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34-23-34 inches



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119 pounds

Catalina was concocted in a test tube and then birthed by Ziccarra, she is supposed to be a mirror image of her mother. She was born in Madrid Spain; and then raised in Belize.

Fall from grace

After being "infected" by Y intercept and raped; Catalina was forced back to Belize by her father. Once there she learned Ziccarra had stripped the control of the Black Cardinal from her. Vowing revenge Catalina, met with Isabella Marisol; and persuaded her to overthrow Z as the Queen of the Cardinals; on the grounds that Z would not be interested, once she turned Venezuela into a safe haven. Since losing her Cardinals; she has been hosting multiple award shows under the name Katherine Lynn.

PowersTenekinesis- Through the use of her Dark Force, Catalina can blanket an entire city in darkness, she also can cancel out light based attacks. She can move as a person's shadow or simply exist as her own. She can use darkness tendrills or manifest portals and attack via the portal. She can construct shields, walls, and weapons from her darkness. She can also create a pocket dimension to store a person in.

Shadow FormShadow Form- Catalina's Shadow form is essentially her Shadow that trails from her with each strike she throws, in it; she knows all of the core Cardinal Skills as well as a few of her own. She can actually transform herself into this shadow form; which allows her use her Shadow and Biokenesis simultaneously.

Biokinesis- Cat can control life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity. She can alter her entire DNA to completely mimic, the powers and skills of any organic lifeform

Core Cardinals Skills.

Mind-Set - is a form of hypnotism that requires extreme concentration and focus. It is perhaps the most powerful and dangerous of the Cardinal secrets, granting a warrior unshakable resolve and tenacity. The Mind-Set will cause a warrior to ignore pain and fear, and has proven capable of casting off the effects of brainwashing.

Cloak of the Chameleon - using extreme physical control, the Cloak of the Chameleon alters breathing and circulatory patterns, in order to perfectly mimic the sounds of another person.

The Ear That Sees - is an exercise that concentrates hearing, to compensate for loss of sight and allows a warrior to identify a foe through sound alone, with cues such as heartbeat, the sound of cloth against cloth, and the patterns of breathing and other movement.

The Sleeping Phoenix - technique mimics death, by exerting extreme physical control over involuntary bodily processes. It has proven valuable in fooling enemies, and in extending survival, such as when a Cardinal grandmaster used the technique to preserve his life, after the being stabbed by a Ronin shinobi.

The Blind Sword - a lesser sword fighting technique that allows the practitioner to defend them self in no visibility conditions, consisting in just extending the sword using its scabbard for touch and compensate loss of sight.