Patriotism or Unpatriotic

I have come to realize that world in which i live in more precisely the nation i call home is not what i believed it to be, its history is tainted and hidden from us while we are taught lies in school of who we are as a nation. I learned to stand up and ask the hard questions because i want to  know truth and yet all i ever seen is someone ready to accuse me of being unamerican for asking said questions or to leave and go back to whatever country they believe i should belong in.

I know now that this country that i call home is not the country i want to live in and the ideals of apple pie, baseball, Freedom and Happiness is just a dream. The things i cling to about dying free rather than live on my knees is not shared by the average American as i see them waste away their freedom and ask others to give up theirs so that they can feel more comfortable in this nation build by both criminals and heroes of the past.

I see politicians sign away our personal rights as they scratch it out of the Bill of Rights or add a "but or only ifs". I see great quotes uttered by men like Bejamin Franklin about personal rights and freedom being scuffed at and made fun of while we lose our rights to privacy, government adding cameras on the streets or arresting men or women of suspicion and search them simply for their color of their skin while violating their rights the excuse being well they are criminals cause if they werent they would have allowed themselves to be searched or it criminals dont have rights.

Protection was given to all to prevent the government from abusing their authority and power regardless if you were a criminal or an upstanding citizen because at the end it is a slippery slope. now men and women have phones tapped regardless of race simply because your name sounds funny or b/c a computer program chose your name for whatever reason. now wire taps are done under the guise of patriotism same as when the Japanese Americans were placed in interment camps, Mexican Americans beaten and deported to Mexico and had their land and property ceased, a family murdered by the F.B.I at bloody ridge without anyone being held accountable, this isnt centuries ago but only 70 years ago and less.

yet we see the same pattern repeated blind bigotry run rampant under the guise of being patriotic, the law no longer holds those responsible accountable it is now criminal to defend yourself from those who are suppose to defend and protect you. you have government suspending your rights to bare arms without any government authority nor signature or votes when it suits them b/c someone in Washington says so and people at the City level following orders.

When i was in the military i swore an oath to defend this country from foreign and domestic enemies yet these enemies to me appear to be the american people in power in congress, in office, in the supreme court who stand by and do nothing while they treat what i hold dear as toilet paper. There was a time when i would die to defend this nation but no more, i would die to defend an individual but no longer can i do it for a nation that no longer is what it supposedly said it was or inspired to be.

Now there are men in uniform who are too afraid to disobey orders and uphold their oath because they are afraid of punishment or losing their job. An Airforce Captain a few months ago told me he has followed illegal orders that he knew was wrong b/c he had a family to support and would willingly violent others rights to maintain his position. while another Army cat willingly disobeyed his orders under his military oath and refused to confiscate any weapons and informed his troops who in turn refused to comply with Washington command. Yet we dont hear about this man for his bravery and sense of honor.

We dont hear anyone getting mad anymore when they see military out post being stationed 30, 50 miles from american boarders designed to stop "certain" people and ask for citizenship which every person has the right to refuse to answer. Everyone things it is okay to have a police state b/c they are not targeting you but other less fortunate americans. No one bats an eye when the military is building detention camps on american soil in case it is ever needed. I am horrified when i ask military men and women if they would ever raise their weapons on american civilians if they were given an order to for whatever reason whether revolutionary or  natural disaster to impose order, Their answer i dont know, or i would just be following orders let them up top figure it out and take the blame.

Men and Women today just dont want to take responsibility and use the old tired line of i was just following orders, they dont want to think of the moral, ethical position they are placed in and forget what they swore to uphold. I think Benjamin Franklin was right that we the people deserve the government we get, Government is no longer afraid of the people while the people are afraid of their governments.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I have heard people say that i am self righteous or should be ignored. I might be but that is because i know what it is to give up my rights, liberty and safety to serve this nation and protect its people. i have seen what abuse of government power can lead to in 3rd world nation, i have known 1st hand to be arrested and harassed for the color of my skin or attire. and i tell you all that i will never again allow someone to treat me less of a person whether they are police or anyone else and if i  end up dead or in prison so be it.

it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself, when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.

You may all choice to live in safety so long as you are "allowed" to own a home and two cars and live in relative comfort, my freedoms cannot be bought for such a meager price. My people roamed this land from Alaska down to  Tierra de Fuego nor was i or my people ever an immigrant to these lands that i should be treated as a second  class citizen.  I do not like nor accept being classified as a hispanic, latino, mexican or illegal or any name that is meant to separate me from my land and my brothers and sisters. I will not allow others to define me as what kind of person i should be, i will define myself and take the name that was my people a child of this land without boarders or walls that were designed to keep back "undesirables" b/c of their skin tone while others are allowed to roam free.

I will die before i allow myself to be treated like those before me who were black, brown, asian and  were victimized, i refuse to be called less american or unpatriotic b/c i know who i am and where i came from and refuse to bow down and allow myself to be victimized by any one group. I served this nation once before as a man of honor and principles just to see others piss away what me and others have provided, now out of uniform i would rather die as a man of principle and honor for refusing to allow my rights violated.

This country and its media would rather hide what it is to be a good unwavering americans who stand up to the corrupt and broken system yet their news is never covered or shown, statements of why they did what they did  never read. one instead has to read them online or on foreign news media to see why a man killed a judge or police or blew up a building. News medias rather simply say he was crazy angry and ignore the passionate speech or plead prior to said event which gave him the justification to say, no, i will not sit down. i will not take it, i refuse to have my land ceased by our government so it can be sold to some corporation. People who have their  surrounding land bought off where it is criminal for one to drive off from their home without trespassing.....

instead americans laugh and do nothing.. there was a time when men and women did more than laugh, they  marched for their rights but instead people rather sit down and watch american idol........... the only time people organize is for improp flash mob dance.

perhaps i am not patriotic because i refuse to follow blindly, refuse to comprise my rights and freedoms, or be treated like a criminal in the land of my ancestors. But, what i am is a human being of principles of integrity who asks that i and other be treated the same whether born here or not and be given the same rights afforded to others whether rich or poor, white, black, asian or brown. 

God, Man & KIng: Chapter 8

The heat produced by the friction rejuvenates me as i soak up the energy and glow into my body.. I re enter Mother Earth with such force and speed that thunder announces my return and i leave behind a hot white cloud trail.  I slow down to prevent from causing harm to the world through my power. i use  my godly senses  to focus on the village and can see the children still within my protective light huddled together,  I see Hummingbird in her candle lit home prayin for my safety. I reduce my speed to that of the wind swift and silent as i descent from the sky to the children below in the Tepee field,  I try to keep them from being scared as i use my light power to reform my damaged armor and above all grow golden brown wings with white tips as i quietly land in front of them and smile.

They look at me in awe as they step out of the circle of light to touch me while  i dissipate the light shield. they pull on my wings and lift my cloak to see how they are attached, others pull my gold bracer finger clawed gauntlet covered hand. They smile at me almost forgetting of those around them who still slumber only brought to their attention as i prepare to release their souls housed within me back to those who trusted me to protect them. The Children watch as i take a knee and begin to glow with a white light as i release the power that was lent to me, the children begin to laugh and giggle the euphoric sensation brings happiness as the soft light feathers brushes against them as they try to catch them as it slips passed  their fingers.

i raise my gold gauntlet hand to my lips as i motion the children one last time in my godly form.


They watch as i lose my armor and wings and return to the clothes i had been wearing prior to my transformation. They stare at me confused only to be interrupted by those who had been sleeping who begin to wake confused and possibly forgetful of what truly transpired for the mortal mind cannot hold such horrors and what is ethereal. They see their parents begin to wake many exiting their Tepees and walking out to the field, others waking up from the market streets, the Elders waking up in their lodge. I use the moment of confusion to slip away and blend in as i walk back to the town leaving behind the children who hug their parents pointing at where i once stood and wondering where i had gone.

People begin to speak to each other as the questioning grows louder the rumbling of the crowd of what just happen overwhelms the streets. I walk passed it all to Hummingbird's home where she is waiting and upon seeing me hugs me and begins to kiss me while crying.. While she hugs me i notice her candles still lit which i find odd since i had relinquished the power given to me and suddenly the candles die out.

Hummingbird: what happen?!

The Demons are gone they will no longer bother you or your people. 
but, i feel that it will not be the last time such a thing will happen.. i must leave or i would bring more chaos to your people.

Hummingbird: no.. you cant go!
We.. we can leave together..

And i would place you in danger when my brothers come for me, i cant do that to you.
I will inform the Elders that i am leaving and give them  a reasonable excuse of what just happen to everyone.

she grabs my arm hoping to keep me from going  i turn hoping to calm her.

I will not leave this night.

she holds my hand in a possessive manner as we walk out and head to the Elder Lodge. We enter and see the confused look on the Elders face as they try to figure out what happen to them.. They look at me hoping i might have an explanation, i take a seat beside Hummingbird as i try to explain.

your town people were poisoned honored Elders, those of you who drank of the Old Man's potion.
he and another Old Man tricked your people hoping to steal from you while you all slept.

I did not drink their potion and so i was able to chase them away.

I remember seeing you in a dream.. you and Hummingbird were both there.. i cant remember much.. my memory is hazy.

Yes, we did come here to the Lodge while the Old Man tried to pick and take your possessions while you were groggy and unable to move.
I dragged him out and threw him to the street middle of the night. I did not trust him.. there was another Old Man who had been helping pass out his potion.
I would advice you to confiscate and destroy the jars remaining less you fall victim to its magic, many of you were screaming in your sleep, It brings bad thoughts into you.

Is this true Hummingbird?

yes,  Honored Elders .. what he speaks is true.
to continue to drink the potion would bring madness and great sorrow to our people.

Very  well, we will have our young men collect it all and destroy it. throw it all into the flames of our fires.

I will be leaving your people tomorrow, i believe it is time for me to return to my people.
I have taken too much from you and your tribe, it is time i leave.

Hummingbird squeezes my hand as i say it..  having spoken with the Elders we leave the Lodge and wait to watch the village men collect the Jars as they throw them into the flames of their bonfires. Hopefully no one will remember what truly happen this night, We watch the young warriors go to look for the Old Men but know they will not find them.


God, Man & King: Chapter 7

 I make my way out from the Lodge and leave the soulless Elders behind, I can feel the fear permeating the village stretching out to the fields where the travelers have settled. I run with the speed of the wind that is mine to command to Hummingbird's home to make sure she is save and conscious as i arrive and enter her home i already know something is wrong. As i enter i feel the shadows come alive in her home as it slides back from my presence, Its alive another Demon has followed us back to the land of the living. I clutch Hummingbird as the shadow leaves her home and i hear it whisper.

 Tlacauepan: oh, so very close.........

I sense despair calling out to me as i close my eyes and see huddled children crying before the grotesque Old Man figure as he approaches them, the children did not drink of the wine and were spared the horror of the Underworld. I make sure that Hummingbird is save and light her home with my light to ward off any who wish to harm her, bee wax candles light up with my light  they will not burn out nor melt or waver.

Hummingbird: you cant go...its all real...

yes, it is all real and the children need me.. stay here where you will be save.
i promise to return.

I feel the children crying as it strikes a chord within me their fear enrages me as i transmute into living lightning as my body sparks with electricity before i vanish into a flash of light and crack of thunder...... I glimpse below me and  see another Old Man shuffling through the village market before i arrive at my destination near the fields in the village settlement. I crash down like lightning upon the ground between the Old Man and the Children, staring at him i see him back up the children covering their ears and closing their eyes behind me...

you will not harm these children..

i see you are back, i think you should thank me.
perhaps the children?

He smiles at me with his grotesque crooked teeth as he turns his head and stretches his bony arm with worms writhing beneath his flesh.

the answer is no, foul demon.

i raise my hand and  release a blast which strikes him as he raises his arms in defense. It grinds its teeth as it skids back and finally lifted off its feet and send tumbling back. I walk toward the creature before realizing the shadow upon the ground slowly spreading toward the children, i halt myself turn to the children who look at me in awe as i raise my hand and create a light bubble around them... the shadow falls back and dissipates in response.

stay within the light and no harm will come to you..

The children answer back in mumbling voices..

Children: yessir...yes.. 

I turn back to face the Old Man only to find him gone having vanished leaving behind a smoking area, I look around and train my senses hoping to locate him before he can bring harm to others. I hear him laughing hiding behind the Tepees, trees and tall grass... he goats me forcing me to walk away from the children.  I see the other  Old Man who had walked through the market place shuffling toward the field in his slow pace. I squint my eyes and peer through the veil of glamor to see him for what he is a demon.

I hear them chatter talking to each other in their own demonic language whispers on the wind, the voices all around me.. The Old Man finally arrives before me and stares at me, he does not smile or speak but simply removes his blanket exposing himself in his wretched form. I stare at him neither of us talking and i see the other Old Man that i had blasted moments ago come out from behind the Tepees as he makes his way to his companion his body still smoking from my blast.

I like you to meet my brother, we are very close not like you and yours.

The Old man smiles at me as he speaks, his brother simply peers at me unmoving. i grow tired of them as i approach to kill them i am stopped by what i see next both beings begin to meld together their flesh binding and twisting their bony forms begins to grow in length like a thin tree. I hear their groan of pain as their flesh tears and re knits creating disgusting sound, bones crunching before their transformation is complete..  i look behind me and brace myself for battle,  I feel the shadow on the ground spreading toward the demon as it moves around me as it passes by, the shadow like dark living water grips the grotesque creature legs and crawls up its body giving it's bony frame mass and strength to its otherwise  scrawny frame.  It looks at me with its burning eyes and dark massive body, it size like a large bear on its hind legs as it steps forward... it speaks to me in a guttural voice.

Now we can play.... Little Prince of Light.

We are: Uitzilopichti, Titlacauan, and Tlacauepan
Fear... Pain...Sorrow............
Discord.. Strife... Lust.......... we are....

I listen to them speak before growing tired of their self glorification already knowing who they are.

yes, i know who you are no need to tell me...

annoyed it looks at me as it lunges forward galloping like a wild animal the ground shakes at its massive size.

we are your Death!

It slams against me as i hold my ground bracing myself against it as i slide back before coming to a halt my feet having dug into the soft ground.. It immediately breaks away as we exchange high impact blows among each other. it's large fist strike with  power enough to shatter mountains.. the impact creates loud thunder claps and vibrates the ground in which we stand on.. My shield protecting the Children will keep them save from the effects of our battle  but it will do nothing for those soulless bodies, i must take the battle away from here.

He strikes me with sufficient force to sink me into the ground, i brace myself with my hands and knees as he strikes against my cheek.. i feel the blow against my helm as it slams and my teeth grind from the force of the blow.. i strain to respond in same form as my muscles dense up and prepare to act, lightning sparks from my  body as it travels up my arms.  Pushing off the ground i slam into the Demon Beast with lightning speed wrapping my arms against its waist as i slam into him i  knock the wind from him. Immediately i propel us away from the area  into the sky the Demon already  recovered pounds on my back with his fist as i strain to remain in the air, each blow knocking me off course till i have no choice but to release him  as we both crash into an isolated desert. 

The Demon getting up before me runs through the desert sand as it kicks me across the face as i strain to rise knocking me into a sand dune and being buried beneath it. I lay there buried in the sand and hear his guttural voice as he screams for me..

Come out, Prince! you cannot hide from me! I will find you!

I see the sand falling apart and the moon shining as two large grotesque hands  reach for me and lift me up by the neck....

ah, there you are little Lord of Light..
were you hiding?

I grip his hands and pull back his thumbs and strain to speak ...

umm.. no... just thinking....of the best way to kill you....

hahaha!  truly you will be fun to torture and kill little one

I'm glad you find my comment humorous perhaps you will find this too!

I kick him beneath the chin with all my strength and snap his thumbs back as they crack forcing him to release me as i drop back to the ground and punch him across the face with multiple blows.  He growls and staggers back but responds with a back fist sending me hurling back once more.  I've only enraged him as i shake my head and come to my senses shaking off the blow, i see him standing in the moon light as he cracks his thumbs back in place  while he drools in pain and rage  and  comes toward me..

He melds taking a liquid shadow form and blends in with the desert darkness. I cautiously walk about keeping my senses focused straining them to lock onto him but somehow it is able to remain hidden from me. I turn to look for it and barely register a coming attack coming from nowhere, i turn away only to narrowly be missed by a flying tomahawk as it flies past my face and dissipates back to the shadows from whence it came. I begin to doubt my own abilities could this Demon Beast be moving faster than my ability to see?


Something cuts me as i grab my arm and feel my blood pouring out.. i turn to look for my assailant only to see nothing, this is more than mere speed.. no matter how fast he moves i should still be able to see him with my godly sight.. perhaps it is glamour or he is hiding within the shadows but again I would be able to see or sense him moving, no something else is at play...

out of nowhere an obsidian black knife materializes as it rakes me across  my helm covered face mt helm protecting me from the worse of the attack.  Instinctively i reach for the knife handle and the hand behind it as i pull and flip the Demon from its hiding place. He enters back to my visual sight as if he were crossing a waterfall as reality opens up and allows him back in.. He lands crashing hard on the ground, i have his knife only for it to turn to ash within my grasp..

hahaha! good little prince you are as fast as ever! but, you were only lucky to catch us. you will not do so again...

He gets up and begins to fade, i run after him only to be too late as my hands go through him as he fades away.. My eyes glow as i see past illusions and Glamor only for him to be gone no matter where i look.. When i grabbed him earlier and pulled him reality around him shimmered like a waterfall as he entered this realm. he is hiding in another realm outside this one.

I focus and harness my energies and step out from the realm of mortals to what the gods refer to God Time as i step in I see the Demon in front of me smiling as the world around us comes to a halt frozen in time........................


Your Own Time Machine

You go outside to throw out the trash and take the Trash can  to the curb for pick up, it is a lazy Saturday morning when suddenly a bright flash appears from the left side of the road. You turn to look and instinctively jump out of the way as a slapped together Delorean crashes into your trash cans...The Car stops as the door opens and a crazy wild eyed old man appears in front of you telling you he has been looking for you.. you ask him who  he is and he tells you he is related to you but you dont see the resemblance.. he is rambling but you are having a hard time keeping up and all you here is Delorean, Time Machine, Mr. Fusion and roads you dont need roads.......while you to lift up the trash cans and turn back to look at him you realize he has vanished and left behind the Delorean.

What do you do, where do you go and why?
what do you make of the situation, what runs through your mind?


God, Man & King: Chapter 6

I'm in a realm not my own as i look up i can feel that i am being watched by unseen eyes. the Cavern ceiling looks like an obsidian mirror with smoke swirling about it and through it i can almost see a being watching observing me through the veil of the underworld.  I walk through the cavern floor as it rumbles and shifts beneath my feet, i try my best to stay upright as i follow the screams and wails of the dead. I walk through narrow tunnels that snake and bend leading further into the center of the underworld. I hear a familiar voice screaming for help, it's Hummingbird. i run toward her in the darkness hoping to reach her in time as i turn the corner i see the town's market place dark and gloomy as if it were a dream, a nightmare to Hummingbird.

I see the town people going about there business buying and trading as if nothing has happen to them. I make my way through the crowd hoping to find Hummingbird among the crowd.  I find her trying to push away a wretched looking naked  stranger attempting to rape her as he laughs at her enjoying her fear and desperation as she struggles to push him off her. Angered i reach toward him from behind and flip him off her flinging  him into the merchant table as he crashes among the food stands of chiles and vegetables.

Hummingbird sobbing curled up in fear screams...

Dont touch me!
stay away!

i reach for her but she pushes me away in shock refusing to open her eyes afraid of the nightmare that will come next in this dark realm... The demon rises from the merchant stand as he pushes the tables away and comes to face me.... i stand my ground between her and the demon...

you will not touch her.

he stares at me as his face becomes distorted and shifts his eyes glowing like red embers, he stinks of rotted meat as he smiles and bears his stained crooked teeth.

Ooh, how will you stop me?

I do not fear you, you have no power over me..

The Demon lunges at me bearing his teeth and bony clawed hands, i jumped to meet him in mid air as we crash into each other and fall upon the ground. We roll as we each struggle to get the upper hand.. i take the dominant position as i land punishing blow upon blow across his face, he laughs as he tries to defend himself...

I am not afraid of you!

I repeat it like a mantra as i strike him and splatter his blood across the cavern floor. the images around us begin to fade away with each punch i land. The Demon strikes back clawing across my chest, i feel the fire sizzling through my body as i try to ignore it. As i throw one last punch the demon  melts turning to black liquid shadow disappearing beneath me as my fist strikes the cavern floor..

i stand up and look around the setting has changed there is nothing around us but me and Hummingbird who is still crying... I go to her as i try to calm her.

It's me Snake Crow... Dont be afraid.

she looks up as i reach out my hand for her to take it.. she takes it as she stands and pulls me toward her crying as i cradle her..

It tried to rape me.....

i know, i'm sorry...
you must not be afraid.
it is how it gets its power.

How did you get here, are we dead?

the same way you did, i drank the potion.
you are not dead this place is not for you or your people.
I need you to be strong if we are to escape.

Oh, i say she should be very afraid. This is the world of darkness, my world and i am all around her.
i will have her and you will watch and there is nothing you can do....

The cavern shakes with demon's laughter as it twist and shifts taking on a new form around us of  a dark forest.. The forest seems to contract as if it were breathing able to feel respiration of air.. Hummingbird clutches my hand as i try to lead her away from this place. As we walk i try to reach to old memories of how to escape this realm but my mortal mind no longer holds such an answer.

Hummingbird pulls my arm back as she forces me to stop looking ahead i see a shadow figure sitting on top of tree branch staring at us through its glowing eyes.

tell me how do you plan on escaping this place, you are trapped hear with me godling.

he jumps off the tree landing on the ground as the shadow that is his body shifts he takes a new form now covered in fur turned into some kind of animal man...
he charges at me, i instinctively push Hummingbird aside as we slam against  each other. i feel my ribs crack and my bone vibrate from the impact.. i groan in pain.


He growls as he attempts to rip my throat with his fanged teeth.. in desperation i use my forearm to stop his attack as he bites down on my arm...


i strain to fight him off, his weight having increased with the monstrous form he has taken presses  me to the ground..

I am not afraid!
i have no fear!

the demon punches me as i complete the sentence striking me with what should have been sufficient force to snap a tree. yet i do not die from the unexpected blow as i take the hit with unwavering resolve .. i look at the Demon and grip his wrist pulling them apart forcing him to fall into me as i head butt him...

I fear no demon!

I shout it out as i crack his nose... Hummingbird hearing me shout comes to my aid...

Hummingbird: i am not afraid!

she screams it as she strikes the demon across its head with a large piece of lumber forcing him to fall off me... The Demon growls in anger knowing it is losing its power over her and melts into the ground. Hummingbird helps me to my feet as i massage my jaw..

Hummingbird: i'm not afraid..

i look at her...

I know..

I will have her!

the demon shouts as he grips her ankles from beneath the forest  floor pulling her down as she struggle to break free, the demon laughs as he slowly pulls her down trying to terrify her.... I look at Hummingbird as fear  crosses her eyes... i reach toward her and wrap my arms around her as she holds and hugs me back and whispers in my ears as she closes her eyes.

Hummingbird: i'm not afraid, i'm not afraid..

Be strong and know no fear.

she sinks deeper into the ground as i pray to the Creator to let me sink with her... she begins to succumb to the fear as she locks eyes with me ready to surrender to the darkness...

you cannot surrender to him fight him.
step out of the ground you must believe he cannot harm you.
 it is why he is drawing you slowly using your fear to pull you in, fight it..... please.

tears begin to stream down her cheek as she looks at me straining to say what she want to say to me.

Hummingbird: i....... i  dont want to die without telling you i love you Snake Crow.. 

her waist already beneath the ground as i strain to keep her from sinking. I look at her with sadness knowing if i do not do something she will fall to the clutches of the demon and her soul will be lost...

you cannot die,,

The darkness infecting her as she begins to become despondent her mind  and soul closing itself off  to the horror that is the Underworld as she speaks in a monotone voice losing  its emotions....


because you were the only person who was ever nice to me and you  didnt let me die in the desert and i wont let you die here..

i strain to finish the sentence as tear stream down my cheek afraid to lose her the only light in what has become my dark lonely world..

because i love you......

she looks up at me a glimmer of hope flickering in her eyes as she response..

Hummingbird: you do?

yes, i do.. i love you with all my heart pls dont leave me, fight..

I cup her face as the only part still above the ground as i kiss her hoping she responds and fights the darkness and the paralyzing fear that has forced her to shut herself off...   She begins to kiss me back and whispers back to me.

Hummingbird: I love you too....

I smile at her as i tell her what she needs to do...

so fight back give me your hand and walk out...

her hands comes out from the ground as she reaches for mine and i pull her out as she begins to steps out and hugs me... I hold her tightly as i look up and see the cavern polished obsidian roof, the smoke swirling around  making it difficult to see the figure on the other side of the veil who peers into this realm watching me, i know it is my brother... .

you lost demon!
she no longer fear you nor do i !

The Demon doesnt reply it knows it no longer has power over us... all that is left is to get Hummingbird away from this place and rescue the rest of the town people.


God, Man & King: Chapter 5

It's been several weeks since i spoke to the Elders, traders from various tribes have come to the town. I have kept my distance during this time of trade the winter passages have melted allowing them to bring their merchandise and their stories. I can see tepees as far as the eye can see from the edge of the woods as they settle down for the weeks they will be here before heading back to their tribes.   I notice one among the people who stood out, he is old, hunch over and with a limp. How could he come so far across the rocky trail and mountain range?

I see him enter the market place and disappear among the crowd as he goes to trade his goods. I turn away from the site of the large gathering and return to my wooded area home, here among the trees and animals the closest i will come to be part of the world no longer a god.. The memories have long since faded as if it were nothing but a dream from a mad man, I question myself if i was ever more than what i am.

As i walk away i am surprised by the unsuspected touch on my shoulder, i turn to see to my surprise, Hummingbird.

What are you doin?! huff, huff,..
 i saw you looking this way but then walk away.
why must you make me run?
 i thought you might want to come down and see what all these people have brought, come.

she grabs my hand as she guides me to the town.

i cannot, i would not feel comfortable among all these strangers.

Dont worry about it you'll be with me.
i been having this strange dream that i havent been able to understand..
you're in it but you're not.
I see a man in the market place which i 1st think is you wearing a cloak.
As i come toward you, he turns and he is not you and instead is a strange disgusting man who is naked exposing himself and his  wretched form, his eyes gleaming as he stares at me and smiles lustfully, he reaches for me and than i wake.  I have not seen this stranger before, i think it is a warning, what do you think?

I do not know perhaps it is the face of stranger you saw and do not remember.
I  doubt you would forget a naked man walking in the marketplace.
It could be nothing more than your own deep hidden woman needs and urges.

What are you saying that i want a strange wretched naked man, i think i would do better than that.

Perhaps it is how you see me, you said you thought it was me at 1st perhaps that is how you see me.

As we walk through the crowd being led by Hummingbird i feel the eyes of various strangers looking at my face and hear them chatter about me. finally we reach an open area where the old man i had seen earlier stand in the middle of a crowd preaching the qualities of what he comes to trade.

Old Man:    Grandmothers and Grandfathers and young braves and women, i have with me an elixir a magical potion that can bring new life and removes the burden of sadden memories.. one small bottle of this can make a person cope with the pain of old wounds from battle or hunting. It is made of  a special plant from my homeland. i will be willing to share the secret of making it if anyone makes a large offer but for now how about some free samples!

People watch this old man as he speaks many intrigued of his potion making offers of gold, meat, furs jewelery whatever they can to try his miracle elixir. i watch unsure of what to make of the stranger and his miracle potion as i am lost in thought i feel Hummingbird push my shoulder with her own.

Hummingbird: Maybe you should get some for ourselves what do you think?

i have no need of his potion, what he claims are illusions to hide the truth and nothing more. A temporary solution at best. 

Old Man:    Ahh.... I see we have a doubter perhaps a free sample to show you that it works what do you say Sir?

no thank you, Old Man..

I can see great pain in you stranger would you not wish to soothe them?

My pain will fade in time.

I disagree pain lingers and grows as any old man can tell you. if you are ever interested i would be willing to offer you a free sample any time.

the old man smiles as he shows me a small clay bottle full of his elixir.. Hummingbird anxious speaks to the old man..

Hummingbird: I will take the bottle old man, I have a bead bracelet for trade.

she unties it from her wrist as she hands it to the old man for a sample of his  potion as he hands it over to her. i grab Hummingbirds hand as she is given the potion..

In my land such a potion is used only for ceremony and for the old, it is sacred as is it the mushroom and peyotle.

Hummingbird: why are you so worried?
i'll be careful, i know what i'm doing.

She pulls her hand away from me as she ties it unto her waist the old man smiling as he looks at the bracelet walking back to the crowd.  I see various people drinking the concoction as they smile and buy more happy at the results people after people vouching for the qualities the old man attributed to the potion. 


God, Man & King: Chapter 4

It's winter the snow covers the forest, the ground is harden by the cold and frost. It's been several seasons since i have been allowed to live near the village and its people the Dine.  They have given me a home within the forest a few miles from their village.  In return i have given them the few precious seeds and stories  that i carried with me during my escape from Teotihuacan.   I have taught them all i know of farming techniques helping them store the grain and dried foods and fruits for this winter, I now sit here in my small lodge looking out the door at the snowy fall  as i try to once again return to the land of the spirits and receive a sign from my Father. I hold in my hands a small cup of hot mushroom tea to help me on my spiritual journey while i'm wrapped with a blanket and chew on a peyotl button.

As i stare out i begin to rock back and fourth watching the colors swirl in front of me, i can hear my mortal heartbeat resonating within me, i can hear my breathing as if it were coming from another place. The veil of the mortal world begins to open allowing me to see into the spirit realm.  I hear the whisper of the ethereal beings not gods but also not mortal men something in between They speak to me:

Spirits of the World: " why have you come here little Prince?"
"this not your domain......not anymore."

I answer back:

"I wish to go home, to be what i was, i need to know how."

Spirits of the World: have you already forgotten how, Godling?
can your mortal mind not grasp what it was that you lost or did you never truly know to begin with?
You must know what it is you seek to be what you wish to be?

i become annoyed and try to retain my calmness in order to remain in this realm between worlds.

"I seek to regain what i lost to be  a god."
"please speak clearly to me and not in riddles, My mortal mind  cannot grasp such abstracts.

Spirits of the World:  "and what did you lose and how can one find what one has lost?"

"I lost my purity and therefor my divinity are you saying i cannot regain my purity and my godhood?"

Spirits of the World:
You can never again be pure.............

I hear the whispered voices as it fades away covered by the background noise of the winter winds, it has taking me months to gain an audience with these beings only to hear what i could not bear. the curtains of reality fall back into place the multiple swirling colors fade away and i see before me snowflakes blown by the harsh wind, I stare at the winter weather and see it the distance obscured by the snow a figure moving forward. As it approaches i see what it is one of the villagers has come to me during this storm covered in her winter wolf and bear furs.

i see who it is, the young woman who had  found me, Hummingbird. She has tracked through the weather to see me since she had saved me she refuses to leave me alone. She looks up through  the snow and sees me, she smiles and waves as she calls out to me.

Hummingbird:  Hey! why are you sitting like that in front of the door?!

As soon as she speaks i puke  the mushroom tea and the peyotl mushed button.

Hummingbird: are you okay?!

She runs to my aid feeling some responsibility to me.  i dont know why she owes me nothing, it is I who still most repay her kindness.
 I wipe my mouth  as she comes over me and helps me stand walking me back inside and closing the door and tarp.

do you want to die, sitting out there in this weather?
whats the point of me saving you from the desert if you're just gonna try to kill yourself by freezing?

I look at her as she pats off the snow off my blanket and looks around to build a fire for heat.

"I was looking for answers?"

and you couldnt do that here near a fire?

I wanted to see the the snow.

well now you saw it.

why are you here?

i came to bring you food, you have not been to the village in days.
i was worried about you.

She removes the pack  full of food from her back as she lays it down on the table.

you shouldnt have come, it is too dangerous, you could have been hurt.

hello? have you forgotten that i crossed a desert for you and i wasnt the one bit by a snake and dying.
 i think i can handle walking a couple of miles in the snow.

i do not argue with her as i watch her show me what she has brought as she removes it from the leather pack as she pulls out: squash, deer meat and even honey comb.

Hummingbird: i will make you something to eat.

I am not hungry.

well, i am.
afterall, i just marched  through a bunch of snow

I ignore her as i lie down in the corner wrapped in fur blankets and watch her prepare a meal.

"the elders would like to see you again, they wish to hear more stories from your village and your people."

"I have no people. they abandoned me.

Hummingbird: "maybe, but they would like to know more of where you come from.
i told them that i would bring you back tomorrow morning."

"i dont feel like telling stories. "

Hummingbird: they would find it an insult afterall to them you are a wise man."

"If i am than why do they have me live so far away..

Hummingbird: "b/c they fear and respect you."

she answers with her mouth full of food.

"and you?"

Hummingbird: "i respect you but, i do not fear you.
i have not seen you do anything for me to fear."


Religion & Racism, two sides of the same coin?

does Religion advocate Racism and Xenophobia Attitude?

what Religions and specific text show one or the other argue for or against racism?

is religion just dressed up polite racism, hate speech and prejudice?

i have been called a gentile by a Hebrew person to identify me as not of his race or religion. he actually thought it was okay and polite to say that to me nor did he find nothing wrong with it.

he isnt the only person i seen this from. Christians have called others heathens, sinners now maybe it in itself isnt racism but it seems more like hate speech that no one seems to think is wrong or impolite ..

I like to focus on the main religions: Judeo/Christian, Islam,  but i am willing to listen to  what other people's beliefs say on how to  treat other people not of their culture.

I some times see text in various religions as nothing more than hate mongering toward others due to culture, race, and sex.


Who I Am.




Wanted Dead or Alive
Simple Man
Yer Majesty
Sympathy for the Devil
Tears in Heaven
somewhere over the rainbow israel kamakawiwo'ole
Drops from Jupiter
Ty Stone - Line of Blood 
The Last Kiss / El Ultimo Beso
Faith Hill~ How do i live
Tupac~Let em Have it
Tupac~Thug N U Thug N Me

Favorite  Movies and Cinema Moments

Blood in and Blood Out
Young Guns I & II
The Crow
One Man's Hero
Dirty Dancing
Gladiator (1992)
Knock around Guys
Men of Honor
Four Brothers
Underworld I, II, III
Tears of the Sun
Brotherhood of the Wolf

Comic Books

Wolverine Vol. 1 & 2
Young Justice
Rising Star
Battle Chasers
Nightwing: a Knight in Bludhaven
Batman: shadow of the Bat


Anne Rice novel series
Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter series

Hobbies, Background

TKD Instructor
Construction worker and contractor
sometime artist in various mediums: Glass edging, sculpting, painting, sketching.
Hiking, jogging and light weight training

TV Shows

Running Wilde
Modern Family
Burn Notice


Life's battles dont always go to the stronger or faster man. But, Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can~ Vince Lombardi
 “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” ~ D.H. Lawrence
I'm no philosopher. and i'm sure no molecular biologist. But i got a gut feeling that something that can make the decision to sacrifice itself for another creature cant be all machine... there  is something human in there. and that something is scared and hurtin and i'm not about to leave it all alone to face the dark.  ~ Wolverine.

"Just trying to do the right thing, Sir..." ....."ehh, its what you get when you try to be good. Should have kept my mouth shut. Be good and good will follow that is what my parents used to always tell me. but, you know Mr. Kent i was good before they were taken from me, i was good at the foster home, and i was good 15 minutes ago. I'm starting to think being good isnt good for me"  ~ Billy Batson



“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. ”



"In my culture we say when we die the mother earth opens her mouth like a great crocodile to devour us.
our body is  Her body,  now i will nourish her with my body.
they wrap us and place us in a sac to return in the same  position  when i was in the womb of my mother.
 i am placed within the earth how i was born, i return to mother earth.

it is the custom of my village my spirit must fly up with the rest of my brothers with my ancestors and yours.
How the spirit leaves and the eagle comes and rest over my body with his claws and talons he grips my soul and lifts me up.
Up with the Father Sun to fly like the eagles around the sun that is the tradition of my village.

that is what my ancestors believed that is how i continue practicing it, we interpret different forms but the Creator wants us with him that is the story and this is  the dance that  my children will perform,  they will simulate the eagle and the warrior of this land wrestling once he gets old and the body grows tired if he deserves this the creator brings the eagle, we hope you understand my days are starting but with much love we perform  it for you, i hope you understand.
" ~ Native Warrior Dancer

 " People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right. " ~  Sara, The Crow.

Start the Conversation

God, Man & King: Chapter 3

I sit on a log inside a private lodge with the elders. They talk about me as if i were not even here, others stare at me and my clothes while they decide what to do with me.

Elder: " He cannot stay here, he is not one of us.".......  "i sense great sadness in this one enough that he would infect us all." ........ " Can you speak, do you understand us?"..... "where are you from?"

The Elders lean in to me as they speak waiting for me to speak, i cannot and instead the young woman who had found me approaches the men to speak on my behalf.

"He cannot survive on his own, he is special, i was suppose to find him."

She turns to look at me as she reaches to my waist and shows the elders my stone gray belt buckle.

"Look he carries the symbol of the snake, he is a wise man perhaps even a shaman."

The elders look at the buckle and sneer as they respond.

"That is not a symbol of wisdom, it has two heads. i know this symbol he is from the tribe of the south, do you speak the trader & Merchant language?"

I stare at the elder as he speaks to me in the old tongue of the 1st nation, i respond to him and nod my head.


although,  we can now begin to speak to each other. it will be difficult using the 1st nation tongue and the Merchant tongue.
words like water, fire, food.. will be easily understood but the more complicated ideas will take time. One of the younger less  patient of the village  men speaks up as he stares at me with contempt.

"Why should we help him? if the earth wants him  then let her have him.  I say we kill him less he brings more of his kind on us.  Look at him he is a savage closer to an animal than a man, look at his face!"

He points at my deep cut scars and facial hair something they have never seen before.  he stares at me challenging me to counter his words.. The young woman defends me as she pushes him away..

"he is no animal look at the color of his eyes how they change and blend colors, his hair is brown and turns like sun rays when the sun strikes it. He is a man a very special man! it's you that is the savage animal!"

another of the elders interjects...

"Perhaps he is not a savage animal, but he is no man like us perhaps it would be better  if we let him  wander off like a spirit that he is."

The woman response.

"He is no spirit grandfather, he is a man who bleeds when cut, he is made of flesh as you and i."

The men begin to talk while i am escorted out of their lodge where i am made to stand and wait. The village children run past me with their dogs smiling and laughing at me as they run off.. I look at their village and see that they had made homes from the sheer of the cliffs, while also making homes of mud and brick  near a large  river. They even have wells at the center of their village for cleaning, drinking or bathing although i am not fully sure it could very well simply be for decoration.

The young woman comes out from the lodge after several minutes to tell me what the elders judgment will be.

"they said they will help you but, you cannot live among us for fear that others might come looking for you."
We will supply you with food and even help you build a home but it will be  several miles  from here. I'm sorry"

I look down at her and smile  for her kindness.. One of the young men walks out of the lodge glaring at me with hate... She turns to look at him before turning back at me and speaking.

"Come, i will take you to my home where you can sleep the night till tomorrow morning."

she grabs my hand as she takes me to her dwelling place a fire pit in the center of her home for cooking on the side of the wall a  wooden table with clay pots, dishes and jars. She asks me to sit  so she can look at my leg, i remove my gold shin guard and raise my deer skin pants removing my leather boot.. As i struggle to remove it pain sears through my leg like electricity,  it than dulls down to pulsate radiating waves of pain throbbing as it becomes inflamed.

My bare skin has dried and cracked like the skin of a snake, parts have gone black, i can only hope that i retain my leg ..  She applies salve to my leg as it heats  up  i feel it leeching out the toxins..she wraps my leg and tells me it will take more than salves to save it and that i should pray.  

but who does a god pray to when his father, brothers and sisters no longer care or listen?

i fall asleep in her home as night falls................