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ding dong the witch is dead

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@Jubilantlad said:
" Who would you like to see stay for a while instead of being just a guest instructor?  "



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cos everyone is thinking its not him

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@Silver man said:

  But then i was given the following image (excuse the quality, its not my scan if ): 
      (if anyone has a better quality scan of this please post) 
 this shows him lifting up the 16,000 ton reactor.

He lifted a battle ship once, a 747 and part of a sky scraper building
sorry don't have scans
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Gladiator flys in at light speed with punches flying and destroys the planet
Thor survives the destruction of Earth but Thor doesn't really have a chance to win cos the rest of the guard pile on him for a win

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@CAPiTA said:
"no. once he runs out of cosmic energy, he'll start draining Hulk's gamma radiation to increase his own. Hulk turns into Banner and Surfer turns into a beast. "

Hulk would lose
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@CosmicGod432 said:
" He seems to be able to handle Lord Mar-vell from the cancerverse pretty well, which it seemed as if the Surfer had some trouble doing (even with Nova's help) because Lord Mar-vell easily destroyed the Surfers board but the Surfer didn't seem to try very hard either though, but now who do you guys think will win in an all out fight with no prep whatsoever and current power levels."
A lot of people including me have not read this comic yet
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@Lance Bastro said:

" i think without prep, doom would still win. 
  he's the 2nd smartest man in the earth rivaling reed and he's the 2nd most power magician in the world, rivaling strange.  "

IMO he was always the smartest, Doom is 1st 
maybe Thanos or abstracts are smarter but on Earth its Doom who wins the brainiac quizz
always ruthlessly intelligent at business and ruthlessly smart ruling a whole country. Reed has never done these feats so Doom has an expertise in areas that Reed does not
Reed does one thing great - science. He's the best scientist in Marvel but as an all rounder I wouldn't  rank Reed ahead of Stark. 
I mean even if Reed can claim to be a better scientist than Tony Stark, Tony is probably a better linguist, business man or wiser when it comes to manipulating people. Reed's expertise is only in one area
 Doom is an expert in just about every school there is including magic, Reed has never understood magic at all because he refuses to accept it exists
Circe is an incredible sorceress but she has never faced anyone like Doom
Imagine someone with the durability, firepower and intelligence close to Brainiac...this would already be a tough fight for Circe
now give this metal monster the heart and cunning of the most ruthless person on Earth and send him to best HarryPotter schools and Merlin schools of magic...he's gonna take it 
IMO Doom might take this easy regardless of having time to prepare or not
Circe's best hope would be to rush Doom and hope he doesn't react
If the fight takes place in the 
Latverian Mountains. as stated then this war is over
Circe would have Satellites and Doombots blasting the hell out of her if she was silly enough to take on Doom in his home turf
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Is Prime still alive or did they kill him off like Marvel did the Sentry?

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Anyone else hear this about Pak writing a script 4 the Surfer film
is it genuine news or a rumor
and what characters should the film have?