafador Legacy; which was an 8 part plan to, usurp all Spanish Sovereign states, and the manipulation of generations.

Ricardo’s son, Ricardo Ramon and his wife Sabella opted not to enter the organization and, funded a rising organization known as, the Braveharts. After the murder of Sabella and Ricardo Liafador; the family have spread to different areas of the world all in charge of their own Cardinal units.

Kane Liafador


Is the 1st born of Sabella and Ricardo; he followed in his father's footsteps and became a Brave-hart. He and the Braveharts hoped to keep the Cardinals out of world affairs. Kane is known for his nomadic nature; despite his seemingly distant personality, he keeps a close eye on his daughters. Kane is best described as a "Rolling stone" having slept with and; impregnated 5 different females, his children include. Kane once tortured Ellie Knightfall, for the rape of his daughter Cat.

Isis, Catalina, Anne, Jaime, and Enrique. None bare the same nationalities.

Catalina Liafador


Catalina was born in Madrid, Spain; to Kane Liafador and an unknown woman. Cat's mother committed suicide not long after Cat's birth. In an effort to keep Catalina away from Ziccarra, Kane took Cat to Belize; and raised her himself. At the age of 10, Cat showed signs of

Capgras syndrome, and mild depression. It is believed that her depression is the source of her powers.

Catalina rose to prominence, shortly after her father left Belize. With her control over the Shadow Cardinals; she quickly made a name for herself in the cartel. Her drug empire expanded into Brazil, pre-invasion Venezuela and, the Caribbean Islands.

Cat's depression left her open to a spiritual possession, by Y intercept. (Y is her CVNU equivalent), Y's nasty and foul nature caused Cat to bud heads with; Ziccarra Liafador and, Husband Quintus Knightfall. After being halted in her attempted destruction of New York, Cat split from Y; but was raped in the process. From that day forward, the Tenekenetic Queen has vowed revenge on those that wronged her.

She is credited with being the current Queen of Eden, depowering Southern Venezuela; and killing Ziccarra Liafador.

Cat used to command, the shadow Cardinals; however this was taken from her, when Quintus Knightfall completed the Pit.

Ziccarra Isabella Liafador

Was the leader of the Tibetian and Malagan Cardinals; she is known as the "Queen Cardinal" because she commands the Cardinals in the origin place of Tibet.

Z is the youngest child of Ricardo Ramon and, Sabella Liafador. Z's Cardinals are the most honorable bunch of Cardinals in the family. They are taught not to fear death, rather to embrace it. They have a core set of morals that do not falter even in the less fortunate of situations. Ziccarra taught herself, how to use her diabetes as a defensive trigger.

Ziccarra's marriage to Quintus Knightfall came to an end, when Quintus was killed by Grandmaster Impero Ishin. The Malagan Marquess vanished into the under belly of Mexico; after being betrayed by Isabella Marisol.

A few months after her exile, Ziccarra was met by a Saccari, and told of her daughter's whereabouts. Fearful for what might happen to Isadora, and her best friend Ellie; Ziccarra returned. She was eventually killed by Catalina.

Children: Isadora Leabeu

Sofia Liafador

Sofia is the "Half-Sister" of both Z and Kane, she commands a small squadron of Cardinals based in Columbia. Sofia is the illegitimate child of Ricardo Ramon Liafador, and Maria Jose; a Colombian house-keeper. Sofia does not identify herself as a Liafador, but has vowed revenge on Catalina for the killing of her sister. Sofia is the mother of Maya, however she placed Maya up for adoption; years ago.

Children: Maya Liafador (Lopez)

Marcos Liafador

Marcos unlike Kane; became a Red Cardinal and took his talents to Italy. Once there he and his wife Estella set up a Cardinal training post in Puglia to help assist Z. Marcos manages the Mediterranean wine distribution as well, as any problems that need Cardinal influence around the sea.

Because he travels a lot, Marcos tends to sleep around a lot too; he has a child with a Moroccan woman. The child and the woman, both to this day remain a secret.

Children: Zeon, Lebreau

Zeon Liafador

Zeon is the only daughter of Estella and Marcos Liafador, They run one of the Liafador family wineries in Sicily, Italy;where Zeon was born and raised. Both her parents were also in charge of the Cardinal division in Italy and ran a training camp in Puglia Italy.

Zeon grew up around the life of the Cardinals, training with them, going on missions and even to the point of her taking over the Cardinal training camp and running it herself under the watchful eye of her parents while at the same time, helping run the family winery when she's not busy with the other family business.

Jaime Liafador

Jaime is the result of Kane's nomadic lifestyle, she is both Spanish and Thai in descendent and commands the small Cardinal presence in Guyana; much like her half sister, Catalina; Jaime wasn't allowed to know about Ziccarra. It wasn't until she met Catalina that she got in on the Cardinal business. Jaime was killed by Catalina; once she took the throne in Eden.

Isis Liafador

Isis is the oldest child of Kane Liafador, and damn near twin sister to Catalina. She is of Spanish and Greek Heritage; and is probably one of the most intelligent Liafadors. She strives to honor both Ziccarra, and Quintus; while remaining completely loyal to Cat. Isis is the only "Third Generation" Liafador to complete the pit.

Anne Liafador

Liafador women are known for being beautiful, Anne is not. Being of both Spanish and Russian heritage ; Anne has a massive frame, that makes her somewhat of a juggernaut. She is a sister of Isis and Cat, but will only converse with Isis. She owns a small villa in Nicaragua, but is native to Siberia.

Lebreau Liafador

Lebreau is the illegitimate daughter of Marcos and, she is of Moroccan heritage. Typically she does not leave the country, but she was first contacted by Ziccarra; upon discovering the VV's hills location. Lebreau harnesses a hatred towards Zenon and Marcos, but swore to her mother never to act on those feelings.

Isadora Lebeau

If you ask Catalina, Isadora does not count, but anyone else will vouch for the "Princess of Cardinals". Isadora is the daughter of Quintus Knightfall and Ziccarra Liafador. Isadora does not bare the name, "Liafador, or Knightfall" rather Lebeau as an homage to her handler. This vicious vixen has gone toe to toe, with Mercy and Ellie; along with countless others.

Enrique Liafador

Enrique is the only son of Kane Liafador, and believed to be the only male in the third generation. He usually stays close to Kane, but has been sent on missions to monitor the movements of Isadora, Isabella, and Maya. Enrique suffers from Riley-Day Syndrome, which makes it hard for him to eat at times; however he is insensitive to pain. Enrique harvested his power through his condition, much like Catalina.

Maya Liafador

Maya was raised as, "Maya Lopez" it wasn't until recently, when she found out she was related to a Liafador. Maya started as a teen sensation in Columbia, but was recruited by Ziccarra to join the Uncanny Trinity. She has not been seen or, heard since Catalina rose to power in Eden. Maya suffers from sickle cell, ironically she is also strengthened by it.