Next JL: Generation need of help?

According to DC Universe's:  The Source, the new issue of JL:  Generation Lost  
"asks just how long can Max Lord keep his grip on the Generation Lost crew, especially when Batman and Wonder Woman are involved" 
I'm kinda disappointed that they are bringing in Batman and Wonder Woman.  I understand that both of them have pasts with Max and bringing in the "big guns" might help sales, but I'd prefer to keep the JLI as the only leads.  The whole series has been the JLIs fight and bringing in Bats and WW feels like its the parents coming in and saving the little kids.  The only way this is going to work for me is if either the whole team or Booster stands up to Bats and WW and gets the recognition they/he deserves.  The whole series has put the JLI through hell.  They need to rise from the rubble and kick some Max arse.  Bottom line:  I want the JLI to finish the battle themselves, without any help. 
Posted by danhimself

Batman should have been in this series a heck of a lot more than he has been considering he was on Max Lord's Justice League

Posted by longbowhunter

There is a valid point here. If anyone needs to come swooping in to help it should be Guy Gardner. To bad he is in the unknown sectors of space.
Posted by Tempest55

So after the last issue of generation lost came out, where you satisfied about the whole Batman and Wonder Woman possibly coming in to clean up the mess complaint? In case you haven't read it yet, I'm not going to spoil it. 

Posted by CasimirAngel

Yea, I'm happy with the result.  I like Booster taking charge and kicking some arse. 

Posted by mark5

They will finish the battle themselves. This is JLI title after all...