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Posted by TheOptimist

As a point of interest, The Shade sold 30,648 units in October according to the sales charts. While this initial number is nearly certain to drop, as all #1s do, prior to the relaunch, those numbers would've scored in a higher place range, around spot #50 on the chart. Typically, those marking at around #100 were potential considerations to be cancelled, one year down the road. Those sales figures were also based on retailer speculation, not reader interest, purchases or enjoyment. Considering it stands as above half the minis released in sales values, scratching the project is unlikely, particularly in light of past mini-performances, even of such a length.

However, I applaud another mark on the "Save the Shade" campaign, whether it ends up being needed or not. Regardless of jeopardy or sales figures, it is a book that readers should be encouraged to pick up, not to save it from a doomed fate but because, as you pointed out, it is an enjoyable comic book. I almost scripted such an article myself, and may yet do so.

Anyways, hope you keep enjoying the book as I do, and hopefully it won't be cancelled before the allotted timeframe.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I live in Finland. They don`t sell this miniseries in Finland. Hence, if I want to read it, I`ll have to buy it in trade(s?).


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I read it and enjoy it very much.

Posted by kingoftheworld

Does it occur in the regular DC Universe or the New 52?