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Of Mice of Men 0

The X-Cutioner has been prepping to confront and capture Gambit and has gathered a team of ex  Elysian Enterprise security guards to help him in his mission to bring the Cajun to justice. Rogue makes a guest appearance in this issue as the damsel in distress that is used by X-Cutioner as bait to lure Gambit to his trap. This issue explores the moral dilemma that X-Cutioner has struggled with since donning the armor and stepping outside the law that he had sworn to protect as an F.B.I. Age...

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Old wounds Fresh Blood! 0

You cant have a comic book series without special guest stars and the cliche misunderstood hero fight, having said that Blade makes a guest appearance alongside the Ragin Cajun, Gambit. The story starts off with Blade hunting a vampire who has decided to hunt and turn young children into the undead bringing Blade to New Orleans. Gambit is called home back to New Orleans by his father Jean Luc Lebeau to help investigate the disappearance of the children and the rumors of a "Bat-Man" and Vamp...

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Gambit: The Man of Steal 0

The story begins with Gambit breaking into a newly uncovered ancient temple before scientists and private companies can uncover its secrets,  Gambit having been hired by a mysterious employer who wishes to collect ancient alien technology and keep them out of the hands of  otherwise untrustworthy individuals in order to protect the world from the misuse of the knowledge one could gain from the artifacts.  The X-Cutioner is hired to protect the remaining relics from the thieving hands  of Gambit ...

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