Next DC Animated Original Movie

Well, we just had Justice League:  Doom, based off the Babel arc, announced at WonderCon.  I noted that a certain hero has yet to feel the love of an animated movie devoted to themselves. 

The Flash

Of course Superman and Batman have their own movies.  Wonder Woman and Green Lantern have the star treatment as well.  How come no Flash yet?  I think it would be fantastic to see the Rogues being the Rogues and some time-traveling involving some speedsters.  There so many stories that they could use.  Rogue War would be kinda cool, but might require considerable set up.  Especially with Flashpoint coming out this summer.  One would think they might try to profit off the focus Flash will be getting this summer.  Or maybe they're waiting for a live action movie.  Either way, it's long past due.

Any other ideas for an animated movie?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I think there is a Flash live action film in the works is there not? I would love a JSA animated movie, something to do with the New Age or The Return of Black Adam possibly.

Posted by Kairan1979

I'd like to see Birds of Prey animated series that actually do them justice, unlike the old TV Series that butchered Black Canary.

Posted by Sammkolai

I'd like to see Lex Luthor VS Deathstroke =).

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

I want to see the JSA, especially The Next age because it's not too complicated of a story and it's one my favorites. I still want to see The Flash get his own animated movie but it has to be Barry Allen in it, not Wally West though Jay Garrick as The Flash would make a pretty cool movie as well.

Posted by KZR

A Flash animated movie would be nice especially if it had a good plot and all the best characters. I'd also love to see a JSA film (the Justice League have

had their own TV series and movies , a JSA one is long overdue).
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Flash Dastardly death of the Rouges or The Return of Barry Allen 

TRoBA would have sort of obscure flash backs to his death and the entire set up would be done that way they wouldnt take time to show full flashbacks to everything that happend to all charecters  but statements reffrences and very short flashbacks would fill in the past