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Every time I hear the name Robert Kelly I can't help but think about this.

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Now, now, this is definitely a mismatch but lets not go overboard hear. T'challa is completely unarmed here whereas Tim has all his gadgets and has homefield advantage. He has better than 1/1000 chances. I say he could take 2-3/10 at least.

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People that keep complaining about the emblem obviously either haven't read or seen TDKR or they don't know that his movie is supposedly inspired by TDKR from what I've heard. I think it looks great, I only hope Affleck does it justice.

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Dang it, the purpose of this is for threads you get to too late, then I get to this one to late smh.

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Im also going to say Blade wins this. Considering Michael got shot and needed to feed on Selene's blood in order to heal, he's really not as durable as he should be for a character who is supposedly so powerful. He's displayed great speed but nothing beyond what Blade has dealt with before. Lastly Blade's got the advantage with all the weapon's he's been shown to use in all 3 movies. Which includes automatic weapons, uv light, silver, explosives etc. He would definitely carry something in his arsenal capable of putting Michael down if only briefly. That's not even to mention he doesn't just use brute strength to take out his opponents he's a skilled martial artist. Viktor wasn't even a martial artist but somehow he was able to get the upper hand on Michael and started beating him down. Blades more than capable of the same.

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@perethorn said:

Tobey has better strength feats.

Garfield has better speed, agility and durability feats.

Amazing wins for me.

Like? I don't remember a single strength feat from Tobey that Andrew couldn't pull off as well. I already named his most high end strength feat and by the way he struggled we know that it's pretty much his limit whereas we've yet to really see the limitations of AMS's strength yet, because he breaks and lifts things so effortlessly all the time.

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@vizion2011: I just realized it was never specified whether this was movie Blade or comic blade? Because between here and the movie version it would be a much closer fight.

By feats id say selene is faster and perhaps stronger, however combat speed is very equal and ill give edge to blade when it comes to skill, plus slene dosents outclass him by too much physically and bkades fought ppl faster and stronger and still won

Tbh depending on which version is being used here she may not even be stronger at all.

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smh everbody is so absolute in saying tobey wins and tobey is stronger without a lick of facts or evidence to back it up. I honestly don't understand why anyone would think he wins, he had 0 feats in his black suit he had a very brief fight with Sandman in it that really didn't show him doing anything more impressive than he normally does and then wet him up. That was it. Throughout all 3 movies his most impressive strength feat was stopping MJ from being crushed at the end of spiderman-2.

What we see in ASM is Peter with more effortless strength as well as speed where as with Raimi SM there was more of a struggle. He dodges bullets at point blank, He lifts cars etc. Unlike Raimi's SM Peter actually showed more intelligence and uses it when he fights. In this next movie he's going to be facing more than I think Peter was ever even forced to deal with in the first 3 movies. Not gonna say for sure right off the bat who wins this fight, but anyone who will say with a straight face "black suit stomps" clearly doesn't know what they're talkin about.

Tobey's best advantage here would be the spidey-sense that I don't recall Andrew displaying in ASM. I'd say they're about equal in speed and reaction time. Tobey also has the advantage of his webbing not running out, though Andrews webs have a lot more different uses than just spinning webs and making web balls, as we saw in the sewer he made some sort of explosives unless I'm mistaken (it's been a while).

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@krauser99: Not even close. Cass was conered by SEVERAL men with guns aimed on her at point blank. And please dont say DP.

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@dondave said:

@cascadeking09 Being knocked on your back doesn't mean the fight is over, especially for someone like Deadpool

Who attacked who first? Blade wanted the girl, correct? Not to kill or even fight Deadpool. Deadpool was just a nuisance. Fight was over because Blade wasn't interested in fighting, and apparently neither was Deadpool. But what we see is Blade lifting him up by his throat and kindly asking him to stand down.