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Also is not to rule out other physical stats outside of strength, like stamina, durability, agility, speed. They might be more skilled as a h2h fighter or whatever else, but if they aren't fast enough to react what does it matter? Or is it possible that they don't need to be fast enough to react because they're durable enough to take anything to dish out, like Darkseid if Im not mistaken isn't faster than Superman but he's durable enough to take what Superman can dish out.

Maybe they're durability wouldn't matter against a more skilled opponent because they know how to attack a person's weak points, they may have a HF or something, but that doesn't matter if they can attack with nerve strikes, pressure points, chi blocking, etc.

Stamina is also important. You may be evenly matched in absolutely every aspect, but if you can outlast them in a physical confrontation then they may not be able to take you. They'd be forced to end it quick or lose.

Also can't forget the different aspects of "skill" if youre a skilled marksmen as I already mentioned, maybe you can use that to your advantage over someone who is physically superior or even someone more skilled in other aspects than you.

Then there's tacticians like Cap, Slade, Batman, etc. If you're able to think as well as you fight, staying ten steps ahead and plan out every move sometimes you can beat your opponent mentally as well as physically. Slade is able to play mind games with his opponent, it's actually how he gets to Cass and Rose often. This works with preperation as well as being a quick thinker on the fly.

I just wanted to expand on what I had to say before. There's so many factors in every fight that have to be considered, location, distance, equipment, what mental state the characters are in. It's not just about skill or stats.

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I think it all depends on the situation. Sometimes the gap in stats is way too wide to be covered by the amount of skills you have, also what exact skills you is also important to know. Being a skilled marksmen wouldn't matter in a h2h fight would it? Sometimes being slightly stronger in Caps case doesn't realy matter against an opponent like Batman imo, who I'm not entirely would take a majority against Cap anyway, because he knows how to utilize his skills against opponents that surpass him in strength. It all depends.

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This is great, I just started reading the Scarlet Spider series. I hope to return to the thread with some of my knowledge.

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Even if it is against the Other, Blade does still have a chance. I'll concede that the majority would go to Kaine in that instance, but I don't think it would be a stomp. Blade fights monsters on a regular basis, Kaine as the other is no different, plus there is no skill in other mode.

Fair points.

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It's a matter of what you can relate to. There are differences culturally that sometimes makes it harder to listen to, that's not to say they aren't any good sometimes it's just not our cup of tea. To each his own though. I personally think Em is one of the sickest artists lyrically, Mac Miller is fun to listen to, Macklemore can be very deep, but their not entirely what I'm into but I listen to all sorts of rap including them.

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I think Im gonna go with Piccolo on this one.

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That's true, definitely one of my favorite issues of that series. It was mostly Rose's inexperience at the time. Slade also underestimated Cass probably not expecting her to do something as harsh as slit her throat.

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@highaccuser: Morals on Rose is still not afraid to kill. When she realizes he's trying to kill her and knowing his strength and speed she's not going to hold back. Not sayin she wins, but Rose hasn't shown any qualms about killing people who try to kill her as far as I can remember.

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@jashro44: Dammit! Can he at least get that sweater vest doe?


Then Creed wins in style!

But seriously, I'd probably back him if he isn't jobbing. If this is the "can take multiple slashes from Wolverine" Creed, then he wins on his healing factor and superior stats. I don't recall Rose's pre-cog working constantly to evade every move, and I believe she had used inhalers at one point to trigger them, but I don't remember if they were a permanent thing either, so someone feel free to correct me on that. But say it does, I think Creed's damage soak and speed alone would even that factor out. I imagine it like the Psylocke fight. A skilled opponent like Rose can get in some dodges and fair shots, but in the end, he gets stuck on her end of a sword from a stab and he needs one good swipe to change things up.

Her precog can be overloaded, but that's only when she's being attacked from multiple angles at one time. Static has also given her problems because the path of his lightning was hard for to avoid and predict. I don't recall whether or not she stopped using the inhalers, but all they do is give her a longer and clearler glimpse into the future. If my computer wasn't f'd up I'd post scans. I actually think this is a good match up, too many people underestimate Rose.

As for against Cass I believe it was like Jashro said, she Slade just helped her train and wanted to see how she would fair against Cass. It was her first "hit" I guess and she got beat, in their second fight Rose was against Slade and Cass was on the drugs the Slade had Rose on in her previous fight, same conditions just the roles were reversed. Rose and she were still pretty evenly matched and the fight was broken up by Inertia.

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The only reason I watched the trailer was because I saw two GA's lookin at each other. I didn't see that in the trailer, unless I missed it.

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I hated the Days of future past look, but I'm not feeling either one of these actors as the siblings. Also, if QS was a teenager in Days of Future past back in the 80's, this more than 30 years later. Is there some more bs time paradox crap, or something about his dna like Mystique they're gonna pull to claim he just stayed young looking? Kick-Ass still looks fresh outta highschool.

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Every time I hear the name Robert Kelly I can't help but think about this.