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@hellos: Is the megasmasher the chestblast? I haven't seen this anime in a long time since Blockbuster and vhs tapes...yeah that long.

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Nope, I'm pretty sure Derek is officially a Beta again since the end of 3a.

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I have to say I'm really disappointed about how all of the characters were portrayed, save for Batman, GL (and even him to an extent), Flash, and Cyborg. Wonder Woman and Superman were the worst.

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@comicdude23: I find everything the both of you have been saying to be very insightful, but calling Keaton's Batman Garbage I just can't agree with. Just because it doesn't completely stick to the comicbook mythos, doesnt mean it isn't good in it's own right. Just count all of the comicbook movies out right now and tell me there isn't at least one plot piece or one character/relationship missing from the film.

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Lottery Ticket

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I guess joing would have to be it. I've been around for a while and I dont think many people even know me. I was hoping to have reached legendary status by now.

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I'd love to know a little bit more about The Boss.

New 52 Slade may not be as skilled as his pre-52 counterpart thus far, but the dude has crazy damage output and durability. He's also tangled with people faster than himself, such as Tomo, who he stated was "too damn fast".

I thought nothing much had changed about Slade in New 52?

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Comic Deathstroke deflects bullets with his sword, takes on more dangerous foes besides kid Robin, and effectively fights whole teams of highly trained individuals. This says it all

Please dont use that issue as an example, there are plenty of other examples of him facing off against the titans that dont involve bad writing.

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I guess it depends on the writer. The most recent inclusion of the Danger Room I've read is ASTONISHING X-MEN written by Joss Whedon, and it was able to replicate scenarios and various settings very well, but it wasn't impressive in testing agility and didn't show the capabilities you've mentioned. This isn't to say it hasn't been shown before, I just don't think it is anything that is to be put so far ahead of the Elric Brothers' alchemy. Also, high-tech weaponry isn't exactly overly impressive either. Most of it is mere fodder, just like bullets tend to job in comic books.

I never much cared for Joss Whedon, and havent read his run with X-men thus far. But most comicbook street levelers tend to react to bullets, lasers, lightning etc. I still dont know what exactly Ed could pull of that Gambit wouldnt be able to handle or has never seen before just considering the limitations of equivalent exchange, how ever small those limitations may be.

Greeling seems to get the upper hand on Ed at the end but it's obvious the latter was able to fight more. Ling was carrying an injured Lan Fan and was evading both Bradley and Gluttony IIRC, and was able to parry some of Wrath's attacks, and ultimately out-smarted his opponents in order to escape. I do remember stating that Bradley wasn't going 100% and was most likely holding back/toying with Ling, but if I didn't I agree with you in that regard. It is nonetheless impressive considering that even Scar at his best was challenged by a severely injured Wrath without his Ultimate Eye. Fu was also capable of parrying tons of Bradley's blows, and able to hold him back, even when Greed II was not present. Scar isn't a brute IMO. He is skilled enough to defeat both an inexperienced Elric Brothers, but also has the destructive capabilities that are extremely similar to Gambit's own. He's also got incredible speed that was commonly displayed in theBrotherhood anime and original manga to allow him to speed-blitz and kill more than ten State Alchemists. Juggernaut, Gladiator, and Sabretooth all job extremely often, and even so less impressive characters have been able to give the three trouble. It's not like Ed wouldn't be able to evade and/or hold back all the characters you've mentioned, including Wolverine and Blade. I'm aware that Gambit doesn't have to outright kill Ed in order to defeat him, but it's still limiting his abilities to an extent at the very least. Ed however, other than being a pacifist, has the luxury of going all out.

Ah, Okay now I remember. In the case against Bradley, it's like we both said Bradley wasnt going all at in the first place. Ling avoided his attack by staying in his blind spot. Bradley even said he'd have had a much better chance had he dropped the dead weight, but he didnt even bother with them once the smoke screens were thrown and they ran away. Scar really doesnt show off a whole lot of fighting skill imo, most of the stuff he pulls off is with his alchemy, he was pretty dumb founded when he couldnt use his alchemy on Ed and got lucky he didnt die against Bradley.

Less impressive characters like who have given the three trouble? I never said what happened in Gambit's multiple encounters with those characters, but I doubt they jobbed every time they faced off against him and vice versa. Pretty much all comic characters job or have low showings, Wolverine got put down by being hit in the balls with a baseball bat, but that's not to take away anything from him when he faces off against someone like Gambit and vice versa. *Shrugs* I concede to your points though, like I said i havent really read a whole lot about Gambit, so Im probably not the best person to be defending him in this case.