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@carter_esque: He can't react to FTL standardly but with the amp idk how fast his reaction time or durability is.

The original manga which the new one is taking scenes from directly. He is FTL. If anyone would like to know how the alien invasion ends I can tell you one time.

Saitama is not faster than light !! stop spreading wrong informations, Lightspeed Flash is just a nickname, his 2nd best feat was only about mach 300. it's still far away from light speed. Saitama is faster than Lightspeed Flash by a huge gap but it's not necessary makes him FTL.

and Genos energy beam is not necessary light speed, there is no proof of that, never was it mentioned to be a lazer, or has light speed.

Such a fool. You have no idea where this manga headed do you ? I'm referring to feats from the later arcs of the original manga where the new one is directly being ripped from.

P.S. Spoiler: Saitama going to have to use more than 1 punch to take out the alien overlord in this arc.

first you're flagged for insults.

second, i know the manga better than you do. i have read every chapter from the original manga and the new redraw. and Saitama is NOT FTL. so again, stop spreading wrong informations

firstly calling someone a fool for making a foolish statement is no grounds for flagging.To state someone is lying, and not even having the common curtosy to ask them to present a source for why they believe so is far more insulting.

Your double standards

Calling someone a liar (You) - Should not be flagged

Calling somone stupid for making an ignorant comment (Me) - Should be flagged

Second you assume you know more about the manga than me. That is what I CALL making assumptions. Obviously your inflated ego thinks you know more than everyone else with respect to a particular topic.

Thirdly you claim to read the original manga, yet have only brought up feats that were present in the redrawn manga thus far as a means to counter the statement that Saitama is FTL. This shows right here your limited knowledge, and gives hindsight that you are lying having actually read the original manga.

So again keep up acting like a silly little child with a temper tantrum because someone does not agree with you.

first :

i didn't say you're lying, i said you're bringing wrong informtations, so if that hurts you, i would ask you to work out your ego.

second :

calling a person a fool is disrespectful, and just by that i should stop debating you, because, keeping with this attitude makes you unworthy of debates in thr first place. but i'm gonna give you chance, to correct your behavior, and also to enjoy proving how incorrect you are.

third :

yes, i know better than you the manga, because what you're saying is completly wrong.

i dare you, i double dare you now, in front of everybody who read this thread to prove Saitama is FTL.

you know what i'm gonna shut you right now, so here we go :

you probably say Saitama is FTL, because you think he's faster than Lightspeed Flash. but here is the big flaw : Lightspeed Flash isn't light speed, and if you have eyes and know how to read you would have read my 2 last comments in this page, that explains this.

Lightspeed Flash best quantified move was made in those scans :

around 4 meters run and 17 hits in 0.1 millisecond, we can estimate it around mach 300 which is still faaaaaaaaaaaar away from light speed.

Lightspeed Flash made a move faster afterwards :

but still it's not quantified and surly not light speed LMAO. Lightspeed Flash is only a nickname, if we take nicknames as if they are true, then Genos who's called Demon cyborg is a demon, or Vegeta's big bang attack is...well a big bang. LOOL that's very stupid.

Saitama is faster than Garou who's faster than Lightspeed Flash, but Lightspeed Flash is very very very far away below light speed, which means you can't say Saitama is FTL just because he's massively faster than Lightspeed Flash, unless you are a fanboy, and in that case there is no hope in debating you.

now shut and buuuurn.

Can you guys please stop tagging me in this argument? I got 4 notifications for no reason. Thanks

Seconded. I am not a part of this either.

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This game has been CRAY CRAY!!!

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Thanos wins every round but 4 bc I think Darkseid is a bit more ruthless overall.

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Round 1: Thor

Round 2: Kal'El

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Is this still going on? Good lord.......

lol nice gif. I didn't know you watched Hajime No Ippo... or any anime for that matter.

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Spawn should win if everything I've learned about him since I've been on this site is true.

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Mis match Zoro Annihilates

Nah, Jack has the stats to compete w/ Zoro.

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Flash one-shots Slade.

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Poor Patrick...

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