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i hope there's no rule against asking for help here? lol these forums are weird.

anyway! I've just finished Nova Vol.4 and I've started Vol.5 it's safe to say I've fallen in love, Nova jumped up there in my favorites pretty fast.

can anyone recommend something which follows/branches or was before nova Vol. 4? this story was so good, liked almost as much as i like invincible.


does it really end at 36? it felt like there was so much left! and the last page had a picture of Thanos i think, why? what's nova got to do with Thanos?

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just bought from, can't wait to read at lunch time. 5 stars is no surprise.

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wow, so many responses! thanks everyone.

i picked the right community! - just need to learn how to use this website, it's laid out really differently than i'm used to.

i think i'll go through the list, might buy one or 2 tpb of each to see what ones i like best!

i don't know why, but i really have no urge to read any marvel/dc comics with superheroes who have made it to the big screen.

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Hi, I've been on the hunt for a decent community, this looks like a winner (i hope)

anyway, i haven't read too much, few blue beetle issues, few iron man issues, Preacher and i've only recently caught up on Invincible which is by far my favorite so far.

i was wondering if someone could suggest some series that i may like? knowing i liked preacher and invincible. (main things i really liked about them was the sheer violence, power and bad ass-ness of some characters [saint of killers - preacher, Allen the alien, battlebeast and all the Vultrimite - Invincible] )

any suggestions would be awesome. thanks.