The Adventures of Cara Hunter! (Action series #2)

Act 1, Chapter 1 [Battle of the Bats] (Continued)

Big city seventeen was a nickname us teenage heroes of Hero Brigade Paragon gave to this place. About ten or so centuries ago Cerberus using their universal traveling gizmo's found a war ravaged Earth, there was only one asylum it was a mega city called Zion.

Zion sounds familiar now does it? pretty cliche too huh!

well it's true the city was called Zion and it wasn't no ordinary city it was one real mega city consisting of seventeen other very large cities each containing a population of one hundred million. As you should have guessed by now Big City Seventeen is the biggest and oldest city in Zion which is where we are now.

Leaving the Cerberus Space Station

"E.T.A. three minutes" the female pilot of the Cerberus drop ship said through the cock pit via com link as Cara and Breton's squad descended into the parallel earth's atmosphere.

"So....Batgirl?" Captain Breton said awkwardly waiting for her to reply in the mean while the captain tinkered with his standard issue assault rifle

"Yes what is it?" she asked back staring at his helmeted face

"you ever been to city seventeen before?"

"Yes I have matter of fact" Cara said while nodding getting a flash back,

It was a day unlike any other

Cara's flash back revealed the ghetto district of city seventeen, damage was visible on her suit and she was surrounded by mysterious figures the drama further amplified by a purple haze

"It was the day where I met Alduin" Cara's eyes revealed a horrified look as she began to commemorate the events that took place.

One of the Cerberus troopers upon hearing the name couldn't resist to shudder from goose bumps, "Alduin the soul eater?" the scared Cerb trooper said

"Yup, I was fighting some Meta Punks when he came in"

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