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Thor wins by himself

Thor > Silver surfer all day

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Omega one-shot him and whis for shits and giggles

And for destruction

Syn shenron is a Galaxy buster said in a scan, Omega shenron is 10x higher than him

Bills can casual destroy a Solar system, Was said a few times to be galaxy level interviews and trailers.

Regardless Omega and GT wins due to immense power scaling

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The strongest pokemon got owned by a few other normal Pokemon and a City busting Meteor

They are weak

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This debate is excellent, Lol at the guy crying over DBZ Gohan-Buu feat is too much for Spectre to handle, Let that keep you up at night Comicstan but anyways

While Gogeta is immensely more powerful than anyone of those guys who perform them feats, And IMO holds a massive power advantage over DS. DS has Hax, And Pretty darn good hax if you ask me. And that has been DBZ biggest Problem from the get go and that is hax

Lets Admit, DBZ may have hax resistance, They can resist mind rape, Soul Rape and such as what Vegeta did to Bibidi while Bibidi having much better control over a evil heart. But they have barely anything to go against it. DS has Hax to Protect his ass, And I really do not know if Gogeta has anything to get rid of it to get to him

Also i might add, If adding movies. Gogeta can do the same thing Cooler and Goku did and fight in Instant transmission speed.

So overall, While Gogeta would have a huge Raw Power advantage, DS has a hax Advantage to protect him.

But i can see the instant transmission working for Gogeta to get to him before he can do anything

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Galactus Full Power vs Anime SSj Vegito

How about it guys and let me warn you, Galactus is going to lose

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@princearagorn1: Thank you Very much

Well that is the problem with DBZ, Its that it lacks hax abilities. It has Hax resistance but Abilities they never shown or bother to show. They have all the Firepower, And their chain reaction is monster. But its is nice to hax

As for Speed, Its hard to say how fast Gogeta is, This guy is so far above the rest. It impossible to rank him in speed.

Releasing that many hits, Especially at MFTL speed i would say Gogeta would lose in this department on fighting speed. But The other deal here is the short burst Speed. How fast are they in short burst ?

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Do not Worry, Everything i am saying is all proven by DBZ/Guidebooks etc

Now Many of you guys know, GT is inconsistent. It barely has any feats that are to brag about, And the Best way to give them credit is power scaling of DBZ Anime/Movies itself since its all connected. Though GT feats really are terrible, It does have a few feats that are pretty good

Now before i start, Let me just put this out there

1: Every Proof now given is from Movies/DBZ Anime, Which is known as Non-canon. This does not relate to Canon/Manga, hence why its called Non

2: Due to Gogeta being immensely higher than the guys i am going to power scale him off, To the point he can beat them in a blink of a eye, I really do not want to jump him too much due to the extreme differences between their power.

Now Previous feats Done by DBZ Anime Characters


Anime DBZ is Pretty much done the right thing when it comes to DBZ, And that is show feats every time they have gotten stronger, SSJ4 Gogeta power scales of all thee guys

Movie 8

As you know, Broly destroyed a Galaxy in Movie 8. Which has been debatable for a long time but i am here to slove it

Reason Why Broly is Not a Galaxy Buster

1: There were Planets and Stars left Over

- A Few planets and Stars left over, Is nothing to hundreds of billions. Its like saying if a pebble was left over after destroying a planet, Than i am not a planet buster. Also you have to remember, They were planets to set vegeta up. if you notice in the movie, they tell vegeta that the LSSJ Appeared on a planet, when he was next to vegeta the whole time

2: Broly Shown as a kid

- And Paragus wanted to Stop it, hence why he put a device on his head. Also King Kai Sensed RSSJ Destroy the Galaxy, And his Reactions prove that its not happening overtime

3: Galaxy is being Said to be under attack

- And its is, but it doesnt mean over time. Fact is, its said after the galaxy was gone not before. And broly was doing that, Because he was setting it up for Vegeta

4: Goku traveled to the South Galaxy

- As i said, Few Planet/Stars left over is nothing, Even Goku admitted the galaxy is destroyed

Proof of Broly destroying Galaxy in One-shot

Galaxy being Destroyed in a few years

The Motion of the Galaxy being destroyed shows that is it truly done in 1 blast, because of the Motion of the galaxy being destroyed from the middle. its in a perfect motion, While you can see Fat Buu destruction of the galaxy is a lot more different and all over the place.

King Kai also States, "At this Rate, Even my Northern Galaxy will be Destroyed" Its a clear indication that broly is indeed a Galaxy buster, otherwise why would he be worried about his Galaxy being destroyed. Hence why he quickly called Goku

Broly was said twice, if he was not stopped or Control. The Universe would be Destroyed. Not saying he is a universal buster, but he is obviously a galaxy level guy.

Now For Movie 9

believe or Not, Bojack Himself is a Powerful DBZ character himself.

This is From the Daizenshuu 6

Audacity! The one who rioted through the universe!!

After laying waste to the northern, southern, eastern, and western galaxies, he was sealed by the four kaio at the end of the galaxies. After Kaio and the Planet of the Kaio were wiped out when Goku defeated Cell, his seal was broken and he was revived. He plans on ruling the universe, starting with Earth.


A devil full of evil ki!! He takes his faithful underlings Gokua, Bido, and the rest with him

Even Bojack in the pasted, Destroyed the 4 Galaxies. Not saying he is a Galaxy buster. But he would be a Over Solar system easily, Even Multi

Movie 12

This is a major part on Why Gogeta wins, And how impressive DBZ Movies/Animes Feats ares

Janemba was a Reality warper, And a Very powerful one at that. To the Point where his existence itself was effecting all dimensions said by goku. I wish i can give you the pictures for this statements but its hard to find a jap sub movie 12 . Goku stated that even his Fat Janemba Form can Destroy the Universe. I watch the Movie in Subs and seen the quotes, But there is no Sub movies for M12. I will try though

Feats performed by Janemba was a Reality warper

* Swords out of nothing

* Open up portals to another space

Appeared in the movie "Rebirth of Fusion!!~". A technique where he rains down unpredictable attacks by unleashing punches and kicks into an outside dimension, which then come out of dimensional portals which open up in different places.

(Daizenshuu 6, p.142)

* Tamper with reality by making small rocks into whatever he done

* Made Copies of himself out of nothing

* Made Copies of Goku

* Punch through dimensions

* Brought the DBZ villains back to Life

* Turn himself in cubes and teleport

* Turned hell into his own play ground

* Turn people into ice

Pretty much everything a reality warper should be doing

Goku Feats in M12

- Shakes the Afterlife Going SSj3

Loading Video...

The Afterlife Size is bigger than the Mortal Universe since it composed of 2 or More Universe

heaven itself is the Size of a Universe

Loading Video...

This Video should explain the size of the DBZ Universe

Fact is, Goku Shaked the Universe just by Going SSj3


Gogeta Lights up a Galaxy just from being Born, And His ki also goes outside of the afterlife.

Effortlessly beat Janemba

Loading Video...

Fact is, M12 Guys are Universal and Above.

Now For Gohan-Buu/Vegito

This Feats is so massive

Gohan-Buu Destroying the Multiverse Via Chain reaction

And You read this and think i am bullshiting but i am not

Lets go over Gohan-Buu feats

I will Do a explanation on it, And then post the Pictures proving my point

Gohan-Buu was power is targeting the Dimensional walls, Which are outside their universe meaning Gohan-buu ki is spearding outside of space, Thus causing space to warp around him. And because of this it is destroying the dimensional walls, Which Hold up and separate the Universes from Each other and because the walls between dimensions or known as the dimensional walls are going to be destroyed by Gohan-Buu. All the Other Dimensions will start to rush through and Collide with each other. And them Dimensions are alternate dimensions, Which are Multiverses. And Them Multiverses are going to collide with each other and destroy everything

Proof to all this

Dende Statement

Alternate Dimensions meaning

There are many examples of this in Marvel/DC, One of them shows a guy using a weapon that destroys the walls between dimensions and walls alternate dimensions or Multiverse to collide with each other. But he is using a weapon, Which Gohan-buu is Doing it with power. Thor and BRB stop him if i remember

A quote from Daizenshuu 6

Outside Space[ijigen kuukan]
User(s)Majin Buu (evil)
CharacteristicsOverwhelmed by Vegetto, Buu went into a frenzy and generated this, which caused distortions to appear in the space around him. It seems that this power was also what enabled Buu to escape from the Room of Spirit and Time. This space would cover the living world and wipe out the universe.

This Feat is massive within itself, Fact is not even spectre himself stop 2 universe from Colliding.

For Speed

In Anime

Frieza and Goku Move So Fast, Not even king kai can keep up with them. And he can keep up with Goku space ship which went from Earth to namek in 5 days. I will try finding the Video for this in jap, I have the whole collection and just watched it but i will try finding the Sub

Power scaling

Pikkon Blitzed Frieza And King Cold

Loading Video...

Base Goku can keep up with him

Loading Video...

Like i said, i am not going to Power scale a lot

Base to SSj4 is 4000x

SSj4 Gogeta >>> SSj4 Goku >>>>>>> Base Goku >>>> SSj Goku and Frieza > Space Ship Going from Earth to Namek

Regardless, Gogeta would win. He is Universal + Multiversal Chain reaction with MFTL Fighting speed

And DBZ can resist Hax, They can Resist Dragonballs, Bibidi, a lot of Hax

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@nighthunder: Thanos Or Silver Surfer vs Broly

How about it

I will debate for Broly

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Neon want me to take over, I have all the logic and proof too end this debate if you want

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Broly was said the be the most powerful character from M8 to M11, Anyone during that time is weaker than broly