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That would be a hell of a amalgam too,deadpool and carnage...whos the green for,lantern?

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Superior genius:invent some cool $#!+ get'em patented and lay bay making big dumb money or...the power to take other ppls powers like rogue and take all you lames powers that was talking about "joining the army and helping people"and make you watch as i put them to better use lol. SUPERVILIAIN FOR LIFE!!!

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After mk3 i just couldnt take the suckiness of the mk franchise anymore,it was all about tekken then i mean it got to the point where the only good thing was the fatalities and even then that got boring after a while.Mk vs DC only could hold my interests for about a week. So basically if its a fighter and its not a new tekken game im not interested.

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I liked the whole meastro was very interesting seeing the hulk with the whole grey'd hair thing kickin @$$ and not caring

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The number one fan

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...So what are you can explain God?

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@mrdecepticonleader: You i know that a lot of people out there think that way but i dont buy that for one second. Why? Number one,everysince i was little a people ive been around at various stages in my life have told me that they have experience wierd things that that they cant explain. Now the part that i always found puzzling was that in any other facet of life these were sane thinking people,which begged for me to ask myself way on these particular topics would they not be on the up and up. Secondly when i finally had my own experiences there was just no and i mean no way to explain it through science. And third and most importantly, at every level of our existence we as human beings always thought we knew everything i mean at some point in history if were to run around say "the world is round" everyone would have thought you were crazy because at that time people thought world was flat.Before "columbus" (yeah right) discovered america if u would say "hey man if u sail across the ocean goin west for three months you'll run into the continents of north and south america. The point is everything can not be explain with pure scientific thinking,we as a species are so egotistical in our approach to finding knowledge it really amazes me we have lasted this long.

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@Thunderscream: Good idea

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I've always wondered this but i have to go with one of my favorited villains DR doom

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But think about...if the ranch is reopened,how that could play into xmen story lines. Like it could be the cover for a covert team or something