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@god_spawn said:

"  i dont see much of what Norman brings to the table as much of a threat. "

Norman is ruthless, old school Norman has the Goblin healing factor,  has the speed and strength ( 12+ tons)  to match Spider-Man. he's got much better strength, reaction time and durability than Wolverine
Goblin is also an insane genius, the mad industrialist has got all kinds of crazy weapons
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team DC

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Xmen, spite

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Stalemate Mandarin is a Brick and Wolvie has healing factor, 
if there's no claws then Mandarin beats the crap out of Wolverine...Wolverine keeps healing from a bloody mess but can't come back strong enough dish out enough punishment to put down Mandarin
no one wins

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Stops at 5, Warlock, Drax and Nova are way too much

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Skrull would win, too bad no one takes him serious cos he spent his entire life jobbing

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Phoenix, she is above Odin, Zeus and OdinForce Thor
She might even beat all 3 at once

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Zeus solos, Spite thread

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@PowerHerc said:

" Spider-Man once beat Firelord.   "

Let me explain the whole Symbiotic Spidey vs the Firey Herald by quoting guys CBR 


Jobbering? and SMvFL?


1. It's "jobbing", a wrestling term for losing (often pathetically) just to make the other guy look good. A "jobber" is one who jobs, and "jobber aura" refers to the ability of a popular character to force others to job to him (see: Batman).

2. In SM vs. FL Spidey beat somebody who he really, really shouldn't have been able to. It's not the most extreme case of this, but it's probably the best known.


It's actually "jobbing" is a wrestling term that basically means "forced to lose or forced to look less powerful". Usually it happens when someone more popular is around. That's why people job to Wolverine and Superman.

In the Spider-man vs. Firelord fight I seem to recall Spider-Man dumping a water tower on Firelord extinguishing him which is stupid as the guy flies around space. He obviously has no need for oxygen.


Some other points, the Venom costume has been shown to be very weak against fire.....but during this fight against Firelord the Spidey Venom costume didn't show this fire weakness at all
Firelord can waste planets with his cosmic fire and he has soaked up hits from 100 + class bricks. As good a fighter as Spidey is there is nothing Spidey could have done to put him down 
The comic was terrible
Which is why the term SMvFL has become so popular to describe this case of extreme jobbing
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sounds stupid
was it worse than a Rulk comic?