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I was cruising through the internet as i normally do you know looking to expand my mind and i came across certain youtube videos and celebrity news which got me thinking about public apologies. I think we all have something to apologize to certain people close to our lives and sometimes we do, i cant think of anyone i know that is perfect and has not done something they are not sorry for. I think when we do something wrong we should own up to it and apologize to the person we hurt not necessarily in private but not necessarily looking for a crowd to see and hear you apologize to another person. In celebrity news you see celebrities who make mistakes in their private lives are forced by their camp to make public apologies to fans, people who have nothing to do with whatever transgression the person may have committed. 
I dont see how it is any other person's business to what happens to another person in their personal life, i dont see regular people apologizing for swearing when ordering food or having a conversation with a friend, why should a celebrity?
What business is it of yours to want someone to apologize to you personally b/c he was at a party with friends and was seen drinking or doing drugs?
If a celebrity cheats on his or her wife, they dont need to apologize to you but to their lover and it is between them and their God if they believe in such things. I think our society has become a bunch of busy body drama queens who think other people's personal life is their business when in truth it isnt. If you dont like what they do then dont buy their albums or go to their movies more often those who are judgmental about them dont actually support the celebrity during the best of their career. 
I think a lot of these transgression arent even apology worthy, i mean cursing and being caught on camera somehow warrants an apology to you the fans? Did anyone ask George W. Bush to apologize all those times he swore and flipped the bird on camera when he thought it was off? I think if people want to start setting a standard they should start with the person at the top and not some guy in entertainment.. Oh, Dont forget we have freedom of speech and expression. >_>
I dont approve of certain celebrities and their actions like drinking and driving or stealing jewelery or passing out in a strangers house but at the end of the day the celebrity should be apologizing to the store, house owner, and be grateful they didnt run anyone over. Drinking and Driving is my pet peef but i dont expect a celebrity to apologize to me. I think for the most part we need to start minding our business, you know what they say about the curious cat, i think that applies to nosy busy bodies as well.. 
It's there life not yours worry about your own before you start worrying about others not everyone has a reason to apologize to a bunch of nobodies.
It is hard enough to apologize to the ones they hurt and you people want one too? Grow the f$%$ up and get over it like everyone else does with your crap.

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It's too early for this.

Posted by primepower53

FINALLY someone says it!

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Joe Quesada should have one of these for his work.

Posted by Samimista

I completely agree with what you said it's no one's business about what a celebrity is up to and such.

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Public perception. Marketability.

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@Samimista said:

I completely agree with what you said it's no one's business about what a celebrity is up to and such.

In America it is.
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I don't even CARE what they did wrong. So an apology means nothing to me. 

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I apologize to people a lot, but they've usually forgotten what I'm apologizing for :P
As for celebrities I don't even care which one's in the movies I watch. I definitely don't care about what they do in their lives.

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That's a very nice idea and point. Glad you brought that up. Good Job =)

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@hydrabob said:
It's too early for this.