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Line of Fire

  Get Up To No Good Quest Complete!

Can't we all just get along?

1 Step Needed to Complete

We've Seen Some Stuff Quest Complete!

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, detective?

2 Steps Needed to Complete
Quest Complete!

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, EVIL DOER!

1 Step Needed to Complete
  Quest Complete!

You've got moxy, kid.

1 Step Needed to Complete
I Was There! Quest Complete!

We'd give you a medal, but this never happened. Got it?

1 Step Needed to Complete
View the chat during the premiere. 

Ultimately Dead

Line of fire-
reed richards-
ultimate end-
Ultimate Spider-man "power and responsibility"

Don't Call It a Reboot!



  They Prefer the Term "Relaunch"
Crisis on Infinite Earths  
Infinite Crisis
  You Guys Can Be Real Jerks!
  Crime Syndicate
  100% Historically Accurate 
 Superman: Red Son
 Superman a nation divided

Wooho! Nothing We Do Here Matters!

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

Heavy lies the Ring 
Hal Jordan
Kyle Rayner
Guy Gardner
John Stewart
1st appearance
John stewart
Kyle Rayner
Hal Jordan
Guy Gardner
Bling Bling 
 Green Power Ring
Yellow Power Ring
Red Power Ring
  White Power Ring
  Up To No Good
 We've Got your Back
 Green Lanter Corpse Members
( Trick to this one is to use google search engine and click to the forum page)

The Core not of the Core  
Scott Alan
1st Appearance
Star Heart

Super Stardom


  Don't Forget The Popcorn

Box Office Bliss

The New Golden Age

Jim Lee

You're from Where, now?

The Worst of us:

Getting Crowded Now

Variation on a theme:
 Kitty Litter

haters gonna hate
  Madelyne Pryor
Mr. Sinister

The Merry Mutant Arrive

 1st Exam
Florida, Cape Citadel
Father's orders
 Brotherhood of Mutants
 New Blood
Polaris & Havoc

A Team Fully Formed

 Lonely Island
  Now There's the Team I Know!
Giant Size X-Men #1
 New Scribe
Chris Claremont

Oh, Come On.

  Tis But a Scratch! 

You Thought You Didn't Like Him BEFORE
You've Gotten a Lot of Sun
  • You found the power of Flight page. By doing so, you've been given the power. TOTALLY JUST KIDDING DON'T TRY TO FLY.
  • You found Action Comics #60, where Superman is noted as first being able to fly!

The Literal Worst Luck


  First Appearances Aren't Everything

 Find the X-Force #4 issue.  

  Little Help From My Friends

  Seeing the Deadpools
Please Stand Up
Crossing the Chasm
Find the Superman/Batman Annual #1 page.
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Posted by umbrafeline

this really helps. i just finished the A TEAM FULLY FORMED quest which ironically i didnt know was up because its not posted on the main page
Posted by castleking
sorry for the late reply you are welcome. I should activate my response pm.
Posted by fenixREVOLUTION

Nice page, are you going to compiling all the answers? Because the Final Frontier is killing me, I just need one more on Energized to finish it and don't know which.

Posted by castleking

Final frontier

En enforcing Their Religion

Darth vader
Luke skywalker
Princess Leyla
Ben skywalker

Energizing Crew
there is obviously a cliche with Sulu, Scotty or uhura.
I tried Doctor Mccoy and James T. Kirk and a host of other trekers.
I believe there is something wrong with the quest and i will ask RedLamp to look into it.
The Clue is guys who dont wear red so maybe they changed the answer   somehow when last i did it.

Jamming with the X-men

Ms. Marvel

Baby, You can drive my.... ship

Galactus' ship
Kal-El's Spaceship

Dont forget your (brown) Coat

River Tam
Simon Tam
Malcom Reynolds

( Or any of the ship's firefly crew )
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Usin' this felt very cheaty.
But thanks anyway

Posted by castleking
@Gylan Thomas
you are welcome, dont feel bad... the clues arent always helpful even sherlock holmes would be lost.
Posted by ClawRavenscroft

hope the energiesing the crew thing will work oneday...
Posted by Samimista

Thanks for new quest answers :D

Posted by castleking
 you are welcome its why i am here.
Posted by shrmntnk62

Thanks a lot! I was really going crazy on some of these.

Posted by Black_Katana

This helped! Could you help me on the quest named 'War Heroes' I'm missing two of them. Numbers 5 & 10.

Posted by cosmicx

Thanx for the help 

Posted by Bluecatcinema

I keep visiting the pages for "Ultimately Dead", but they're not registering on my quest counter.